Have you ever travelled in any train without a confirmed seat? If you are a frequent traveler, you may have certainly undergone the ordeal to traveling without a confirmed seat. There are thousands of trains running across the country and yet it becomes difficult to get the confirmed ticket if you are late in booking the tickets. If you do not get a confirmed ticket, the railway authorities show you the other alternative of booking the ticket in waiting list and wait for the improvement in its status. Once you get the ticket in waiting list, you keep checking to know the improvements in the status. Very often you get the status improved and other times the status fails to improve. Whatever is the case, the ticket in waiting list makes you restless and you keep checking railways PNR status time and again. But it is a matter of great joy that you do not need to panic as you have the support to technology to get the railways PNR status.

How should you get the PNR status checked?

Well, one of the best and easiest ways to check the railways PNR status is through mobile phones. There are certain service numbers that have been specifically assigned to disseminate the information about the PNR changes. You can simply type the ten digit PNR number on your mobile phone and text it to the service numbers, and you will get the PNR status within few seconds. But you should know that some of the numbers are not toll free, and they may charge you some amounts for the services. Every mobile phone has the facility of railway enquiry. You do not even need to find out the service numbers. Once you go to the application facilitating the railway enquiry services, you can simply type the PNR number there and send it. You needn’t search for service numbers.

PNR check through different websites

The people having access to the internet prefer to get the latest PNR status through the website. There are certain websites that render the facility of getting information about railways. Once you type your queries in the search engines, you will come across several website offering you the PNR check service. All such websites have the icon of PNR check with brief information. When you click the PNR check icon, you will be presented with a space where you need to type the ten digit PNR number of your ticket and click OK. Once you complete these steps, you will immediately get the latest PNR status.

PNR status through mobile apps and mobile service providers

If you register your mobile number with your mobile service provider, you can get the PNR status automatically whenever the changes occur in the PNR status. You may have to pay some charges, but it is thousand times better than the old method of going to the reservation windows and stand in the long queues for hours. Also, you can download certain apps like Android apps or IRCTC mobile apps to your mobile phone and enjoy the facility of getting the railways PNR status on your mobile phone


Get railways PNR status through mobile phone and internet

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