How one wishes the human ingenuity invents something that would replace the daily need of three square meals and something more to eat and drink frequently in between! Food is by far the biggest everyday problem confronting all people. Every small trip, even the regular office routine or the factory shift cannot be taken up without making arrangements for food of some sort. One has to carry the lunch box, provide the school-going child a small tiffin box or worry about what to prepare for the evening meals. No one can move out and forget the food part of life even for eight hours.

  • Dubious Quality –

Food for train is a major issue with many. Some people cannot eat some things that are usually part of the outside preparations. The food available is rarely tasty. Some people do not like the masalas used in them. Some people are convinced that the food being served on trains by various agencies is stale, at least partially. Most people are worried about the conditions in which the food offered on trains is prepared.

  • A Refreshing Change –

But things have been changing. Some new food in train services have entered the scene recently. TravelKhana has become a trusted name within a short time of its launch in 2013. The company offers food at the passenger’s seat in the train at the desired station. It provides food of excellent quality. The food is prepared in completely hygienic conditions. It is packed neatly in casseroles, which retain the warmth of the food and also its freshness.

  • Extensive Menu –

TravelKhana offers an extensive menu. It supplies North and South Indian dishes and meals, Chinese, Mughlai, Hyderabadi, Continental, and Italian preparations, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, soft drinks, condiments, rotis, and pizzas. The passengers can order any of these dishes. TravelKhana is in the process of finalizing arrangements with popular restaurants in various cities to supply their food preparations on trains. The system is already in operation at some stations. It will allow the passengers t taste the best of the food of the cities they are passing through.

  • Ordering Food Is Easy –

How to order food in train? That is easy. The passengers have to log in to the TravelKhana website to book the order. This is to be done an hour before the train reaches the station where they want the food to be served. They have to mention the name of the train, the station from which it has originated, the station to which it is going to, the departure date and the station at which they want the food to be served. The passengers can go through the menu and book their order. They can also book the order by contacting TravelKhana on phone. The passengers can pay online or on delivery of food.

  • Memorable Dishes –

At present, TravelKhana offers food on 6,000 trains in more than 500 cities. The number of trains and cities served is going up fast. Train passengers need not worry now about what type of food they will get on train journeys. They can rest assured that TravelKhana will bring to their seat the some of the most memorable dishes they will always relish.

Food to Everybody’s Liking on Trains

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