There was a time when Indian Railway was very much infamous for its services. Passengers and general people had huge expectations from the same, but due to some factors probably they were not able to cope up with it. But in recent few years, the situation has completely changed and those who were known as big critics of Indian railways have turned into a fan of it. This change has been made due to up gradation of use of technology by Indian Railways. Many people travel by train every day, and it is the most preferred mode of transportation of people. The most important part while planning a journey is the reservation. So all those people who used to worry how the journey would be need not worry at all.

What is PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It contains different details of a specific journey such as the number of people travelling, station from and station to, position of ticket whether it is confirmed, waiting or RAC etc. It is provided as 8 digit number with the help of which you can check many details. The first thing that you can do is to check the PNR status on the website or application. You can enter few details, and all the information will be there before you in few minutes. The best part is that you can do the entire thing the online way.

How to check PNR?

The process to check the PNR status is very simple. You just need to have basic knowledge of the internet or application. There are also machines set at different railway stations also through which passengers can check it themselves and need not ask anybody. This facility can help you to preplan or reschedule your journey according to the status provided by it. The best part is that you can always track the status. This can be done if you are carrying a handset on which you can browse. If you have not got it on the time, you can make alternate arrangement accordingly. With the help of PNR, you can find out the exact situation of your booking in advance, and once it is confirmed, you can plan the journey perfectly. It can also show you the status of RAC that is a reservation against cancellation. With the help of this system, you need not call or visit the railway station frequently and feel yourself ridiculed by the officer sitting over the counter. It is also available on different platforms such as windows and android which are most commonly used by passengers and general people with the help of mobile, as well as, computers. However, to check the same one need to have an internet connection. There are many tourism websites also, which provide this facility in collaboration with the department of railway.


Check out the PNR status to ease your journey

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