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About 12398/97 Mahabodhi Express

 12397/98 Mahabodhi Express Route map And Time Table

Finding out online to get some rail information related to 12397/98 Mahabodhi express? This post will definitely give you an idea about the same. Categorized as a superfast running train, it runs on daily basis in between New Delhi and Gaya across the country. Recognized as the most popular and well known train running all along, it is been counted among one of the most desired and widely preferable train and boarded by passengers in large numbers belonging from these areas. It has been operating with train numbers 12397 and 12398.

Train 12397 Mahabodhi express runs from Gaya to New Delhi and train 12398 Mahabodhi express runs in the reverse direction. As scheduled, train 12397 leaves from Gaya at 14:20 hours and reaches New Delhi on second day of the journey at 04:40 hours. On the other side, train 12398 leaves from New Delhi at 12:10 hours and reaches Gaya junction on second day of the journey at 03:15 hours. The express takes about 15 hours and 5 minutes of time in completing the excursion. The overall distance that is been covered by the express is 992 km. The average running speed of the express is 66 km/hour. Aside from this, it is been among one of the fastest trains running all along Gaya and New Delhi across the country. In total, it has been equipped with 22 coaches including 1 pantry car, 2 AC, 12 sleeper coaches and 5 general class coaches.

The stoppages took by the express are at Aligarh junction, Kanpur Central, Allahabad junction, Vindhyachal, Mughal Sarai junction, Chandauli Mjhwar, Bhabua road, Kudra, Sasaram, Dehri on Sone, Anugraha N Road, Rafiganj, and Guraru excluding source and destination stations. Having running frequency on daily basis, as per the sources, to get the seats in this express is not much of a concern but anyone could easily check out the same by sending a message to number 139. Along with this, as the express already has a pantry car service attached but people can also depend on availing hot and fresh e-catering services from reckoned e-caterers like Travel Khana at nominal prices and at any of the desired railway station within time. People can go through their large assortment of choices they have been proffering in vegetarian, non vegetarian and more and place an order as per the desire and wishes. Placing an order with them is extremely simple and could be done via different mediums and for payment; they can opt for cash on delivery choice. In addition, it is must to check out live running status of the express by keeping an access to Spot your train utility and know about its arrival time, departure time, exact location, time needed to travel, and above all the fact whether it is been running bang on time or not. So, be updated with the technology and enjoy a hassle free and enjoyable journey.

Mahabodhi Express New Delhi to Gaya


The Mahabodhi express trains run between New Delhi to Gaya in Bihar. It is one of the popular trains running between the 2 junctions. The train operates with 2 numbers 12397 and 12398. The train 12397 runs from Gaya to New Delhi while the train 12398 runs in the opposite direction from New Delhi to Gaya.


The Mahabodhi Express 12397 departs at 14.20 PM and arrives at 4.40 AM on day 2.

12398 Mahabodhi Express departs at 12.10 AM and arrives at 3.15 AM on day 2.


The Mahabodhi Express takes 15 hours and 5 minutes to finish its journey from New Delhi to Gaya and vice versa. The train covers a distance of 992 km between the 2 junctions at an average speed of 66 KM/hr. It is one of the fastest trains which connect Delhi to Gaya.

Coach and Seat Availability

In total, there are 22 coaches present to cater to the different requirements of the passengers. Going through the sleeper class seat map can help to identify the seating position and to enjoy the journey. Seat availability, either way, can be checked from the reputed online travel portals and ICICI.


There are in total 13 halts. The major stations where this Express train halts are Guraru, Rafiganj, Kudra, Mughal Sarai, Allahabad, Kanpur and Aligarh.

Service Offered

This train has been provided with a pantry car and thus offers its passengers with onboard catering facilities. The other options available for passengers are e-catering services. This express train is well known for its punctuality and well known for its safety and cleanliness aspects.


This train is highly popular among passengers of all types, who may visit either ways for various reasons. Gaya is a popular pilgrimage place among tourist as it is here that Lord Buddha had preached the Buddhist religion. The train also covers some of the important historical cities in this route like Allahabad, Kanpur and Aligarh.

