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Now you can track your train online. You will exactly know where the train has reached and what time it will reach at a particular station. This has made it very convenient for the passengers who mostly come too early to the railway station to get to know the train is delayed. It is such a frustrating situation.

Traveling in train is always a pleasant experience and that is the reason why people still prefer to travel by train. But to get into the train is a herculean task. It starts right from booking the ticket till the time the ticket is confirmed. Even when you get a confirmed ticket you cannot relax. The next adventure is to reach railway station on time and when you reach there you will get to know the train is delayed. Yes, the process is not that simple. But Indian Railways has improved a lot and are also making necessary steps to make the train journey comfortable for the travelers. It is a slow progress but still better than nothing.

Now you can book railway ticket online, check your PNR status online and you can also track your train online too. Rail Radar is a new concept introduced by Indian Railways and it will clearly tell you where you train is and whether it will be on time or whether it will be delayed. This is very simple and easy to use. You can check on this and can plan your travel accordingly and can save your precious time by not wasting it by sitting in the waiting room.

One of new emerging technology of Indian Railway is Tracking of Trains. Tracking can be done easily by searching online onGoogleor Google map as well. Train tracking is the term related to the Train Glossary. And also most used & very common term. If you are searching for this thenhere, you will get to know all about train tracking system online.So keep on reading the following and you will be aware of the same.

Train tracking System Online

As we are living in the 21st century where each task we can do online even though most of our day to day life work depends on online world. Similarly, we can also track train online.By Train tracking system you can track your train position & live location from where the train is currently passing on. Spot your train is also the efficient and popular application which is used to know about the exact position, location of a train, delay in running status if there is any, route, distance, time and everything. Rail radar is also another app of tracking a train. If you want to get access for using this app or you can track your train then what you need is:  the train name or number, date of travel, and click on the option to check the details on Google map and within a click, all details will be reflected on the map showing the active running train tracking status of that train route.

Track Your Train Online

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