Have you ever been to Jaisalmer? If no, make sure to visit this city for once in a lifetime. Also famous as the ‘Golden city’, Jaisalmer is amazingly breathtaking and beautiful. Reckoned as the bewitching little fort city of Rajasthan, it is the place completely full of life encompassing everything including food, tradition, heritage, culture, simple and amazing Jain Temples, conventional sand castle forts, sand dunes, safaris, camels, sun and lots and lots of pigeons. I have been there a while ago and in few minutes, I simply loved the city that is actually not very big and is extremely royal and gleaming.

It was like a 5-6 hour bus journey from Jodhpur and there are so many autowallahs that will help you in reaching your hotel. It was a tiny city and everything will be in reach of maximum 5-10 minutes. One of the great stays that is recommended to all travellers there is Nirmal Haveli, magnificently lit up in beautiful colours and lights and at day time when sun rays come inside rooms, it adds colours to sandstone walls and could enrich your staying experience. Taking a tour of almost every spot in the city, here follows everything about must-visit attractions, you should not miss at all.

Jaisalmer fort – It was a lively and enthralling experience to be at this fort. The captivating yellow coloured fort is a miracle in itself and it is actually very big. Felt like a mini town of the city, there were colourful shops offering amazing and traditional artifacts as well as souveniers at pretty decent prices. The architecture is awe and Jain temples were also there inside the fort.


Saalam Singh ki Haweli – Known all over for its well constructed and modern architecture, it is a must-visit place for sure in Jaisalmer.


Patwa Haweli – Inside it, there was a museum depicting history and culture of the place and the most interesting fact is that the first floor of the palace has been equipped with so many paintings that were lovely and known to be painted by using about 1.5 kilograms of gold. Also, there were so many shops offering to click tourists in proper colourful and traditional dress-ups in like 150 bucks and that made me felt like one of them only.


Sam Sand Dunes desert Safari Jaisalmer – It was simply one of the best and memorable experiences I ever had. Being like the city’s soul, everything sparkles when sun rays fall over the golden sand of the desert and it was simply picturesque.


Bada Bagh – It is a huge garden complex equipped with royal and dignified Jaisalmer’s Maharajas chhatris or cenotaphs. It has been made in memory of city’s great rulers. A perfect place to get some amazing clicks; it was very much peaceful and serene there.


In all, a perfect place to be, enjoy some gala time with loved ones, and simply be yourself and look at the wonders we have in our country.

Jaisalmer – The Golden city that twinkles and is full of life

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