Highlights of Mahabodhi Express –The Mahabodhi Express runs between two important stations known as Gaya and New Delhi. The train is popularly recognised for the trip to famous pilgrimage place for Buddhists, Bodhgaya in Gaya District of Bihar State. It runs through three different states with train number 12398, which starts from New Delhi and reaches the destination of Bodhgaya. The train passes through three different states during its fifteen hours and forty minutes journey. It passes through New Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This superfast train is available for all the weekdays. In total, it covers the journey of 990 kms.

This express train has latest LHB coaches for a better travelling experience for the passengers. This train stops at various 19 stoppages during the journey. It starts from New Delhi railway station at 14.10 and reaches the final destination of Gaya at 06.10. The same train also runs as a down train which starts from Gaya at 14.30 and reaches New Delhi at 05.00. This train is much popular among Buddhists as it leads to their prime pilgrimage place. This train also covers historical cities such as Aligarh, Kanpur and Allahabad. Hence, there are many tourists also found on this train frequently.

The facilities on this train are excellent and still more services are being added. The pantry car running with the train provides hygienic and delicious food and pure drinking water to passengers. The journey is such that it can be a memorable experience for anyone to be on this train. The Mahabodhi Express is specially dedicated in the name of Mahabodhi, which is a Buddhist word. The followers of this religion across the globe come here through this train. Hence, the train is beneficial to society and government considering different features associated with it. This train is also known for its punctuality.

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 14h 15m
Halts: 13
Distance: 992km
Avg Speed: 70 km/hr
Cleanliness: Good
Punctuality: Execellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Poor
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

12398/Mahabodhi Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

New Delhi(NDLS) origin 12:10 origin 0
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 13:51 13:53 2 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 17:30 17:40 10 0
Allahabad Junction(ALD) 20:15 20:20 5 0
Vindhyachal(BDL) 21:23 21:25 2 0
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 23:25 23:40 15 0
Chandauli Majhwar(CDMR) 23:55 23:56 1 0
Bhabua Road(BBU) 00:22 00:23 1 1
Kudra(KTQ) 00:40 00:41 1 1
Sasaram Junction(SSM) 01:01 01:02 1 1
Dehri On Sone(DOS) 01:17 01:19 2 1
Anugraha Narayan Road(AUBR) 01:32 01:33 1 1
RafiGanj(RFJ) 01:57 01:58 1 1
Guraru(GRRU) 02:11 02:12 1 1
Gaya Junction(GAYA) 03:20 destination destination 1

12397/Mahabodhi Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Gaya Junction(GAYA) origin 14:15 origin 0
Guraru(GRRU) 14:33 14:35 2 0
RafiGanj(RFJ) 14:47 14:49 2 0
Anugraha Narayan Road(AUBR) 15:10 15:12 2 0
Dehri On Sone(DOS) 15:26 15:28 2 0
Sasaram Junction(SSM) 15:42 15:44 2 0
Kudra(KTQ) 16:03 16:05 2 0
Bhabua Road(BBU) 16:21 16:23 2 0
Chandauli Majhwar(CDMR) 16:47 16:49 2 0
Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction(DDU) 17:30 17:40 10 0
Vindhyachal(BDL) 18:42 18:44 2 0
Allahabad Junction(ALD) 19:50 20:00 10 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 22:15 22:20 5 0
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 01:32 01:34 2 1
New Delhi(NDLS) 04:30 destination destination 1

12397/98 Mahabodhi Express coach position seat map layout and fare:

