There are many modes of transportation. But since evolution of Railway, it has been favorite mode of travel of many travelers. Irrespective of state and area, it is equally popular across the nation since years. However, in the past, the situation was much different from today. One has to stand for many hours in the queue to get the ticket booked for a long route journey. The queue, the mood of the officer, and the season were much cursed by the person who wanted to have such booking. With the development of technology, this scenario has completely changed. Now to get the PNR and check status are much easier.

The PNR:

The PNR stands for Personal Name Record. Here, the details of traveler are provided such as Name, Age, Sex, Seat No, Birth No, Coach etc. When one needs to travel through railway, he needs to apply for booking, and then, this PNR number is provided to the traveler. With the help of it, the traveler can check the status of his booking whether he is allotted a seat or not, and if yes, then, what is the seat number and coach number.

Importance of PNR:

With the help of PNR, the traveler can make necessary arrangements for his journey. In case he is allotted a seat, the status show ticket confirms and provides other details. In case, it is not so, the PNR shows as RAC that is reserved against cancellation, which shows that seat may be allotted or may not be allotted also. Under such circumstances, the traveler can make necessary alternate arrangement also.

How to check PNR?

There are different modes through which one can check the PNR status. It can be checked from the website of Indian railway as well as from mobile. On mobile also, one can check it either through GPRS that is again visiting the website of Railway or with WAP, which is another arrangement by mobile service provider. PNR status check on mobile is very easy process. One just needs to enter the required data in the column provided, and the details will be available. To check the PNR through GPRS or WAP, one needs to have the internet connection on mobile. One can also check it through short messaging service also in which traveler needs to send the PNR number to service numbers of Indian Railway and one will get the status in the form of return message.

One can also check PNR with the help of application also. To use an application, one needs to have Android or windows base Smartphone with the internet connectivity. These different modes to check the PNR are very easy, and self-explanatory so a layman can also use it efficiently. The technology and its benefits have really proven beneficial to Indian Railways as well as travelers across the nation. The people in general also have welcome this facility and use it efficiently, which has reduced the long queues to a high extent.

Check your PNR your way of technology

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