Train passengers make all the extra efforts needed to ensure that they are on the platform when the train they are scheduled to travel by is ready to arrive. They drop important engagements, crucial transactions and meetings to reach the station in time. But often it so happens that they reach the station only to find that their train is delayed by not one but several hours and that it could be delayed further. Such situations are frustrating and demoralizing.

Real – Time Movement of Trains –

It the real-time movement of the train is known to the passengers, it will easier for them to plan their movement to the station better. They will also be able to organize a pick-up arrangement at their destination, if they know the exact and the changed time of reaching that station. Accurate information of a running train will help several people in several ways to plan their movements much better and avoid that much of inconvenience. Some passengers can even think of travelling by another train if their train is getting delayed inordinately.

TravelKhana Website –

Now it has become possible for passengers to get the live status of a train through the spoturtrain utility of TravelKhana website of the railways. The passengers can logon to the website and key in the train number and click at the submit button. A new page will immediately display the real-time position of the train, thus giving the passenger an idea on whether the train is running late, and if yes, how long it will take to reach their station.spoturtrain

Steps to Spot the Train with Train Tracker Utility –

  • The passengers may go to the ‘track train’ page on website.
  • They may go to the page and key in the train number.
  • They may choose their station from the dropdown menu and click the departure or arrival button to get the status of the train. This service is open for all.

More Websites –

The real-time train status can be seen on these websites:;

Info on Call –

There is another way to get the running status of trains. If passengers wish to get the 12988 running status, they can dial 139 (for or 1335 along with STD code (to, a toll free mobile service. They have to follow the automated voice response to get the train status in various languages. Just key in the train number or provide the train name and all the details will be provided to the passenger.

Simplifying Enquiry –

The latest version of train enquiry website tracks trains even when the train number is not given. The passengers have to enter the station names when the system will respond with a list of trains from which the right one is to be selected. Suppose you want to track Purushottam SF Express, simply you have to go Track Train Page and enter train number i.e.; 12802 & click on get status button. You will get 12802 live status within seconds on desktop/lappy screen.

SpotUrTrain Utility is Useful for Railway Passengers

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