Finding updates related to coach position seat map layout and fare in the superfast running train that is Mahabodhi express? The train runs in between New Delhi and Gaya in India and that too on daily basis. It operates with train numbers 12397 and 12398 from both sides. People prefer in large numbers to board this train and that utterly makes it necessary to do check out the time table, seat availability in the train and get tickets at its earliest ensuring to have a safe and secure travel. As far as coaches are been concerned, it is backed with 22 coaches in total. The coaches cover 5 general unreserved ones, 12 sleeper class coaches, 2 AC coaches and a pantry car attached. In whichever coach user has been travelling, make sure to look at the respective coach seating map layout and know about further details including the seating arrangement, berths in the compartment, entrance and exit points to coach and so. With the seat number and coach that must be printed over your rail ticket, users can actually know and figure out the location where they are going to be seated while being on the train. The fare of an adult that will be charged in general quota will be 1,860 for 2A, 1,300 for 3A, 490 for SL and 265 for GN. Under tatkal quota, the fare will be changed to 2,385 for 2A, 1,660 for 3A and 620 for SL class of travel.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tier AC Coach(2A): Looking online to get information related to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in Mahabodhi express? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same here for sure. Do you have any plans to travel in between New Delhi and Gaya across the country or in between them somewhere? Did you get the tickets to buy in 2A coach? Are you planning to travel in second tier AC coach in this train? The best way to know more about second tier AC coach is to look at the seat map of the same as devised by Indian Railways. As per the same, the berths available in 2A coach are lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. Each different berth category is marked with different colour and there remains better clarity among the users. In total, 46 berths are there to seat and to sleep in the train. There are in total 22 coaches available in Mahabodhi express and rake with numbers 2 and 3 belongs to second tier AC coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within. Do feel free to try out e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana as desired and required. Do know about the seat position in the train with the help of seat number and have a safe and hassle free journey.2a-a Third Tier AC coach(3A): The long-distance trains running in India and that are managed by Indian railways typically have one kind of compartment called as AC three tier except the unreserved general seating, sleeper class, AC 2 tier, and first class compartments. The primary fact to know about third tier AC coach (3A) of 12398/97 Mahabodhi Express is that these coaches are totally air-conditioned with sixty three berths. It is far better and more well-off than the sleeper class compartments but slightly worse than the AC two tier coach. The arrangement of berths in these compartments is more or less just like the two-tier AC coach (2A). The basic differences between 3A and 2A are as follows:

  • Unlike AC two tier in which two tiers on both sides across the width are arranged, AC three tier has three tiers on both sides across the width.
  • AC three tier coaches do not have any reading light for the passengers.

However, several facilities are provided for the passengers of this compartment, like they get bed sheets, pillows, and blankets throughout the journey. Usually no complimentary meals are provided in AC three tier coach. However, in trains like Duronto Express, complimentary food is provided for the passengers. The ticket value of this coach is less than AC two tier but it is higher than that of the sleeper class. Based on the age of the traveller, four sorts of tickets are available for this class, which are:

  • Regular tickets
  • Child tickets
  • Senior citizen (female) tickets
  • Senior citizen (male) tickets

3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL): Looking online to get some updates related to Sleeper Class coach (SL) Position in Mahabodhi express? If yes, here you will come to know of the same for sure. The train runs in between New Delhi and Gaya in India on daily basis. As of now, it operates from train numbers 12397 and 12398 from both ends. To get an understanding of the sleeper class coach or figure out the coach position, it is better and advisable to go through the seat map of the same as been designed by the Indian Railways. The seat map gives clarity and complete understanding of the coach in detail and each different berth is been schemed with different colour so that it gives clearer picture of the coach. The sleeper class coach has upper berth, Middle berth, lower berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 72 berths are available to seat and to sleep. The train has 22 coaches as of now, and rake with numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 belongs to sleeper class coaches. There is even a pantry car attached in the train and do feel absolutely free to try out hot and fresh e-catering food meal services in the train without any problem. So, travel in the train without any problem, know the coach position with the help of seat number and enjoy a safe travel.

slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(UR):-

Thinking of travelling in the superfast running MAHABODHI EXPRESS in the unreserved Second Class Compartment (UR) coach that runs on daily basis in between New Delhi and Gaya junction across the country? It operates from both sides with train numbers 12397 and 12398. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 992 kms. It operates with an average operating speed of 65 km/hour and takes approximate 15 hours and 10 minutes to cover the distance. It stops by at about 14 halts within the travel. Amongst the coach’s availability, the total coaches available as of now in the train are 22 and it has AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper and general unreserved class of coaches. There is even a pantry car attached within train and if feel like, do order e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana. Among the coaches, rake with numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 belongs to unreserved second class compartment coaches and to do travel in them, get to the station on time and buy the tickets from counter. Do get the tickets on time and travel without any problem. Have a safe and happy travel!
End on Generator(EOG)

Overview of Delhi Railway Station – DLI

Oldest junction of the capital city is – Old Delhi railway station. In 1864 the junction was built when railway from Calcutta start running to Delhi, the junction is located nearby Chandani chowk. Very beautifully constructed, colored with brick red and the entry gate has been shaped like fort. The junction always have rush of people so government has arranged a large number of security facility here.In between New Delhi railway station was built, around 60 years ago.

About the Delhi Railway Station (DLI) –

The city’s prominence lies in its past magnificence as the seat of kingdoms and great landmarks; additionally it is also famous for its rich and different cultures. No big surprise story tellers of Delhi society and cultures – from Chand Bardai and Amir Khusro to present day’s authors – have ever been at a scarcity for subjects. In Delhi, you will find that the city is scattered with amazing charms: charming old landmarks or monuments, interesting historical centers and art museum, wonderful architectural work, remarkable eating places and amazing active markets.

Delhi has been centering spot for all political activities mostly all the political acts are performed here by politician. This was factual even in the mythical period, in Mahabharata the Pandava’s had their capital in the region that geographically positioned in Delhi i.e. Indraprastha. Delhi is located on the banks of Yamuna River.

What to Eat at Delhi Railway Station?

When you are at Chandni chowk means where the station is located then you don’t need to think what to eat because you are in root of food hub of Delhi. The famous “Chandni chowk ke Paranthe” with delectable “Lassi” followed by Kulfi Faluda, Jaleebies, Aloo Chaat, Rabdi Faluda, Butter Chicken are special in this area and must eating stuffs in Delhi.Finger licking flavors and delicacies can be tasted in the foods and snacks of Chandni Chowk.

Where to Visit Nearby Delhi Railway Station?

If you have some spare time then don’t miss the buzzing markets like Chor Bazaar, ChhattaChowk, Daryaganj Book Market and NaiSarak. Along with this if you want to take a religious tour then you can visit Sri Digambar Jain LalMandir, Jama Masjid, Gurujwara Shish Ganj, Sunerhri Masjid and Gauri Shankar Temple.

Facilities at Old Delhi Railway Station –

Transports are also easily available here like you can get Delhi Metro right nearby station other than this all other way of transportation available here. Other than basic facilities like toilets, bathrooms, food stalls, magazine centers lots of other facilities are also available at Old Delhi junction like cloak room facility, waiting rooms, left luggage facility and many more. Not only this but also a large number of food outlets available nearby station like TravelKhana and many more from where you can order your foods and enjoy your journey. Delhi is a tourism loving spot so government has arranged a lot of beneficial services for guest and local travelers as well, if you have any problem you can easily contact to security person.

