Gandikota: A memorable visit to a perfect destination

Transportation is the most important factor in developing the tourism of an area. However, in the vast country like India, the network of the railway is sufficient to meet this requirement of passengers from each and every state. One can easily catch a train to reach any tourist destination of India. However, there are many spots where the railway station is not there, but in such cases also there is always a nearby railway station to which the tourist can easily reach. There are numerous benefits to travel by train. It is a cost effective journey, and one can get a confirmed ticket even before a few days of the journey. The food availability while in train and comfort level of sleeping as well as seating helps one to have an easy journey and reach the destination in time.

The station:

In the South India, Gandikota has a different significance due to a long history associated with it. That is the prime reason why those who are interested in history and monuments love to be here round the year. The nearest railway station to Gandikota is Kondapuram which is hardly 10 kilometres away. This beautiful historical town falls in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh State of India. Due to the flow of passengers and the importance of this town, there are a number of trains that stop here and hence the passengers can easily get one to reach their destination across the country.

This town had a huge role during the reign of Vijayanagara, Kaktiya and Qutub Shahi. It has got its name from the nearest mountain hills of Erramala. The town is surrounded by beautiful landscape and natural sceneries which are the prime drivers of tourists to this town.

The tourist attractions:

There are ample tourist spots here that include two main temples dedicated to Madhava and Ranganatha. Other tourist spots are Jama Masjid, Gandikota Fort, Jail, Gandikota Fort viewpoint, Granary and Rayala Cheruvu. There is also a special heritage festival celebrated here every year, which is promoted by the state tourism department also. As far as the connectivity is concerned, one can easily catch a state transport bus as well as private bus and cabs from the town. There are also a number of trains pass through the Kondapuram station, which makes the town easily accessible by the tourists. Considering the importance of this town, the state also has decided to promote it as a major tourism hub and effects of the same are also seen these days.

As there are ample locations here that can please the visitors, it is gradually developing in the map of known tourist spots of the state also. There are also quality hotels and restaurants here that can serve the tourists as per their expectation and offer them a memorable experience of being here on their vacation or holidays. There are also many locations in the proximity of this town and hence if one plans to visit this town, he or she must have around three to four days.

Nearest Railway Station to Gandikota

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