When you have booked a ticket that doesn’t specify your berth and coach number on the train, you will need to opt for PNR Status Enquiry. Indian Railways have improved hugely in the last few years, and with the computer based reservation system, knowing the status of the ticket is never a problem. The simplest way to make an enquiry is to call on 139, where you can follow the IVRS system and know the status of your ticket right on the phone. You can also choose to SMS your PNR number to 139 for knowing the status of your ticket. Interestingly, Google has also introduced a 10 digit mobile number that will make the process of PNR enquires all the more easy. Also, this will minimize the call and SMS charges that were applicable on a premium rate when called or messaged on 139.
If you have access to the internet, you can check the status of your ticket on http://www.travelkhana.com/travelkhana/check-pnr-status, which is active all around the clock. Even after when you have a confirmed ticket, you might need to opt for PNR Status Enquiry, because the tickets are often upgraded after the final charts are prepared. The online checking is free and can be easily done on a GPRS or Wi-Fi enabled phone. You will also find the abbreviations that are used in the tickets below the query, so that you can understand the ticket status. Next time you have an unconfirmed ticket, you don’t need to worry much about knowing if you have received a berth or reservation or not.

How to do PNR Status Enquiry?

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