Trains Passing through Delhi Railway Station (DLI) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
2265 Sealdah – Old Delhi Premium Special 13:45 destination
2266 Old Delhi – Sealdah Premium Special origin 17:00
3686 DLI GAYA SF SPL origin 19:10
4002 NDLS PNBE SPL origin 23:00
4021 PNBE DLI SPL 10:40 destination
4022 DLIPNBE SPL origin 13:20
4025 PNBE DEE SPL 10:15 10:30
4026 DEE DBG SPL 12:55 13:20
4031 Old Delhi – Ambala Cantt Special origin 06:10
4032 Ambala Cantt. – Old Delhi Special 21:00 destination
4132 JAT-ALD 23:35 23:55
4202 DLI BSB SPL origin 14:00
4204 NDLS LKO SPL origin 14:00
4409 DBG-DLI PREMIUM SPL 08:50 destination
4410 DLI-DBG PREMIUMSPL origin 11:15
4931 BSB-DLI HOLIDAY SPECIAL 09:45 destination
4932 DLI-BSB HOLIDAY SPECIAL origin 13:20
5623 BGKT – KYQ PUJA SPL 04:30 05:00
5624 KYQ BGKT SPECIA 10:20 10:40
9640 AII HW SPECIAL(AII-HW) 03:25 03:40
12225 Kaifiyat SF Express 07:05 destination
12226 Kaifiyat SF Express origin 19:15
12311 Kalka Mail 20:45 21:25
12312 Kalka Mail 06:30 07:00
12329 West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express 12:05 destination
12330 West Bengal Sampark Kranti Express origin 19:05
12371 HWH JSM EXPRESS(HWH-JSM) 10:20 10:40
12372 JSM HWH SF EXPRESS(JSM-HWH) 14:45 15:05
12379 Jallianwalabagh Express 12:05 12:25
12380 Jallianwalabagh Express 18:20 19:05
12413 Pooja SF Express 21:55 22:25
12414 Pooja SF Express 03:55 04:25
12461 Mandore Express origin 21:15
12462 Mandore Express 06:45 destination
12481 Delhi Sriganganagar InterCity Express origin 13:10
12482 Sriganganagar Delhi InterCity Express 13:35 destination
12915 Ashram SF Express 10:10 destination
12916 Ashram SF Express origin 15:20
13039 Howrah-Delhi Janta Express (UnReserved) 11:45 destination
13040 Delhi-Howrah Janta Express (UnReserved) origin 15:35
13111 Lal Quila Express(KOAA-DLI) 03:10 destination
13112 Lal Quila Express(DLI-KOAA) origin 20:50
13119 SDAH-DLI BI-WKLY EXP 11:55 destination
13120 DLI SDAH EXP origin 17:55
13413 Farakka Express (via Sultanpur) 04:40 destination
13414 Farakka Express (via Sultanpur) origin 21:45
13483 Farakka Express (via Faizabad) 04:40 destination
13484 Farakka Express (via Faizabad) origin 21:45
14001 Samjhauta Express origin 23:05
14002 Samjhauta Express 03:20 destination
14007 Sadbhavna Express 04:50 destination
14008 Sadbhavana Express origin 16:15
14011 DLI-HSX EXPRESS TRAIN origin 21:00
14013 Sadbhavana Express 04:50 destination
14014 Sadbhavana Express origin 16:15
14015 Sadbhavna Express 04:50 destination
14016 Sadbhavana Express origin 16:15
14017 Sadbhavna Express 04:50 destination
14018 Sadbhavana Express origin 16:15
14033 Jammu Mail origin 20:10
14034 Jammu Mail 05:45 destination
14035 Dhauladhar Express origin 22:45
14036 Dhauladhar Express 10:45 destination
14037 Delhi-Pathankot Express origin 08:00
14038 Pathankot Delhi Express 17:25 destination
14041 Mussoorie Express 21:50 22:15
14042 Mussoorie Express 07:40 08:00
14043 Garhwal Express 22:15 destination
14044 Garhwal Express origin 07:20
14055 Brahmaputra Mail 06:05 destination
14056 Brahmaputra Mail origin 23:40
14083 Sikkim Mahananda Express(APDJ-DLI) 18:10 destination
14084 Sikkim Mahananda Express(DLI-APDJ) origin 06:40
