Ramzan month is been going on and Muslims all around are into fasting from dawn till dusk for the whole month! This is a holy month for them and they break their fast together with loved ones, after sunset with the iftar meal. The meal includes blend of both sweet and sour, and for all foodies and fanatics, it is none but a pure bliss. Old Delhi, observes Ramzan celebrations and festivities with much vivacity and joy and an assortment of mouth watering and scrumptious delicacies. During evenings, people can witness Muslim families going and praying together at Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. The entire place is lit up with lively ambience, colourful lights, markets, crowded food stalls and joints serving a large variety of gastronomical delights and dishes. If you are one of those, who want to enjoy Ramzan season and time, and enjoy the eateries in Old Delhi, make sure to go at the below mentioned spots there.

  1. Al Jawahar – It is a pretty famous restaurant to go with your family and friends and enjoy a wholesome meal of chicken delicacies. With every bite you are going to take, it is must that so many flavours and spices will make your day. Located at Opposite Gate number 1 at Jama Masjid, the must try delights here are egg curry, mutton stew and chicken Jahangiri.
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  2. Karim’s – Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Karim’s chain? Being a very famous chain to enjoy the delicacies and have good time with your loved ones, there are many outlets of the chain, letting you try and enjoy the delights in the perfect way. Do must try out Mutton Qorma, Kebabs, Phirni and Nahari here.Kerala-Chicken-Curry
  3. Kake Di Hatti – The restaurant is in Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk and a perfect spot to try out delicious meals with your special ones in this holy month of Ramzan. Every cuisine is worth trying here for sure and it is a good spot for vegetarians too. Give your mouth watering Ramzan meal a bit of Punjabi twist here and enjoy it. Do must try out Dal Makhani, Soya Chaap and Lauki Raita here.TravelKhana Combo Meal
  4. Changezi Chicken – Amongst so many Old Delhi delicacies, this chain is something that cannot be missed out. The name of the chain is been named after its signature dish and if you are here, it is must to experience and taste the richness of the shredded chicken blended in a tangy gravy of tomatoes, onions and yogurt. The meal contains the right blend of tanginess and spiciness and it is a must visit eatery place this Ramzan. The must to try delights include Paya, Changezi Chicken, Beef Biryani and Nahari.chicken-changezi-recipe-1000x500
  5. Haji Mohd Hussain Fried Chicken – If you can trust, this place has the tastiest and flavour filled fried chicken. The chicken meal is served with onions, chutney and roomali roti. During Ramzan, their must to try out and special dish is Keema Goli. It is located at Jama Masjid.
  6. Aslam chicken corner – If you are a meat lover, this place is the ideal choice to go. It provides delicious butter chicken, better than anywhere else. Simply, finger licking it is! Located at the Jama Masjid side, the must to try out dishes here are Butter Chicken and Chicken Seekh Kebabs.
  7. Qureshi Kebab Corner and Lalu Kebabi – Just opposite to Jama Masjid, the food joint provides mouth watering, melt in and juicy varieties in Kebabs. It could be difficult for you to decide which one is the best and it is suggested to try both Seekh Kebabs and Boti Kebabs here.
  8. Bhaijaan Kebabs – It is the best place to try and eat Shammi Kebabs in the Old Delhi. No iftar meal this Ramzan is complete without trying out the delectable and best Kebabs.
  9. Laung Churey Kebab – If you are the one who wants to try out something in vegetarian this Ramzan, it is an ideal place to be. The kebabs are made up of flour, gram flour and onions. Served in different varieties including fried, seekh and the ones which are soaked in water first and then fried, and that makes them one of a kind, it is indeed a good place to visit to.
  10. Pehalwaan biryaniwale – It is a shame if you haven’t heard of this place. The Biryani Mirch Masala dish is absolutely lip smacking here and it is for sure that you never had tasted like this Biryani anywhere else.
  11. Kallan Sweets – Do you want to try out something else than chicken delicacies? If yes, it is the perfect place to be. The must try outs here are Keema Samosa, Khoya Samosa, Paneer ki Jalebi, Paneer Pakoda, etc.
  12. Ameer Sweet House – It is more than 100 years old shop and there are several desserts and sweet delicacies to choose from. The must to haves here are Chamcham, Besan ka Ladoo, Balushahi.
  13. Cool Point – This little joint serves to die for sweets and delights and the must to haves here are Phirni, Shahi Tukda, Badam Milk, Kesar Milk.

Are you still reading and sitting in your chair or sofa? Why is it so? Get up, get dressed and go for a flavoursome experience this Ramzan and treat you, friends and family with some of the best Iftar meals this season!!

Food tour in Ramzan in Old Delhi

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