Bodhgaya: The Land of Buddha

The land of India has a huge diversity, and so is the culture. There are various religions, and each religion has different pilgrim places which are much more than just a temple, shrine or monastery. There are various religions developed on this land and Buddhism, which is spread across the world from here is one of the leading religions today. The city of Gaya, also known as Bodhgaya, due to a centre of Buddhism holds great significance, and a number of monks and followers of this religion visit the city every day. Hence it is too important to know about this city situated in the Bihar State of India.

The city of Bodhgaya:

Lord Buddha had attained his divinity here under a tree and hence it is also considered as a city of the Birth of Buddha. Among the disciples of this religion as well as Hindus, it is an important place. Apart from the Monastery here, there are also lots of attractions that can be explored by the visitors. To visit this city one can catch a flight or a train. Being the most convenient and comfortable medium of the journey, the train is preferred by international as well as domestic tourists. The nearest railway station to Gaya is Gaya Junction which is almost 13 kilometres away from the city of Gaya. From the station, one can catch a cab or local transport to reach the city. There are many express as well as fast trains that stop at this junction and hence one can easily reach this place known for tourists across the nation.

Places to visit:

There are many places to visit in this area. The main area is the Mahabodhi temple. It is huge premises that may take several hours for one to see all the important spots. There are Barabar caves and Dungeshwari caves as well as various monasteries created by different countries that follow Buddhism. Mahabodhi Stupa and Bodhi Tree are the main attractions for pilgrims. Archaeological Museum, a statue of Lord Buddha with 80 feet height, Phowa Center, Taiwanese temple and various monasteries are leading destinations here.

For the tourists who love to shop items as a memory of the location, there is also a local market where various items related to Buddhism are easily available. There are also other areas in the proximity such as Sarnath, Patna, Rajgir and Nalanda that can be visited easily if one has hired a car. The Gaya is not just a city, but also a historical place and hence one can see a lot of tourists from various countries here. One can enjoy quality food and comfortable stay at various facility centres as well as different hotels in the area.

The city of Gaya is the prime attractions for locals as well as global tourists as it is concerned with Lord Buddha and hence the government tourism department also offers quite effective services here. Those who believe in Buddhism this is a must to visit the place once in the life.

Nearest Railway Station to Gaya

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