14205 Faizabad Delhi Express(FD-DLI) 09:40 destination
14206 Delhi-Faizabad Express origin 18:35
14207 Pratapgarh-Old Delhi Padmavat Express(PBH-DLI) 06:50 destination
14208 Padmavat Express origin 19:50
14217 Unchahar Express 04:10 04:25
14218 Unchahar Express 21:10 21:30
14311 Ala Hazrat Express (via Ahmedabad) 11:25 11:40
14312 Ala Hazrat Express (via Ahmedabad) 14:35 14:55
14321 Ala Hazrat Express (via Bhildi) 11:25 11:40
14322 Ala Hazrat Express (via Bhildi) 14:35 14:55
14519 Kisan Express origin 14:55
14520 Kisan Express 14:15 destination
14545 DLI SRE EXP 15:05 17:05
14546 Saharanpur Farukhnagar Express(SRE-FN) 10:25 10:50
14553 Himachal Express origin 22:55
14554 Himachal Express 05:30 destination
14555 Bareilly-Delhi Express(BE-DLI) 21:45 destination
14556 Delhi – Bareilly (Himachal) Express origin 06:00
14645 Shalimar Express origin 15:50
14646 Shalimar Express 10:55 destination
14649 Saryu Yamuna Express 12:30 13:50
14650 Saryu Yamuna Express 20:45 21:15
14659 Delhi-Jaisalmer Express(DLI-JSM) origin 17:35
14660 Jaisalmer Delhi Express(JSM-DLI) 11:10 destination
14662 Malani Express(BME-DLI) 11:10 destination
14673 Shaheed Express 12:30 13:50
14674 Shaheed Express 20:45 21:15
14723 Kalindi Express 05:30 05:55
14724 Kalindi Express 21:35 21:55
14731 Delhi -Fazilka InterCity Express origin 14:15
14732 Fazilka-Delhi Intercity Express 12:45 destination
15013 Ranikhet Express 21:10 22:30
15014 Ranikhet Express 03:55 04:40
15035 Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express origin 16:00
15036 Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express 15:20 destination
15273 Satyagraha Express 09:20 destination
15274 Satyagraha Express origin 17:15
15279 Poorbiya Express(SHC-ANDI) 12:10 14:25
15280 Poorabiya Express 16:30 16:55
15483 Sikkim Mahananda Express 22:40 destination
15484 Sikkim Mahananda Express origin 06:35
15609 Awadh Assam Express(GHY-LGH) 15:05 15:30
15610 AVADH ASSAM EXP(LGH-GHY) 07:15 07:45
15707 Amrapali Express 02:50 03:25
15708 Amrapali Express 15:05 15:20
15715 Kishanganj – Ajmer Garib Nawaz Express 13:10 13:35
15716 Ajmer – Kishanganj Garib Nawaz Express 20:00 20:40
15909 AVADH ASSAM EXPRESS 15:05 15:30
15910 AVADH ASSAM EXPRESS 07:15 07:45
18101 Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi MURI Express 21:35 22:00
18102 Jammu Tawi -Tatanagar MURI Express 04:30 04:50
18109 ROU MURI JAT EXPRESS(ROU-JAT) 21:35 22:00
18110 Jammu Tawi – Rourkela MURI Express 04:30 04:50
19031 Ahmedabad-Haridwar Mail 05:05 05:30
19032 HW ADI MAIL 22:00 22:30
19105 Ahmedabad-Haridwar Mail(ADI-HW) 05:05 05:30
19106 Haridwar-Ahmedabad Mail(HW-ADI) 21:50 22:20
19269 Porbandar – Muzaffarpur Express 20:00 20:40
19270 Muzaffarpur-Porbandar Express 12:40 12:55
19403 SULTANPUR EXP 23:45 00:40
19404 SLN ADI EXP 06:20 06:40
19407 Ahmedabad – Varanasi Weekly Express(ADI-BSB) 14:45 15:05
19408 Varanasi – Ahmedabad Weekly Express(BSB-ADI) 06:20 06:40
19601 Ajmer-NewJalpaiguri Weekly Express(AII-NJP) 14:45 15:05
19602 NewJalpaiguri-Ajmer Weekly Express(NJP-AII) 12:10 12:30
19609 AII HW EXP 03:25 03:40
19610 HW AII EXP 01:25 01:40
24033 Jammu Mail(JUC-HSX) origin 20:10
24034 Jammu Mail(HSX-JUC) 05:45 destination
