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About 16128/27 Guruvayur Express

About 16128/27 Guruvayur Express

Guruvayur Express is belonging to Southern Railways zone and is running with train numbers 16128 and 16127 from both ends. The service frequency of the express is daily. As the name also depicts, it is connecting Guruvayur and Chennai Egmore junction in the country. It is covering a total distance of 1111 km in about 22 hours. The express has 20 coaches available, including AC second class, AC third class, sleeper, and general category coaches. The pantry facilities are not there in the express. The speed of the express with which it runs is 51 km/hour. The express takes halt at around 11 stoppages between the source and destination junctions. As per the time table, train 16128 leaves Guruvayur at 23:20 hours and reaches Chennai Egmore junction at 20:35 hours. Train 16127 leaves Chennai Egmore junction at 09:00 hours and reaches Guruvayur junction at 06:40 hours on next day of the journey. Passengers can opt for e-catering food delivery services if they want to in the express from Travel Khana. In general quota, the fare charged would be Rs. 285 in second sitting, Rs. 485 in sleeper, Rs. 1325 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 1925 in AC 2 tier coaches.

16128/27 Guruvayur Express Time Table and Route Map

Highlights of Guruvayur Express –

No of Coaches Total – 23,  AC – 3, SL – 4, 2S – 4, GN – 5
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Poor
Cleaning Poor
Ticket Availability Average
Passenger Safety Average
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Guruvayur Express, under Southern Railways in India, previously was connecting Trivandrum capital city of Kerala, with Guruvayoor, and after that, it got extended to Nagercoil, Madurai and the last station that got added was Chennai. A link of the train still runs till Madurai, and very soon it will be extended up to Tuticorin as announced by Railway Minister under 2013-2014 Railway Budget. This train connects the main cities and towns of South India- Tamil Nadu with Kerala. It also connects the important cities Chennai, Tiruchi, Madurai, Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu and Trivandrum and Kochi in Kerala. It longitudinally crosses the approximately entire state of Tamil Nadu. Train Number 16127 starts every day from Chennai Egmore, and it reaches Guruvayur Railway Station the next day. When this train returns, train number changes to 16128 that start from Guruvayur Railway Station, and again it reaches Chennai Egmore the next day. It runs on Alleppey route in Kerala.

This train has 24 coaches but doesn’t have pantry facility available, but you will get catering service available. This train is one of the important trains of Southern Railway. Since this train is a long route train, so Indian Railways has taken care of the seating arrangement and sleeping arrangement is also very good. This train is mostly boarded by people who travel between these two main destinations. Guruvayur Express at all ends is distinctive for being the fastest non-Shatabdi and non-Rajdhani express, and this is what had been reviewed with the best service for the passengers. This amazing train will make your trip splendid and hassle free. Indian Railways has always tried to provide the best facilities with safe travelling, and you can experience this when you will travel through this train.

