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Indian Railways Signs MoU with ISRO for Technology Transfer

Today, Indian Railways signed a MoU with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for using space technology for remote sensing and GIS (Graphics Information System) based applications.

 The MoU will facilitate utilization of space technology to provide information about passengers to all trains, tracking of all trains in real time, indication of next stop/ next station and survey of fresh alignments of rail routes, especially in difficult and hilly terrains.

It will also help in asset mapping, conducting of studies of vulnerability of tracks, audio-visual systems of warning for road users at gates of unmanned level crossings and introducing web-enabled user-centric services.

At present, railways are already utilizing space technology to provide connectivity to counters of Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and unreserved ticketing system at non-rail head and remote locations.

Other than this, technology is utilized for emergency communication from disaster sites, GPS (Global Positioning System) for several applications such as remote monitoring of locomotives, information system for passengers in Mumbai suburban trains, synchronized clocks and provision of Wi-Fi in special Rajdhani trains.

At the function, minister of state for railways, Manoj Sinha made a request to ISRO to conduct a study for finding methods to enable smooth rail traffic, especially in the foggy season.

Mr. Sinha said that such a study should be conducted by ISRO to help trains run smoothly in fogging season, which will be a big accomplishment as usually railways comes to a stop during certain seasons.

At the occasion, railways minister Suresh Prabhu said that the tie-up between ISRO and Indian Railways was not a ‘mere marriage of convenience but a marriage of necessity’.  Indian Railways would use the services of ISRO for several works related to up-gradation of technology like providing train time table.

According to the MoU, the Railway minister said that space technology tools will be used to provide passenger information system in every train, next stoppage of train, station and train tracking in real time.

The meeting featured senior officials of both ISRO and Indian Railways. Minister Suresh Prabhu said that signing of MoU with ISRO was of very vital importance as the latest technology from ISRO will be helpful to solve day to day problems faced by the Indian Railways.

He said that Indian Railways was a great organization, and it would do well to partner with another important organization, the ISRO. It was time for the Railways to adopt the latest technology, he said. The Railways was to be modernized with adoption of technological innovation.

Another minister, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the MoU was a breakthrough for the ISRO to provide new technology to the Indian Railways. It was a misconception that ISRO’s activities are related to only the sector of space. For instance, it had helped the Ministry of Urban Development recently for developing smart cities.

He said that the ISRO could help not only in disaster management but also for normal, routine activities of the Indian Railways. Technology provided is cost effective as well as efficient and accurate.

Eastern Railways announces special weekly trains for Holi!

The rush during the festive time at the railway stations is berserk. To cope up with it and to avoid any kind of pushing or excessive rush, the Eastern Railways will be running 3 sets of exclusive trains from the Kolkata to Gorakhpur to Asansol route, Howard to Patna route and Howrah to Raxaul route. These special trains will only be in action during this month for the festival of Holi.

The first train, which is the Kolkata to Gorakhpur route will be running on the March 21st and will be terminating from Gorakhpur to Asansol the next day. This train will offer a general second class, sleeper class and air-condition coaches. modified-1400-hp-engine
The second train which is the Howrah to Patna route will be running on the 20th March and will reach Patna the very next day. This train will be returning to Howrah on the 21st of March. This train is going to have on general second class.

The third train which is the Howrah to Raxaul route will be running on the 22nd March and will leave from Raxaul station on 25th March. It will reach Howrah station the next day. This train too only offers general second coaches like the second train.

So, make your bookings quickly to go comfortably and avoid the crowd during this festive time.

Mahamana Express Is All Ready To Set The Tracks On Fire

Indian Railways is slowly stepping ahead into the future…! You heard it right. In the recent past years, many appreciable steps were taken by the railways which are aimed to modernize the existing systems and provide utmost comfort to the passengers. The changes in this regard are not just confined to new rules and regulations. The railways are turning out to get trendier by introducing new trains with better functionalities. “Luxury”, isn’t something new to our railways. There are a few prestigious luxury trains like “Palace on wheels”, which are majorly aimed to serve foreign tourists visiting India. However, the fruits of these trains are not largely enjoyed by common people. Putting an end to this issue, the Indian railways has taken a step ahead to modernize the existing trains. As a initiative for the same, a new luxurious Indian made train, “Mahamana Express”, is all ready to set the tracks on fire. Check out the special features of this train.

  • The first thing which makes you go “wow”, in this train is the modern technology that has crept into each of its coaches. Ladders are designed to climb the upper berths with ease. Snack tables are provided in the side tables. Roller blinds and venetian blinds are used to power up the windows.mahamana-express
  • The traditional lights, which are used in regular trains are replaced by the LEDs. You can find LED reading lights, berth indicators and others in these coaches. The presence of these lights can make our night journey comfortable and safe. The toilets are designed and equipped to provide utmost comfort to the passengers. Platform washbasins, large mirrors, exhaust fans, odor control system and dust bins are featured in the toilets.
  • You can witness enhanced safety features in this train. The electrical connections are no longer placed in the passenger area. Instead they are shifted to non-passenger area onto a centralized distribution board. The journey is made a lot comfortable to the mobile and laptop addicts by increasing the number of charging points on every coach.
  • The train made its maiden journey on January 25th This train is scheduled to run thrice a week, that is, on Tuesdays, Thrusdays and Saturdays. Starting from Varanasi at 6:35 pm, it reaches its destination, Delhi by 8:25 am next day. From Delhi, it travels every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • A few significant stops of this train are Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, Sultanpur and Janpur cities. It is to be noted that this is the only train to travel on the electrified section between the cities Moradabad and Ghaziabad.
  • When it has such special features, you can’t expect the fares of the train to remain the same. To accommodate the expensive interiors, the fare of this train is hiked by 15% than regular trains. However, there is no increase of fares for unreserved class coaches. Increasing the cost in these coaches will be unfair as the number of passengers allowed to travel are far more than the available seats.

Slowly and steadily, we can find more of such trains across the country. When you are checking out for the Indian railway train schedule, have an eagle eye for these new trains.