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Medical Facilities on Wheels by Indian Railways

Indian Railways is very concerned about the safety of passengers in every way. With the help of the Internet, it developed its services and embraced digitization in all possible ways. Now it’s easier to reach your destination safely. From ratings to complaints, anything related to Indian Railways can be instantly shared on social media. Indian Railways has proved to be the best when passengers need to order food from the train or help them with medical services. Providing immediate medical care to passengers is one of the most important initiatives of Indian Railways as it is always ready to help the passengers. Health is something that requires special care while traveling. We all know that the train runs on different roads like forests and hilly areas where it is not possible to wait for medical facilities. Thus, the Indian Railways provided medical assistance on board, supervised by experts.

How to avail Indian Railway Medical Assistance

The idea of ​​medical assistance to passengers is a boon for passengers on railway services. Currently, train passengers can use several medical facilities. Here are some details on medical aid for cyclists and advice on how to use it.

First Aid Emergency Care

First aid is provided at every train station and every train passenger. The room contains a first aid kit, various medicines, bandages, a delivery and an oxygen bottle. If a passenger has health complaints and needs immediate medical attention, he can turn to the train conductor inside the train. If passengers get sick in the station, they can ask the station for first aid. These first aid kits are recommended by the experienced medical team at AIIMS, New Delhi. During the journey, this first aid can be requested from the railway staff on the train. They are properly trained in first aid.  In many medical cases, the services of a doctor can also be used as a passenger. These doctors get a discount on the ticket fare and are asked to tick the ticket booking form so that the railways can contact them immediately within seconds to resolve the emergencies. Their identity is shown separately in the diagram available in TTE. Indian Railways also arranges the availability of doctors at the next station.

Medical Helpline Number

In case of a medical emergency, passengers need not panic as the Railways have also provided their phone numbers to seek medical help. It has a three-digit number given as “Railway Help Line Number”. Passengers can call 138 and request medical assistance while en route.

Use the “X” (Twitter) tool in case of a medical emergency 

Because everything is digitized; Twitter is like a quick fix to all Indian Railways problems. It has set up separate social media teams, especially on Twitter, to help passengers with all these issues. An emergency is something listed in order of priority. Now passengers can also take advantage of health services at the railway station or on the train by quoting the railway. Twitter senders respond immediately and provide passengers with the best possible medical care.

Indian Railway Twitter handle: Indian Railway Seva (@Railway Seva)

Indian Railways is very careful to provide on-board medical facilities as it understands the health conditions that may arise with a passenger at any time. It assures passengers that it will provide them with all medical facilities to ensure a safe journey. The railway also asks passengers to help other passengers in case of emergency. Many passengers may not be aware of such services of Indian Railways, so in case of emergency, passengers can help them to inform the railways about any emergency in this coach. Ambulances are available at all stations to transport passengers to the hospital for emergency care. In an emergency, passengers wake up in a panic about when they will be able to use the service at the next stop. In such a situation, they can use the train’s real-time running status service to help them update the exact time of the next stop.

In other regular services that Indian Railways also takes care of in addition to emergencies, special care is taken for elderly passengers, pregnant women and passengers with special disabilities. It gives them a wheelchair in the train. There is always railway staff to handle the wheelchair and help the passenger cross the platforms and onto the train. Railways do not provide medical facilities only as a part of duty or service but also have them as a social purpose. Its motto is “Have a nice trip, safe trip”. Being one of the leading and most popular modes of transport in India, Indian Railways is fully committed to providing total comfort to passengers.

Healthy Travel, Safe Travel, Happy Travel!

Medical Facilities on Wheels by Indian Railways

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