The Indian railways grid is a commendable service! Had it not been for the dense network of trains, there had been no way for the ordinary Indian traveler to commute. There had also not been any means for the interconnection of the various places with each other. Not just people, the trains transfer goods, fuel and what not from one area to another, spanning the length and breadth of the nation and providing us with so many essential and luxury items for living a fulfilling daily life. It is the second largest rail network under single administration in the world! And imagine it to carry the teeming millions in the country, whether rich or poor, business class or working class, any religion or caste – the trains carry us all with the same amount of service and dedication, and we are all on the same level of priority, without any demarcation.

The systems of the railways have been changing over time. Early trains were a more British pattern; the trains today are more practical. The changes have come over years and years of service. The feedback have allowed for changes to come in the way trains are built and run in the country. From the first rail coach run between Mumbai and Thane in 1853 to the modern day operations, the railway has come a long way now. These days, even the tickets are booked and sold online and so is a train tracked over the internet. Railway stations are becoming the hub of technological and customer-service related innovations like solar power, hi tech security, and even food.

But talking of food, the on station and in-train services are not yet very developed. We still are very conscious and hesitate to eat off the stations and train canteens for hygiene, cleanliness and food quality reasons. We still prefer the old way – carrying rations in huge quantities with us while we travel. Due to the poor food service in the trains and platforms, we are skeptical of these services and avoid train food as far as possible. Even in trains where the catering facility is above the scratch, one is doubtful of the quality, and do not trust the service.

But these are start-ups who have found this lacuna and converted it into a successful business venture. is one such entrepreneurial venture who has sworn to provide good quality food in trains. Based on free-delivery pattern, the vendors who have tied up with the website deliver nicely packed, fresh and hygienic food of the traveler’s choice to the very seat! This service has to be ordered for by placing an order on the website or by using the helpline number provided on the portal. The website gives you many options and many cuisines to choose from, and payment options are also flexible.

The portal also has many other salient features! You can track a train online, check ticket and train status, upcoming platforms, etc on this site portal. These services are beneficial for all travelers, be it food or train detail confirmation. Innovations like this make the trains a desirable means to travel even the long distances.

Indian Railways – The Traveler’s Boon

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