16128/Guruvayur Express, Guruvayur to Chennai Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Guruvayur(GUV) origin 21:35 origin 0
Thrissur Punkunnam(PNQ) 21:54 21:55 1 0
Thrissur(TCR) 21:57 22:00 3 0
Irinjalakkuda(IJK) 22:19 22:20 1 0
Chalakkudy(CKI) 22:27 22:28 1 0
Angamaly for Kalady(AFK) 22:41 22:42 1 0
Aluva(AWY) 22:53 22:55 2 0
Ernakulam Town(ERN) 23:13 23:15 2 0
Ernakulam Junction(ERS) 23:35 23:40 5 0
Cherthala(SRTL) 00:24 00:25 1 1
Alappuzha(ALLP) 00:42 00:45 3 1
Ambalappuzha(AMPA) 00:54 00:55 1 1
Harippad(HAD) 01:19 01:20 1 1
Kayamkulam Junction(KYJ) 01:48 01:50 2 1
Kollam Junction(QLN) 02:15 02:20 5 1
Paravur(PVU) 02:44 02:45 1 1
Varkala Sivagiri(VAK) 02:59 03:00 1 1
Kadakavur(KVU) 03:09 03:10 1 1
Chirayinkeezhu(CRY) 03:14 03:15 1 1
Thiruvananthapuram Central(TVC) 03:55 04:00 5 1
Neyyattinkara(NYY) 04:20 04:21 1 1
Kulitturai(KZT) 04:42 04:43 1 1
Eraniel(ERL) 05:10 05:11 1 1
Nagercoil Junction(NCJ) 06:05 06:15 10 1
Aralvaymozhi(AAY) 06:29 06:30 1 1
Valliyur(VLY) 06:44 06:45 1 1
Nanguneri(NNN) 06:54 06:55 1 1
Tirunelveli Junction(TEN) 08:30 08:35 5 1
Vanchi Maniyachchi Junction(MEJ) 09:25 09:35 10 1
Kovilpatti(CVP) 10:09 10:10 1 1
Satur(SRT) 10:29 10:30 1 1
Virudunagar Junction(VPT) 11:03 11:05 2 1
Madurai Junction(MDU) 12:10 12:15 5 1
Sholavandan(SDN) 12:37 12:38 1 1
Kodaikanal Road(KQN) 12:52 12:54 2 1
Dindigul Junction(DG) 13:15 13:17 2 1
Manaparai(MPA) 14:09 14:10 1 1
Tiruchchirappalli Junction(TPJ) 14:40 14:45 5 1
Srirangam(SRGM) 15:09 15:10 1 1
Ariyalur(ALU) 16:04 16:05 1 1
Pennadam(PNDM) 16:29 16:30 1 1
Vriddhachalam Junction(VRI) 16:45 16:47 2 1
Villupuram Junction(VM) 17:40 17:45 5 1
Tindivanam(TMV) 18:19 18:20 1 1
Melmaruvathur(MLMR) 18:44 18:45 1 1
Chengalpattu Junction(CGL) 19:18 19:20 2 1
Tambaram(TBM) 19:49 19:50 1 1
Mambalam(MBM) 20:09 20:10 1 1
Chennai Egmore(MS) 20:45 destination destination 1

16127/Guruvayur Express, Chennai to Guruvayur Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Chennai Egmore(MS) origin 08:15 origin 0
Tambaram(TBM) 08:43 08:45 2 0
Chengalpattu Junction(CGL) 09:13 09:15 2 0
Melmaruvathur(MLMR) 09:39 09:40 1 0
Tindivanam(TMV) 10:04 10:05 1 0
Villupuram Junction(VM) 10:50 10:55 5 0
Vriddhachalam Junction(VRI) 11:35 11:37 2 0
Pennadam(PNDM) 11:46 11:47 1 0
Ariyalur(ALU) 12:19 12:20 1 0
Srirangam(SRGM) 13:04 13:05 1 0
Tiruchchirappalli Junction(TPJ) 13:30 13:35 5 0
Manaparai(MPA) 13:59 14:00 1 0
Dindigul Junction(DG) 14:48 14:50 2 0
Kodaikanal Road(KQN) 15:04 15:06 2 0
Sholavandan(SDN) 15:15 15:16 1 0
Kudalnagar(KON) 15:34 15:35 1 0
Madurai Junction(MDU) 16:05 16:15 10 0
Virudunagar Junction(VPT) 16:53 16:55 2 0
Satur(SRT) 17:14 17:15 1 0
Kovilpatti(CVP) 17:33 17:35 2 0
Vanchi Maniyachchi Junction(MEJ) 18:35 18:40 5 0
Tirunelveli Junction(TEN) 19:30 19:35 5 0
Nanguneri(NNN) 20:19 20:20 1 0
Valliyur(VLY) 20:29 20:30 1 0
Aralvaymozhi(AAY) 20:45 20:46 1 0
Nagercoil Junction(NCJ) 21:30 21:40 10 0
Eraniel(ERL) 21:51 21:52 1 0
Kulitturai(KZT) 22:15 22:16 1 0
Neyyattinkara(NYY) 22:41 22:42 1 0
Thiruvananthapuram Central(TVC) 23:15 23:20 5 0
Chirayinkeezhu(CRY) 23:39 23:40 1 0
Kadakavur(KVU) 23:44 23:45 1 0
Varkala Sivagiri(VAK) 23:54 23:55 1 0
Paravur(PVU) 00:04 00:05 1 1
Kollam Junction(QLN) 00:25 00:30 5 1
Kayamkulam Junction(KYJ) 01:18 01:20 2 1
Harippad(HAD) 01:34 01:35 1 1
Ambalappuzha(AMPA) 01:49 01:50 1 1
Alappuzha(ALLP) 02:02 02:05 3 1
Cherthala(SRTL) 02:24 02:25 1 1
Ernakulam Junction(ERS) 03:30 03:35 5 1
Ernakulam Town(ERN) 03:43 03:45 2 1
Aluva(AWY) 03:58 04:00 2 1
Angamaly for Kalady(AFK) 04:14 04:15 1 1
Chalakkudy(CKI) 04:29 04:30 1 1
Irinjalakkuda(IJK) 04:39 04:40 1 1
Thrissur(TCR) 05:12 05:15 3 1
Thrissur Punkunnam(PNQ) 05:19 05:20 1 1
Guruvayur(GUV) 06:40 destination destination 1

