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About Indian Railway Refund Rules

Want to get a glimpse and details about the Indian Railway refund rules and policies? If yes, read on to the following and you will come to know about the same. The refund policy for the travellers and people apply on the status of their reservation like whether they have confirmed reservations, RAC tickets, waitlisted tickets, or so. For all those confirmed reservations travellers, just for the record, the refund is admissible and could be get 2 hours in prior while cancellation their ticket before the departure time of the train and get it credited within 5 to 7 business working days. For all those travellers holding RAC or waitlisted tickets, they are admissible to get the refund while applying for cancellation about 3 hours in advance to the actual departure time of the train and get it back in the account within 5 to 7 business working days. Depending on the class of your ticket, there is flat cancellation charges applied by the department each passenger, like for second class it is Rs. 30 per passenger, for sleeper class it is Rs. 60 per passenger, for AC chair car it is Rs. 90, for first class it is Rs. 100 and so. Just make sure to be aware of these rules in advance so that in case you need to cancel up your ticket in future, you know how much it will cost you.

It is a query for all those who travel via Indian Railways about whether you can refund if you surrender your ticket for cancellation.

Time Limit for the Refund –

  1. For confirmed reserved tickets, you can get your refund anytime before 2 hours of departure of the train.
  2. For RAC/waitlisted tickets, you can opt for a refund within three hours the actual departure of the train.
  3. For trains leaving between 21.00 hours and 06.00 hours, in that case, within two hours of opening of the Reservation Office, you can get a refund. This can be done if there are no counters available in the originating centre.

What Is Supposed To Be Done If The Due Date Of Refund Has Already Lapsed?

You can approach the Deputy Superintendent (commercial)/ Station Manager or Chief Reservation Supervisor. They can grant you refund up to 30 days of the date of journey.

If You Are Unable To Approach The Concerned Authorities, What Should You Do?

In that case, within 30 days of the date of travel, you must obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) from the nearest station and submit an application to the Chief Commercial Manager of the Zonal Railways. This should be done within 90 days of the scheduled travel. The case will be examined, and accordingly, a refund will be sent to you by Station Pay Order or Money Order or Crossed Cheque.

How Much Will Be Deduced As Cancellation Charge?

This depends on the time of cancellation and the status of your ticket.

  • If you are cancelling your ticket more than 48 hours of scheduled time, then your amount of cancellation per person will be as follows –

Flat cancellation charges per passenger                  Class of your ticket

Rs. 120 AC First                                                                         Executive class

Rs. 100 AC-2tier                                                                        1st class

Rs. 90 AC-3tier                                                                            AC chair car,

AC-3                                                                                                   Economy

Rs. 60                                                                                                  Sleeper

Rs. 30                                                                                                   Second class

  • If you cancel your ticket less than 48 hours to upto 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train, then you will have to pay a cancellation charge of 25% of the total fare paid.
  • If you are cancelling the ticket between less than 6 hours to 2 hours of the scheduled time, then the cancellation charge will be 50% of the total fair of the ticket.
  • If you want a refund for an RAC/Waitlisted ticket cancellation within upto 3 hours of the departure time of the train, then you will get a full refund of fare.
  • You can get a refund of the full amount in case of a cancellation of the train due to accident, breaches or flood.
  • You cannot get a refund for a lost ticket, but you can be allowed to travel after issuing a duplicate one.

Above are the Indian Railway refund rules and some queries you often face. Hope you make good use of it.

Want to know about Updated Refunds Rule in Indian Railways? If yes, go through the following information and you will be clear of all of them. As per the updated refunds rule in Railways, it all depends on the travellers and users status of travel whether they got RAC bookings, confirmed reservations, waitlisted bookings. For all confirmed booking users, if they cancel their tickets within 2 hours before the departure time of the train, they will get their refund credited in their account within 5 to 7 business working days. For those users who have waitlisted status tickets or RAC status tickets, if they cancel the bookings within 3 hours before the departure time of the train, they will get the refund within 5 to 7 business working days credited in their account. Now comes the deduction of money that will depend on the class of travel in which you are travelling. Just for the record, for second class AC, the deduction would be of Rs. 30 per passenger, for AC chair car the deduction would be of Rs. 90, for sleeper class the deduction will be of Rs. 60, for first class AC the deduction would be of Rs. 100. It is always beneficial to be aware of these rules and policies in prior so that you know in case you cancel your tickets due to any of the reasons, how much amount will be credited in your account. Safe travel!

Indian Railways Refund Rules

Do you have bookings made in trains from Indian Railways site and you are looking for the refund rules for the same devised by IRCTC? For the convenience of the passengers, Indian Railways have come up with liberalized and very friendly refund rules for them. To avail the maximum advantage and to save on the cancellation fares, it is always advisable to all passengers to cancel their tickets within the stipulated time frame whenever and wherever possible. It can also assist in getting all waitlisted or RAC passengers the confirmed accommodation.

