Overview of Railway Stations in Tirupati

Tirupati is a major pilgrim center in the world with millions thronging its Venkateswara Swamy temple. It is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh in the Eastern Ghats. The Venkateswara temple is on the Tirumala hills at the height of 853 meters, 20 km from Tirupati. A rich pilgrimage city, Tirupati is an educational and financial hub.

  • Tirupati Railway Station –

Tirupati is well-connected by the railway network to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Trivandrum and Hyderabad. Renigunta Junction on the busy Chennai-Mumbai railway line is 15 km away. Tirupati Main Railway Station has five platforms and Tirupati’s other railway station, Tirupati West, serves as the terminal point for trains starting from Tirupati. Other stations at Tirupati are CRS Railway Station, Tiruchanoor Halt, and Chandragiri.

Tirupati Main Railway Station has as many as 17 tracks. Tracks from No.1 to 6 except No.4 receive trains and allow passengers to alight on platforms. The No.4 track, which has no platform, is deployed for shunting the engines. One of the tracks No.7 to No.13 is used to ferry rakes for intermediate overhaul. The remaining tracks have trains and surplus coaches parked on them. Four tracks have pit lines to facilitate maintenance and clean-up under the carriages.

The recent surge in a number of trains connecting the temple city has led to congestion at the yard. There are 28 trains that originate/terminate at Tirupati.

South Indian Railway Company opened a meter gauge line in 1891 started from Villupuram through Katpadi to Pakala. The Katpadi-Gudur line, on which Tirupati is located, is a broad gauge route now.

Tirupati Station Modernization Plan –

A plan to develop Tirupati into a world class station was approved by the Railway Ministry in 2008-09. Escalators, lifts, shopping malls, food plazas, and entertainment and recreation centers were included in the plan. Platforms at different levels were conceived to use the ground space available better. Separate routes for arriving and departing passengers, centralized lighting, waiting rooms, retiring rooms, seating areas, and Internet kiosks were also envisaged. But the plan is hanging fire because of the paucity of funds. The people in the region have been demanding the carving out of a new railway division with the headquarters at Tirupati. They are seeking a new Tirupati- Shirdi train, but these have not been accepted so far.

  • Tirupati West Halt Railway Station –

Tirupati West Halt Railway Station (station code TPW) is in the Guntakal Junction railway division of the South Central Railway. It has ten trains running from it every day. Many trains originate, terminate or pass through this station. These include Tirupati Main-Katpadi Junction Passenger and Guntakal Junction-Tirupati Main passenger. The station serves 15000 passengers every day. Tirupati Airport is 16 km from Tirupati West Halt Railway Station.

  •  Chandragiri Railway Station –

Chandragiri Railway Station of the South Central Railway is Guntakal Junction division. Stations close to it are Tirupati West Halt and Tirupati. Many passenger trains stop here and the nearest airport is at Tirupati.

Restaurants near Tirupati Railway Station –

Tirupati has many good restaurants and hotels to enjoy the food and stay here at the best prices. Some of the popular restaurants are Hyderabad House, Maurya Restaurant, Idly Factory, Andhra Spice, Carrots,Vrinda Restaurant, Saptagiri Woodlands Restaurant Flavours, Hotel Dilli’s, Sri Kasi Annapurna Vasavi, Bajaj Woodlands, Manasa Fast Food, Trupati Multicuisine Restaurant, etc. It has only one 5 star hotel named Fortune Select Grand Ridge Hotel but has a number of 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, 1-star and budget hotels.

Food Delicacies of Tirupati –

Local Tirupati food has Tamil and Telugu cuisine influence. Rice is the main course and Chilli and spices are used freely. Tirupati has only vegetarian food as it does not allow non-vegetarian food. It also does not have bars and pubs. The traditional temple food, served on a banana leaf, includes curd rice, tamarind rice, vada and chakkara-pongal, miryala-pongali, appam, payasam, jaggery, murukku, dosa and seera. The Venkateswara temple offers laddus as prasadam. The temple authorities prepare 150,000 laddus daily. Other Tirupati sweets include sheermal, semia payasam, halwa, kaja and sweet rice. The spicy Andhra thali has rice, sambar, a curry dish, pickles, poriyaland kurma, papadum and a dosa. Popular Tirupati beverages include rich and creamy mango lassi, badam milk and masala paal.