16128/27 Guruvayur Express Coach Position Seat Map Layout and Fare

Seeking online for updated details related to coach position seat map layout and fare in Guruvayur express? Here, you will definitely get an idea of the same. Belonging to Southern Railways, it heads in between Chennai Egmore junction and Guruvayur junction in India. It operates with train numbers from both ends with 16127 and 16128. As far as coaches are been into consideration, the train has 24 coaches in total including second tier AC, third tier AC, second seating, sleeper class and general unreserved class of coaches. The fare that will be charged from a person in general quota will be 1,925 for 2A, 1,325 for 3A, 485 for SL, 285 for 2S and 270 for GN. In tatkal quota, the fare will be 2,450 for 2A, 1,710 for 3A, 625 for SL and 300 for 2S. From a child in general quota, the fare that will be charged is 940 for 2A, 645 for 3A, 235 for SL, 135 for 2S and 135 for GN. In tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged from a child is 1,050 for 2A, 725 for 3A, 265 for SL and 135 for 2S. There is no pantry car attached in the train and passengers can seek for fresh, quality and affordably priced food meal services too in the train. To know about the exact coach position with the help of seat number in any of the coach, it is always beneficial to simply check out the seat map of the coach in which you are travelling and then grab details from there.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tire AC Coach(A2):  Are you love to travel? Is your dream come into reality when you are travelling or hearing something about travel? Looking for updates related to Guruvayur Express? Are you planning to travel in the second Tier AC (2AC) Coach of Guruvayur? Planning in between Chennai Egmore (MS) and Guruvayur (GUV) or somewhere en-route? If yes, you will get all information about the same by simply reading the following.

The Guruvayur express is one of the express train which belongs to Southern Railway Zone in India. This train connecting two of the most prime states of the country that is Tamilnadu & Kerala. Both the states is in South India

It operates from both the ends with train numbers 16128 and 16127. Total travel timings in distance is of 22hours &25 minutes of total journey. Did you book the tickets to travel in this train of Second class category and want to know of the coach position & about second tier 2AC class? The train has total number of 24 coaches attached with the train and among them ICF rake with number 15th’ coach belongs to second tier coach naming A1. As per the seat map of the two tier coach of Guruvayur express each coupe has only 6 berths in total in which upper UB -(2), lower LB-(2) and Side lower – SL (1) Side upper SU- (1). Fare of second AC is INR’ 1925 from Chennai (MS) to Guruvayur (GUV). There is curtain for privacy to separate each coupe .Also in 2AC there is reading light on each berth so we can read books & novels when all the lights switched off of the coach also. To knowmore about second tier coach position in the train, it is best to have a look on the seat map of the respective coach given by Indian Railways.2a-aThird AC coach(3A): Reserving seats in train is a very crucial step of planning your journey. Good surroundings could allow you to start your trip with fun and excitement and a bad choice could discourage your mood in the beginning.

Since it is the first step of your journey, you should do it with utmost care and therefore, you must know the seating layout before you book a seat in a train. There are sleeper coach, 2A tiers and 3A tier coaches in a train.

What are 3A tires?

The 3A tiers layout comprises of air-conditioned coaches with 64 sleeping berths in it. The berths are arranged as in 2AC tier but in this section, there are three tiers across the width of the train and two longways as before giving eight bays of eight. These berths are slightly less well-appointed with no reading lights. The curtains were removed from the 3A tier coaches for safety reasons by the government of India on 1st April, 2014. With the capacity of carrying 64 passengers per coach, the bedding charges are mostly included in the ticket fare.

