10 Best Summer Foods to Soothe Your Belly While Traveling

Rising mercury levels and gas prices have added cost to this summer season. The global average temperature increased by 0.5 degrees. With all this information in mind, you still shouldn’t expect the sun to show mercy on your summer vacation trip. Children must wait around the corner for that season when they don’t have to carry the heavy burden of their school bags and have the opportunity to sneak off to a brand-new place where they can enjoy and refresh themselves. As soon as you enter the train, your children start juggling with you to buy the foods that are sold between the train seats. It’s time to not get caught up in the holiday spirit and pay attention to what can go wrong with comfort foods. Your stomach does not overload your tour this summer season. Here are the top 10 summer foods to calm your stomach while traveling by train:


It is very convenient when you choose health and taste, both at the same time. Containing 91.45% water, it acts as a hydration and filler to help you overcome thirst and hunger during train travel. This might be the best salad dressing you can add to your plate. You can also look for watermelon milk for breakfast. Watermelons are easier to get because many local vendors sell them at popular stations.


Rich in fiber, eating cucumber in summer helps prevent constipation. You don’t have to suffer from constipation because you may have eaten something that caused bloating. The fibers do their job and create a light and fresh feeling during the train. Cucumber also contains a lot of water. So eat those crunchier foods and stay cool in the hot weather.


An all-time probiotic supplement that is an excellent resource for the necessary healthy bacteria that maintain intestinal colon health. When ordering foods on the train, you can also order curd lassies. Cheese fills the body with elemental calcium, which is necessary to maintain healthy bones.

Coconut WaterFoods

The perfect blend of natural cytokines that aid cell healing and regeneration. It also helps maintain the body’s fluid balance and provide our body’s ecosystem with antioxidants. This “not so expensive” drink is available at almost any fruit shop and is full of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It has cooling properties to help you fight the hot weather. Studies also show that drinking coconut water regularly also protects against cancer.



Mint Natural pacifier for summer foods. This inexpensive herb is readily available at almost all greengrocers. Adding mint to curd, Chaach or raita can give you extra benefits. You can also make mint chutney which is a common thing that is made in almost every house in India. Mint not only keeps the body temperature cool but also has a refreshing effect.

Green Leafy VegetablesFoods

Eating green leafy vegetables throughout the year gives you many benefits. And including them in your daily diet is also beneficial because green leafy vegetables are rich in water. Be careful not to overcook these vegetables, as this can cause them to lose their water content.


Onion also offers cooling properties. Eating them raw can spoil your taste, so mix it with lemon and salt and make salads. Another way to eat onions is to add them to your vegetables, curries and raita. Red onions are full of quercetin, which is considered a natural anti-allergen. Adding onions to your daily diet will also help protect you from sunburn.

Lime WaterFoods

Lime water, also known as Nimboo bread, is another refreshing summer drink. A glass of lime water offers many health benefits. You can drink sweet lime water, add salt to it, and a pinch of cumin powder to improve the taste. Lime water keeps you cool and fresh all day long.


The best solution if you are looking for something satisfying. The best part is that you can use them raw and they also have a longer shelf life.


Because celery is 95% water, it contains essential nutrients to help you live in hot weather. Celery is also full of sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc!

Buying foods from platforms and other unauthorized food vendors should be avoided. If you prefer to buy foods during your train journey, try ordering only from IRCTC’s official catering partners.

10 Best Summer Foods to Soothe Your Belly While Traveling

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