People traveling in India generally have problems after they land here owing to many factors. Sometimes it is the weather while sometimes it might be the traffic. You can follow the below tips to make your trip enjoyable.

  • Create your itinerary: It is always better to create an itinerary before you leave for India. Being a vast and varied country, it is impossible to cover the entire country in a few days. So, it is better to decide where you want to go in the country. Also, you would need to book different modes of transport, as the entire country is not connected through air. You will need to look train reservation seat availability for Indian railways as this is the best form of transport in India. It is also imperative to get your hotel booking done in advance as you might not find accommodation after you reach your destination.
  • The culture difference: There are many places in India, which a little conservative in culture compared to other places. You cannot roam about in your beach wear on the streets of the country. Also, it is better to stay away from people who appear over friendly as they might just turn out to be scamsters. You should enter temples and gurudwaras(sikh temples) barefooted. Don’t be surprised when people stare at you as you can easily be recognized as a foreigner.
  • Food and water: It is always best to stick to bottled water after you land in India. The local water available cannot be digested by everybody. Being a cuisine rich country, you should try different delicacies of India, but stick to small quantities. Some foods will need an acquired taste, but after staying for couple of days you will fall in love with the food. Street food in India is known for its taste and aromatic flavor. However people who are not able to digest the normal restaurant food should not try them at all.
  • Beware of traffic: In India, traffic is a big factor that overwhelms many tourists who come from abroad. So, you will need to be prepared to see mayhem on the streets especially in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Hence, it is always better to leave the hotel for your onward destination way before time.
  • Display of affection: While the lush gardens of your five-star hotel might encourage you to hug and kiss your partner but doing so in public is a complete no-no. Public display of affection is considered taboo in many parts of India. While the people might not come to point it out (some may) but you will definitely get a hard stare from them.
  • Weather: Before you start travelling, it is always better to investigate about the temperatures in different parts of the country. Being a tropical region, India has three main seasons, winters, summers and monsoon. It might just be raining in some parts while others will be hot and dry. So it is better to keep a track of the weather at all times.

India is known for its myriad cultural and natural differences, which can capture the attention of any normal traveler.

Important pointers for people traveling in India

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