If you are an extrovert person, enjoying chatting and socializing, the 3AC tier is the perfect coach to beautify your journey since it allows you to meet with more people.

However, traveling via 3AC tier could be beneficial for your pocket as well. The fares of this tier coaches are reasons and lower than the 2AC tier coaches. Thus, this is more affordable for most of the people traveling by trains.3aSleeper class(SL): Want to get information about sleeper class coach (SL) in the regular running train, Guruvayur Express? The train is connecting Guruvayur junction and Chennai Egmore junction across the country and runs on daily basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 16127 and 16128. Belonging to Southern Railways, the distance traveled by the train in total is 1098 km. The operating speed of the train is 51 km/hour and the travel time is of around 15 hours. Do you wish to know the train timing as well at which it leaves and reaches the desired junction? In accord to the time table, train 16127 leaves from Chennai Egmore junction at 08:15 hours and reaches Guruvayur junction at 06:40 hours on next day of travel. Train 16128 leaves from Guruvayur junction at 21:35 hours and reaches Chennai Egmore junction at 20:45 hours, stopping by at 47 halts in between the travel. The train has 24 coaches available and the coach composition includes first class AC, AC second tier, AC third tier, sleeper, second seating and general unreserved class of coaches. Just for the record, there is no pantry car attached within the train. Rake with numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 belong to sleeper class coaches. In general class, the fare that will be charged in SL coach is Rs. 260 and it will change to Rs. 336 in Tatkal quota. From a child, the fare in SL coach is Rs. 120. Have a safe and happy journey.

slSecond class Setting(2S):- Thinking of travelling in the regular running GURUVAYUR EXPRESS in the Second class Seating (2S) coach that runs on daily basis and is supervised as per Southern Railways zone? The train runs in between Chennai Egmore junction and Guruvayur junction across the country and from both sides, it runs with train numbers 16127 and 16128. The distance that is covered by the train is 303 km. It runs with an average operating speed of 48 km/hour and takes about 6 hours and 20 minutes of time in covering the entire distance. It is stopping by at 18 halts in between the travel and considering the coaches available in total in the train, it has 24 coaches as of now. Among them, rake with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 19 and 20 belongs to second class seating coaches. There is no pantry car attached within the train and if desired, feel free to try out e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana as per the convenience and desire. Do check out the seat map of second seating as designed by Railways and the seats available in the same is 108. The seats available in the coach are window seat, middle seat and aisle seat. Safe journey!2s-aUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):- The Unreserved Second Class Compartment (GS) coach in the regular running Guruvayur Express, which is supposed to be operating with train numbers 16127 and 16128 from both sides, is been available with rake numbers 2, 21, 22 and 23. In unreserved second class compartment, people can travel by easily and the only thing that is required is to reach by at the station on time and buy tickets from the counter there. In total, 24 coaches are available as of now, and aside from second class compartment coach, the other coaches that are available in the express is second tier, third tier, sleeper, second class seating and general class coaches. There is no pantry car attached within as of now. The Guruvayur Express is been supervised by the Southern Railways zone and is supposed to be running on daily basis in between Guruvayur junction and Chennai Egmore station across the country. It covers a total distance of 303 km in a travel time of 6 hours and 20 minutes. It stops by at 18 halts within and operates with an average speed of 48 km/hour. The fare in general class will be Rs. 1970 in 2A, Rs. 1370 in 3A, Rs. 510 in SL and Rs. 270 in GN.

Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Are you planning to travel in the SLRs, stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR) in the Guruvayur Express? Guruvayur Express operates with train numbers 16127 and 16128 from both sides and connects Chennai Egmore and Guruvayur stations in the country. The service frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 1111 km in about 22 hours. In SLRs, handicapped or physically challenged people can travel or they can send their luggage from one destination to another. In either category, one has to get to the railway station on time and get the tickets from the counter at the station. In total, 23 coaches are there in the express and it covers second sitting, sleeper, AC two and AC three tier compartments, and unreserved ones. The SLRs in the coach positions are at rakes 1 and 23. The average running speed of the express is 56 km/hour. According to the fare chart, in general coach, the pricing would be Rs. 1000 in AC second class, Rs. 700 in AC third class, and Rs. 260 in sleeper coach. In tatkal, the surcharge would be of Rs. 76 in the sleeper compartment, and Rs. 285 in the AC second tier coach.