  1. For the untravelled unreserved tickets, if one cancels the same within 3 hours of the actual departure of the train, then Rs. 10 per passenger would be the cancellation charge.
  2. For the untravelled reserved tickets, if one cancels in more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train, the cancellation charge would be Rs. 70 in AC first class per passenger, Rs. 60 per passenger in AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, AC Chair Car and Rs. 40 per passenger in sleeper class, and Rs. 20 per passenger in unreserved second class coach.
  3. For all untravelled RAC and waitlisted tickets, Rs. 20 per passenger would be deducted.

Make in India Vision: Bright future of railway lies ahead

Booking a train seat in India has become as easy as a cake walk now. Online sites are available where one can search for the various trains available from one destination to the other. One has to click on the train name, book the seat, and do an online payment for the ticket and bingo! The booking is done! Train reservation seat availability is also easy to check. The website itself provides the number of passenger seats available in an opted train in the given date.

In present times, Indian Railway needs a lot of improvement in its infrastructure. At the same time, the Indian government is also providing funds to the greatest project in the world. This ‘Make in India’ project is a latest vision of our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This calls for an investment of Rs 40,000 crore over 10 years and is supposedly the largest foreign investment in the railway sector.

The eco system that gets created with this invention of the project will provide various benefits. First of all, it will create new job opportunities in the manufacturing field. This is an interesting fact to know that this agreement coincides with the climate change conference in Paris. Production of locomotives is the other benefit and contribution of Indian railways to the environment.official indian railway

It is said that the diesel locomotive factory present in Marhowa will supply the diesel electric locomotives in a very large number. For producing this number for 10 years will incur a cost of about Rs 15 crores. There is another locomotive factory situated in Madhupura. It will also supply a large amount of locomotive, which will cost around Rs 20 crores during the period of 10 years.

It is a very unique project and the investment process will start from early 2016. As a result of this initiative, there will be more than 3000 new job openings in this country.

These electrical locomotives, which will be produced, are meant for the use of national transport system. It can, actually, double the speed of express trains that run across all over India. As a result of this, the punctuality of the trains will increase. There will be no more mismanagement in case of running hours of the trains.

The new electrical devices, which will be produced, will also improve the train signaling system and railway tracks, which have become the main cause of train accidents these days. To avoid those calamities, Indian rail government has taken a big initiative. People attached to this plan are sure that this project will make the future bright. This will reduce problems and day to day accidents will be avoided.

Indian railway is a large network. It is a matter of pride to the Indians. The current situation of Indian railway is not that good, but they are trying the best to overcome the situation. It will not be a difficult process. In near future, Indian railway will regain its lost pride and will stand apart.

Taking the Modern India to a New Horizon- Indian Railways at Your Service

Our world is advancing rapidly and so does India. Of course, its lifeline happens to be the Indian Railways. The evolving internet technology has enabled us to do everything at our comfort level with the help of few clicks. Few clicks you order your grocery, few clicks you order food, few clicks and here is your laundry service. No need to stand in long queues waiting to pay your bills, everything is simple and all these things have been simplified by internet. When one can do all the things from the comfort of your home then why not booking our train tickets online, this has been in trend for many years now. To book a ticket, you must go to a railway station early so that you could get a reserved seat but the time has changed and the travelers can book a seat for themselves through Indian Railways reservation online.

Various initiatives by Indian railways have given us the power to book, check status and order food through its official web portal and also from the companies associated with the Indian Railways.

official indian railwayHow to Book Railway Tickets Online?

A lot of credit goes to Indian Railways for bringing India closer by providing a better connectivity and in a revolutionary decision, which changed the whole scenario of railway ticket booking in India. The Indian Railways launched Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, famously known by common people as IRCTC. IRCTC has become the landmark when it comes to booking the railway tickets online. You just have to follow these simple steps mentioned here:

  • All you have to do is to go to the official website of IRCTC and login with your user name and password. If not registered, register there by providing your valid details.
  • After you are logged in, you will see a box on left hand side with ‘plan my journey’ option. Fill in the details like from which station you’ll make the reservation and up to which station you’ll travel, your journey date etc. Fill this according to your itinerary and then click ‘Submit’.
  • After you submit, you’ll get the list of trains running between your boarding station and destination station alongside with the class. If you intend to book your ticket in tatkal quota, then choose tatkal from the options given above.
  • All you have to do is click on the desired class of travel if it is second AC, then choose 2A, if it is Sleeper then choose SL and so on. Once you’ll choose your desired class of travel, you’ll get the availability of seats and fare of ticket above it. If seat is available, then choose the option ‘Book Now’. In case seats are not available in your chosen class, you can choose other class or the same class in other trains shown in the list.
  • ‘Book Now’ option will redirect you to a new page where you’ll have to fill the passenger details such as Name, Gender, Age, preferred seat, etc.
  • Fill the details, click on ‘Next’ and then you’ll be taken to the payment page. Choose the payment option you intend to pay with for example Debit/credit card, net banking. Pay the ticket amount and you’ll get your ticket on email and a text from IRCTC with ticket details on the Phone number you provided during checkout.