24042 Mussoorie Express(KTW-NBD) 07:40 08:00
25014 Corbett Park Link Express(RMR-MB) 03:55 04:40
25036 Ramnagar Delhi Link Express(RMR-DLI) 15:20 destination
25715 Radhikapur Delhi Link Express(RDP-DLI) 13:10 destination
54075 Sitapur Delhi Passenger 03:40 destination
54076 Delhi Sitapur Passenger origin 23:50
54077 Bareilly Delhi Passenger 03:40 destination
54078 Delhi-Bareilly Passenger Slip origin 23:50
64001 Delhi Panipat EMU origin 19:25
64002 Panipat Delhi EMU 08:48 destination
64004 Sonipat – Sahibabad EMU 08:04 08:06
64051 Palwal – Ghaziabad EMU 01:03 01:05
64052 Ghaziabad Delhi Palwal EMU 12:20 12:22
64057 Palwal Ghaziabad EMU 12:35 12:37
64061 Palwal Delhi EMU 19:20 destination
64064 Old Delhi Palwal EMU origin 19:45
64101 Aligarh Delhi EMU 05:10 destination
64102 Delhi Aligarh EMU origin 18:15
64103 Aligarh Delhi EMU 09:10 destination
64104 Delhi Dankaur EMU origin 05:20
64106 Delhi Khurja EMU origin 17:25
64107 Dankaur Delhi EMU 16:35 destination
64108 Delhi Khurja EMU origin 20:20
64109 Dankaur Shakurbasti EMU 09:28 09:30
64111 Khurja Delhi Shakurbasti EMU 08:23 08:25
64112 Shakurbasti Dankaur EMU 12:00 12:02
64151 Aligarh Delhi EMU 17:00 destination
64152 Delhi Aligarh MEMU origin 09:00
64401 Ghaziabad Delhi EMU 11:00 destination
64402 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 07:10
64403 Ghaziabad Delhi EMU 18:05 destination
64404 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 09:40
64406 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 09:20
64407 Ghaziabad Delhi EMU 19:05 destination
64408 Delhi Jn.-Ghaziabad EMU origin 10:10
64409 Ghaziabad Delhi New Delhi EMU 23:20 23:25
64410 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 18:25
64411 Sahibabad – New Delhi EMU 10:00 destination
64412 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 20:30
64419 Nizamuddin Delhi Ghaziabad EMU 16:23 16:25
64420 Ghaziabad – Nizamuddin EMU 00:53 00:55
64434 Delhi Ghaziabad EMU origin 11:02
64437 Ghaziabad – Old Delhi EMU 07:08 destination
64439 Ghaziabad – Delhi EMU 09:18 destination
64441 Ghaziabad – Old Delhi EMU 18:23 destination
64443 Ghaziabad – Old Delhi EMU 20:00 destination
64451 Delhi Panipat EMU origin 16:40
64452 Kurukshetra Delhi MEMU 09:40 destination
64453 Delhi Panipat EMU origin 17:40
64454 Kurukshetra – Old Delhi MEMU 17:00 destination
64531 Delhi Panipat Passenger origin 05:45
64533 Delhi Panipat Passenger origin 13:00
64581 Hathras Killah-Delhi Passenger 10:00 destination
64582 Delhi-Hathras Killah Passenger origin 17:45
64583 Tundla Delhi Passenger 13:00 destination
64584 Delhi Tundla MEMU origin 12:55
64901 Kosikalan Delhi Ghaziabad EMU 11:07 11:09
64902 Ghaziabad Delhi Kosikalan EMU 15:40 15:42
64903 Mathura Ghaziabad EMU 09:33 09:35
64904 Ghaziabad Delhi Mathura EMU 16:45 16:47
64906 Ghaziabad Delhi Palwal EMU 17:50 17:52
74001 Old Delhi – Saharanpur DEMU origin 16:45
74002 Saharanpur – Old Delhi DEMU 08:50 destination
74011 Delhi Rohtak Passenger origin 20:20
74012 Rohtak Delhi Passenger 06:50 destination
74021 Old Delhi – Saharanpur DMU origin 07:30
74022 Shamli Delhi Passenger 09:00 destination
74023 Delhi-Shamli DEMU origin 18:55
74024 Saharanpur – Old Delhi Passenger 18:15 destination

