Wish to keep a track of your train on Google maps?

Ever tracked the real time running status of your train yet? Want to know how to do it? Here, you will indeed get the answers for the same. Indian Railways has introduced an app that is Rail Radar, popular and well known app providing real time information about the whereabouts and running status of a train. It is much simpler these days to find out about the actual location of a train using the same and that too on Google map. To keep a track of any train, users simply need to enter the train number and a map of the country will be shown detailing about the train’s movement and location at that point of time. There are other features as well available on the Google map like zoom in and zoom out feature, using which anything could be scrolled in and out without any problem. People can know easily using the app about the trains that are running late or the ones that are running exact on time and they are mentioned with individual colour codes on the same. So, keep a track of your train on Google maps using Rail Radar app or Spot your train app and know about the train’s movement and timing within minutes and make good decisions using the same. It is always beneficial to be aware of the things in advance and make apt decisions as per the update, making maximum use of your time.

Indian Railways has launched a new service called Rail Radar, which Provides live information on the whereabouts of a train. It is a live train tracking service that runs on Google Maps. This service is available at http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/. So now you  can find out the exact location of a train on the map.

Rail Radar
Track your train using Railradar


Live tracking your train just got easier and more exciting. You can now actually see on a map and locate your train and figure out how far it is from the station at which you are waiting for.

Well, the Indian Railways is always in the process of updating itself and making it easier for the passengers. If you are scheduled to catch a train from a station which is not its source, then you often have to wait and find out when your train will be arriving at the scheduled stop. At times, you often end up waiting for hours on end. Manual enquiries are at times not possible, especially if you have to catch the train at night. So, the Indian Government has a fine solution for you.

They have introduced a new service through which you can live track your train on Google Maps. This service can be availed at the website: railradar.trainenquiry. It is pretty simple to track your train on this service. All you have to do is enter the train number, and a map of India will show you where exactly your train is that moment. Like all the other Google Map options, you can zoom in and out of the map to track your train better. You can also learn from this map, which trains have been delayed, and which ones are on time, indicated by separate colour codes.

So, now you have the option of tracking your train live and that too on the map of India. Make the most of this service, to stay on time and to stay informed.

You can search the map with train name and numbers and it will show you the train on the Google Map. By this, you will come to know exactly where the train is right now.

A similar service was already available on Indianrail.gov.in called ‘Spot Your Train’. However, this new service is improved a lot and now shows a map of India with all the trains that are running at the given time.

The screen is currently showing the details of 1774 trains. There is a bar on the right-hand corner of the screen wherein the color blue indicates the percentage of trains that are on time and the color red the trains that have been delayed. The service is based on Google Maps allows for zoom in and zoom out by scroll of a mouse or by clicking the ‘+’  or ‘-‘ icons on the left. Although there are a huge number of train running by the India Railway, only around 6500 are being tracked. But yes, this is a great Service and will for sure be developed to be a better feature.

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Current Train Location on Google map

Wanna Check Current Train Location before you board the train? If yes, then here you will get the same information for sure, so keep on reading.

By checking or tracking a train you can easily come to know about a particular Train Live location. And by knowing this you can easily manage your timings to reach to your boarding stationswithout any delay or prior reach. India’s national railway system is operated by the Ministry of Railways. Now we focus on Current Train Location on Google Map.To check the current Location of Train we can use Google map also.Google maps has finally received the option to share the live Location & ETA (Estimate time of arrival) to contacts for someone travelling on public transport like bus and train. Means, we can directly share our live location along with the expected arrival time with our friends, family through the Google map itself. Goggle map feature similar to whatsapp “live location” sharing option.

Current Location of the Train means, live location where the train is running. It means current running location of the train and its real time delay status. It may also include the estimated arrival of the train at any of the particular station en-route. While checking Current Train location on Google map, two key things to be noted are “Last train Location” and “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stations”. The “Last Reported Station” conveys that the train has either arrived or departed else crossed that particular station.

Now Track Your Train Live on Google Maps

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