Hurray! Relax and chill, your ticket is done and your seat is reserved as simply as one watches TV.

Railway Reservation Rules

Getting a railway ticket is something that is well sought for among travellers in India. This is not surprising given that railway travel continues to be the preferred mode of travel for millions of travellers round through the year. Choose any destination and any train and you would do well to plan out your travel because more often than not, there is a huge demand for railway tickets. This is one of the prime reasons that it is vital to have some idea of Indian railway reservation rules which could well determine the difference between having a pleasure trip or a veritable nightmare.

 Period of advance reservation:

Railway reservation rules change from time to time. Some of the current reservation rules in Indian railways include the stipulation that tickets can be booked in advance 60 days ahead of the date of travel. This rule is uniformly applicable to all trains and classes of travel, as well.

In the case of stations that are intermediate (not from starting destination), the period of advance reservation could be a day more than that is applicable for the starting destination. This is generally applicable for express and long distance trains, however, in the case of inter-city trains, the period for advance booking could be marginally less, as well. There are a few new rules of Indian railway reservation that one has to keep in mind. For one, the advance reservation period which used to be 90 days now stands at 60 days.


Tatkal reservation rules stipulate that Tatkal tickets would be available a day in advance of the day of travel. The change as compared to earlier is that the Tatkal tickets can be booked from point to point and one does not have to buy paying full fare of tickets from the source to destination. Tatkal charges are fixed as per class of travel and the Indian railways website provides exact information of the applicable charges. Passengers can travel on Tatkal tickets as long as they have any of 10 identification proofs that are prescribed by the railways. PAN cards, drivers licence, voters ID card are some of the proofs that are admissible. As per railway ticket reservation rules, 10% of the tickets on the high demand and high speed Shatabdi trains are also available under the Tatkal scheme.

Reservation at stations:

Reservation of tickets at railways stations at pre-designated reservation counters commences 60 days prior to the date of travel. Computerization of ticket reservation allows real-time ticket booking so that the status of reservations is available at any given point in time. Railway tickets can also be booked till one hour of departure of the train from the current booking counter at the station.

Online reservation:

Reserving tickets online is quite a convenient mode of reservation. Indian railway online reservation rules stipulate that prospective travellers should register themselves on the Indian railways website. Irctc.co.in is the official site, which provides information, as well as online reservation menu for booking tickets. You can book tickets using credit or debit cards, as well as net-banking and print your tickets in just a jiffy. Online reservation makes it possible for you to book tickets without having to wait for hours in queues on the reservation counter. The computerization of reservation employs accurate logic for allotment of seats in a transparent and glitch free manner. You can opt for special berths, as well as food options in certain premium trains, which offer food on board like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi or Duronto trains. Passengers are required to carry photo identification proofs while undertaking travel on tickets that are booked online. 

Reservation confirmation:

As per rail reservation rules, travellers are allowed to travel on reserved seats in trains only if they have a confirmation of the reservation. Those who have waitlisted tickets are not allowed to occupy reserved seats and are advised not to board trains on waitlisted tickets. There are a few tickets that are under ‘reservation under cancellation’ status and such passengers are allotted partial berths and are allowed to travel on running trains. As and when seats are available, travellers with tickets that are on ‘reservation under cancellation’ status could get confirmed seats.

 Rules while travelling

Passengers with tickets for reserved berths can sleep on the berths between 9 pm and 6 am during travel. At other times, passengers are expected to allow co-passengers to sit on the berths. It is advised that passengers provide cooperation for smooth and seamless travel.

Cancellation rules

Passengers are allowed to cancel their tickets prior to departure of the train and get a refund of the fare depending on how much time prior to the departure the cancellation has been made. If a passenger does not arrive 10 minutes before the departure of the train, authorities are within their rights to allot the ticket to passengers whose tickets are booked under ‘reservation against cancellation’ status. Passengers attempting to cancel tickets post departure of the train will not be eligible for any refund in fare; hence, time is essence when it comes to ticket cancellations. 


 Railway rules are quite clear that only passengers who have reserved tickets should travel themselves on berths or seats that have been booked for them. Impersonation of any kind wherein a ticket is booked on someone’s name and someone else attempts to travel on the same ticket is prohibited and specifically liable to punishment as per applicable rules and laws.