Garib Rath Trains were introduced by the Indian Railways with an intention of offering high quality services to poor passengers at low ticket rates. All of these trains that run between major stations have just chair car seating system and third AC seats, and as promised by the railway ministry, the ticket prices are lower than most trains in the same class. One of the many reasons why people choose Garib Rath Train over others is because of the less time taken. When you are travelling by this train from Mumbai to Delhi, you will reach in a record time that is same as Rajdhani Trains.
Garib Rath Train

However, in spite of the low ticket prices, there are many problems that passengers have to face by travelling by this train. The first one being the booking, which is often not available for most routes as the lower prices attract a lot of passengers. The trains are also criticized for offer low quality food that is not at par with the standards expected. While the prices are something that you might consider while booking this train, you must be ready for quality food crisis on board.

The case is not just about Garib Rath Train, but when it comes to food, the case remains same for most trains. In spite of the fact that there have been many changes in the menu for increasing the food choices for customers, the situation remains unchanged with most customers ordering food from a large number of private services on board.

Common issues while Travelling by Garib Rath Train

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