Railway Stations in Delhi

Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world and carries more than 23 million passengers daily. Railways started out between two stations, Bombay and Thane in 1853. Today, there are over 8000 stations in India serving millions of passengers and dealing with freight of large quantities.

Delhi is the capital of India and also called as the National Capital Territory (NCT). It is the second in position among the most populous cities in the world, housing over 27 million residents as of 2014.

As part of its infrastructure, it has a good number of railway stations ranging from Old Delhi to the modern Metro Stations. In total, it has around 24 stations.

They are Anand Vihar (ANV), Badli (BHD), Delhi Safdarjang ( DSJ), Mangalpuri (MGLP), Nangloi (NNO), Palam (PM), Shivaji Bridge  (CSB), Tilak Bridge ( TKJ), Viveka Vihar (VVB),  Adarsh nagar (ANDI),  Okhla  (OKA), Bijwasan ( BWSN), Delhi Kishanganj (DKZ), Delhi Sarai Rohilla (DEE),  Delhi Shahdara (DSA), Narela ( NUR), Shakurbasti (SSB), Tuglakabad (TKD), Anand Vihar Terminus (ANVT), Delhi (DLI), Delhi Cantonment (DEC), Subzi Mandi (SZM), Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM), New Delhi (NDLS).

But the main stations of Delhi are as follows:

  • New Delhi Railway Station: With station code NDLS, this station is the most important of Delhi stations and is situated between Paharganj and Ajmeri Gate. This station is the third busiest and one among the largest in India. Its 16 platforms are a host to over 300 trains carrying 500,000 passengers daily. It holds the title for the biggest route interlocking system in the world (48) like the Kanpur railway station. Most East bound and South Bound trains originate from this station. Trains to other major cities also originate from this station. In 2007, a commission was given to Terry Farrell and Partners to expand and modernize the station in preparation for the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010.
  • Old Delhi Railway Station: Also called as Delhi Junction, this is the oldest station in Delhi. It was set up near Chandni Chowk in 1864 by the British. It is located next to civil lines and comes under Northern railways. It is connected to most major cities of India and has 10 platforms. It provides services like computerized booking, tourist information centres and the service of Interstate Bus Terminal (ISBT) located nearby. Begun with just 1000 passengers and 2 platforms, this station handles now more than 180,000 passengers and 200 trains on a daily basis. It was built of red stone to complement the Red Fort located nearby.
  • Anand Vihar Railway Terminal: Located near Anand Vihar in East Delhi, this modern station has many new features including its subways, a unique parcel-loading centre, and maintenance yard for 60 trains, food courts, Wi-Fi and special reservation counters. It is well-connected to Anand Vihar Metro and Anand Vihar ISBT. This station provides plenty of space for commuters to park their vehicles. It is modelled after the Vashi terminal of Mumbai. It has many facilities like cloakroom, parcel and luggage office, separate departure and arrival areas, toilets and parking areas.
  • Hazarat Nizamuddin: It is one of the major railway stations of Delhi. It is close to two of Delhi’s most important arteries: Mathura Road and Ring Road. It connects to most cities of India and was developed to ease the congestion of New Delhi station, which is located 5 km to the North. It connects to the Sarai Kale Khan Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT).
  • Delhi Sarai Rohilla: It is situated 4 km from Old Delhi railway junction. Managed by the Northern Railways, it caters to trains from regions like Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. More than 20 trains including Duronto trains originate from this station. Sarai means resting place for travellers. The village was named after Ruhullah Khan, a noble member of the Mughal court, but down the centuries, the name was corrupted to Rohilla after the Rohilla rulers who ruled this region under the Mughals. The Sarai Rohilla station was set up in 1872 during the laying of meter gauge railway line from Delhi to Jaipur and Ajmer and became a small station nearing Delhi. By 2006, all meter gauge of the station was converted to broad gauge.  It has five platforms and ticket reservation facility.

These are some of the major railways stations of Delhi, which are the pride of Indian Railways.