It might seem funny to you all, but have you ever noticed the letter X available on the last wagon of the train? Are you a frequent traveller or ever travelled via train yet? Do you consider yourself as a keen observer or so? If you have observed the letter X on the train at railway station or so, do you know the meaning of the same? Are you thinking now whether you saw that letter or not? Well, in case you haven’t observed or saw that, it is good to pay keen attention and focus this time for sure. And the good news is that no matter whether you saw that letter X yet or not on the last coach of the train, here in this post, you will definitely know about the same. And do make sure this time to even observe the letters LV written on the same along with the letter X. Adding to this, there is a red light available below the letter X and it is must to focus and see that too. Just for the information, do understand that the letter plays a high value of importance so far and there is a reason as well for its presence at the last wagon of the train. To understand more about the symbol, go through the following pointers.

  • First of all do understand the fact that the letter X highlighted on the wagon of the train, is going to be the last wagon of the train for sure.


  • The letter ‘X’ is been utilized and depicted during the morning time and the red light available just below the letter is been utilized at the night time.
  • In case, the running train’s last wagon do not has this symbol over it, then it means that either the train is in some kind of trouble or fuss or it could depict that the train is been running and operating without the availability of some wagons over the same.
  • It actually acts as an alert tool as well, that let rail officials and authorities know about the trouble and in that case, they can save everyone from some mishap or accident for sure.
  • Aside from this, there is a small board sign available on the same with the mark ‘LV’ over that highlighted with black on yellow colour and is most of the times attached to the rear side of the vehicle. The term LV depicts for Last Vehicle.


  • In all, this time you are going to travel via train, make sure to watch this symbol on the train available at the last wagon. It is always good to be aware of updates and things and if you are one of them, it is your responsibility now to share this with others. Be careful and be alert with the news and updates!



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