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Want to know about the railway station nearby to Ooty? Ooty is been none but the heaven and magical place on earth located in Southern part of the country and tourists from all around the globe prefer to visit this beautiful and mesmerizing place. Encircling the different tourist destinations nearby and around the nation, the distance in between Ooty and Chennai is 550 kms and in between Ooty and Coimbatore, it is about 90 kms and in between Madurai and Ooty, it is 290 kms. If you prefer rail transportation to travel and take a round of splendid Ooty, the nearest railway station of the place is Mettupalayam railway station that is among one of the busiest railway stations as well as been located at a distance of about 47 km away from the city.

People can connect to Mettupalayam railway station from nearby areas easily and even from Conoor, as toy trains run from the place to Ooty. Though, the city has its own railway station, vastly been reckoned and well known as Ooty railway station connecting the rest of the nation by an efficient and vast network of Indian Railways. The weather of the place is simply amazing with a bit on warm side in summers and chilly in winters. Have you ever seen humongous mountains, blue sky, greenery and everlasting beauty, river flowing nearby, sound of chirping birds all around, peace and calmness all around? If you haven’t, Mettupalayam railway station is the place to see for. The railway station is famous for its good connectivity all around, been surrounded by immense sized mountains that are famous and well known as Nilgiris and flowing river nearby that is Bhavani. Adding to this, there are few places nearby the railway station that are worth watching and breathtaking to catch for.

Nearby the railway station, there are few religious sites to go for along with a host of picnic points as well as trekking points that are good to go with family, friends and loved ones. People who are actually looking to spend some quality and fun time with loved ones, they must visit simply heavenly place that is Ooty and its railway station. Having its own charisma and beauty, it is the place that people and travellers will never either regret to take a tour of along with not even getting bored of from visiting the destination. Famous and known all around as the ‘Queen of all hill stations’, if you are a nature and sightseeing lover, Ooty is undoubtedly one of the places to be all surrounded by greenery, exotic flowers, plants, lawns, lakes, and magic. So, what are you thinking of and been planning? Simply plan a rail excursion to Ooty, have fun and grab fond memories with your loved ones and special ones and do order e-catering services of Travel Khana and grab a bite of your favourite meal along with making enjoyment of the journey to the fullest. Enjoy the travel and the place Ooty!

Explore the southern paradise on earth

Ooty is one of the frequented hill stations in the southern part of the country. Being perched on Nilgiri hills, tourism is an industry flourishing here. It encircles the various tourist destinations in India. The distance from Chennai to Ooty is 550 kms, whereas from Coimbatore it is 90km. You can even reach Ooty to Madurai, by road that is a mere 290 km.

If you are opting the rail route, then the nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam that is 47 km away, whereas on the other hand Coimbatore along with Chennai act as the busiest railway stations. Mettupalayam along with Conoor is connected to Ooty via toy train. On the other hand, Ooty has its own railway station known as Ooty railway station that is connected to the rest of the country by an efficient network of railways. The weather is pleasant in Ooty with warm summers and winters being on the chilly side.

More insights about Mettupalayam

Have you seen a child painting scenery? There is bound to be a backdrop of mountains, green fields, blue sky and a river flowing. This is what our first impression about the place Mettupalayam has to convey. In this case the river that cuts through the mountains is Bhavani and the backdrop of the mountains is Niligirs. This place is famous for the culture and the temples. There are quite a few places that one may come across in Mettupalayam, but it promises to be breathtaking for sure.

Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the Vani Bhadrakali Amman Koli is a significant crowd puller. The annual festival of sacrificing animals is celebrated by the people of Mettupalayam. Apart from the religious places to visit, there is a host of trekking and picnic points in Mettupalayam. It is an ideal place for a family gathering or for couples who are looking to spend some quality time together. Among the various spots, the Black thunder is one spot that draws in a lot of kids as it happens to be their favorite recreational hub. Mettupalayam has its own beauty and charm, but it is overshadowed against the backdrop of Ooty.

Taking over to Ooty

Ooty is the next destination and as a tourist you are never going to be bored. It is a town and is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and one may call it the Queen of hill stations. To start off your journey if you are a nature lover, pay a visit to Botanical garden to see the exotic plants spread out as well as the sparkling lawns. There are flowers, trees along with roses all around the place.

You can pack your bags and be on a fairy tale mission in a famous toy train that will take you to Connor. The old charm and the mind blowing scenery calls for an excellent trip and the experience is something that you will cherish in your lifetime.

So pack your bags and rush to Ooty at the earliest!

nearest railway station to ooty from chennai

Ooty has been a magical place located in the Southern part of the country.And the tourists from all around the world prefer to visit this beautiful and mesmerizing place, which is often referred to as heaven on earth. When we are encircling the different tourist locations and destinations nearby us and in the country, one can visit Ooty from Chennai also. The distance between Ooty and Chennai is 550 kms, and to go to Ooty on train, we need to know the nearest railway station to Ooty from Chennai, which is Mettupalayam railway station about 47 kms from Ooty.

Majority of the tourists do not know about the toy train; they only hire a taxi to reach Ooty, but if someone wants to enjoy the nature’s view, then the toy train is the best option. There is a single direct train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. UNESCO designated this toy train as a World Heritage Site in July 2005, and the excellent engineering put their efforts to create rail services through the mountainous terrain. The 46-km-long single-gauge railroad began operating in 1908, and since then, transports passengers through 16 tunnels, 208 curves and 250 bridges.

Train number 56136 with name Mettupalayam-Ooty MG Passenger is available for Mettupalayam. The departure time from the Mettupalayam station is at 7:00 and reaching time is 12 noon at Ooty railway station. It covers a total of seven stops, which include Mettupalayam, Coonoor, Wellington, Aravankadu, Ketti, Lovedale, and Udagamandalam. Thus, it takes around 5 hours. And people can book tickets to get to Ooty. However, going by toy train can take half a day.

Nearest Railway Station to Ooty

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