Mysore palace

Mysore has recently been renamed to Mysuru, carrying the essence of its origins. However, the history and the grandeur of this Kingdom state remains unchanged.

Chamundi hills marks the base of this large, clean and planned city. Remnants of Wodeyar Dynasty, who have predominantly ruled this princely state (barring a short period when it fell onto the hands of Tipu Sultan), is primarily seen in the cultural development and contribution towards the city. This dynasty have ruled the city until independence.

Experience History:

Needless to say that Mysore Palace is one of the biggest palatial delights in the country. Open on all days from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, the entrance is from the west gate for public. Expect to see the ceremonial halls, large galleries with intricately carved ceilings and artwork on the royal Kingdom of Wodeyars, Photography is not permitted here. On a comfortable day of Autumn, walk around the well-maintained gardens and gawk at the grand structure.

Standing on Krishnaraja Sagar dam, Brindavan gardens is the next big sights of Mysore. This terrace garden has light and sound shows on designated dates, around the fountain, which is quite a walk from the main entrance.

Atop Chamundi hills, the temple of Goddess Chamundi is designed with immaculate architecture. Approximately 15 km away from city, there are regular buses to the temple. Expect to wait in a short queue to enter the temple.

Mysore palace
Mysore Palace | Image source: Jean Pierre Dalbera, Flickr CC

“Get awestruck by the Mysore Palace”

Indulge in delicious cuisine:

Udipi cuisine is a favourite here and you will find everything from dosas, idli sambar and bisi bele baath (curried, spice rice). However, must-try dishes include the crisp and spiced Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Pak is a take-home sweet made of ghee and gram flour, and Masala Puri, which is a snack of crispy puris and served with gravy, garnished with sev, onion and other ingredients. While the snack is available in most street food stalls, local restaurants and sweet marts are the best option for the former dishes.

Mysore Pak
Mysore Pak | Image source: Charles Haynes, Flickr CC

“Got a sweet tooth? You can’t resist a Mysore Pak”

Buy authentic art:

Mysore is famous for Mysore silk saris and artefacts like paintings and wood work. The specialty of the saris manufactured here is the gold zari border, which claim to come with holograms as a mark of their originality. Over the years, they have evolved from being only occasional wear to lighter and perhaps more for daily wear.

The artwork from the state includes paintings which are heavily influenced by Wodeyar Dynasty. The delicate inlay work on these rosewood pieces are popular souvenirs from the city.

Purchases from government approved handicraft and handloom stores should be made for the latter, while Badshah Stores on K.R. Circle is recommended for saris.

Authentic local art of Mysore
Local art of Mysore | Image source: Brian Snelson, Flickr CC

Dussehra – The cultural extravaganza:

Mysore Dussehra (Dasara) is one of the best known in the country. In 2015, the 10-day festival will be celebrated between October 14 to 23, during the auspicious event of Navratri. Vijaydashmi is the biggest day of them all, which marks the end of Mahishasura, the demon, by Goddess Chamundeshwari. The elephants are dressed for the procession on this day and the sight is a visual delight for all attending the festival. This is the best time to visit the city, as it comes to life in its complete splendour.

Dussehra celebrations in Mysore
Dussehra in Mysore | Image source: Navrooz Singh, Flickr CC

“Experience the flamboyant Dussehra of Mysore”

Getting there:

Mysore junction is the closest rail head to the city and it is connected to a number of Konkan and national railway lines.

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Dussehra Magnificence of Mysore

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