Overview of Shimla Railway Station – SML

Indian Railways have developed to a great extent in last few years. Every year, Indian Railways introduces new trains to make the journey more comfortable and convenient. It not only provides a daily convenient way of transportation to people of India but is also the best way to explore India for tourists coming to India from other countries. Being one of the largest rail networks of the world, Indian Railways carries millions of people and thousands of tonnes of freight on a daily basis.Shimla, a hill station of north India, is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and is very popular amongst tourists and is one of the most visited tourist destinations all over India. One of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India, it provides a perfectly romantic environment for newlywed couples. The snow clad mountains and the picture perfect natural scenery of the place attract thousands of tourists every year. One of the best attractions in Shimla is the trip to Kalka on a toy train.

There are three railway stations in Shimla namely Shimla Main Station (SML), Summer Hills (SHZ) and Jutogh.

  • Shimla Station –

The Shimla main station comes under the direct control of Northern division of Indian Railways. The Shimla station has narrow gauge railway line, which has a width of 2 feet and 6 inches only, which connects Shimla with the main railway network of India. The biggest station with which Shimla is connected is the Kalka station in Panchkula of Haryana. The railway route of Kalka-Shimla is 96KM long. Tourists prefer to travel this route on slowly running toy train for a better panoramic view of the hills and valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

The narrow gauge rail network of Shimla station was built in 1898 after the construction of Delhi-Kalka broad gauge railway line was completed, to connect Shimla with the main Indian rail network as Shimla was the summer capital for British India. There are many trains that originate from Shimla and terminate at the Kalka station.

Various Trains that Originate at Shimla Station are;

  • 5247- Shimla Kalka NG Passenger
  • 72451- Shimla Kalka rail motor
  • 52451- Shivalik deluxe express
  • 52455- Himalayan Queen
  • 52453- Shimla Kalka NG Express

The facilities at Shimla railway station for passengers include a retiring hall, a ticket counter, a reservation centre, foot-over bridges, and ATM and enquiry booth. The Shimla railway station has a total of four platforms, which are connected with over-bridges.

When you visit Shimla railway station, you must try the delicious food served at the restaurants near the railway station. You can find restaurants serving Indian food, Chinese food, Tibetan food and many other cuisines.

Some of the Restaurants near the Shimla Railway Station are;

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Topaz Restaurant
  • China Town Restaurants
  • Yarrows
  • Restaurant Baithak
  • Cedar Garden
  • Mezbaan
  • Baljees Restaurant
  • Summer Hills Railway Station –

Summer Hills Railway Station lies on the Kalka-Shimla railway lie and is a major stoppage before reaching Shimla. All the trains coming from or going to Kalka pass this station. It is at a distance of five Km from Shimla main railway station just below the Himachal Pradesh University campus. It is so beautifully built that people visiting it call it a station out of a fairy tale.

Summer Hills station has two platforms, an enquiry booth and a well-managed ticket counter. The foot-over bridges are provided for passengers to travel between two platforms.

Some of the Restaurants that serve a variety of Delicious Food are;

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Bhagsu Indian and Chinese
  • Saroor Restaurant
  • Honey Dew
  • Alfa Restaurant
  • Jutogh Station –

Jutogh railway station is a small railway station in the town of Totu, which is situated at a distance of 7 Km from Shimla main city. It is also a major stoppage for the trains coming from Kalka and going to Shimla city. Jutogh station has two platforms connected with over-bridge for convenience of passengers.

If you would like to enjoy some food and beverages while visiting Jutogh Railway station then these are the best two cafes near railway station.

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Shankar Cafe GSSS Totu
  • City Cafe

These are the three railway stations serving the passengers visiting the beautiful city of Shimla.

Trains Passing through Shimla Railway Station (SML) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
Shivalik Deluxe Express
Shivalik Deluxe Express
Kalka Shimla NG Express
Shimla Kalka NG Express
Kalka Shimla NG Passenger
Shimla Kalka Passenger
Kalka Shimla Rail Motor
Shimla Kalka Rail Motor

Overview of Patna Railway Station – PNBE

Patna, situated on the banks of the Ganga, is Bihar’s capital and also its largest city. An ancient city founded as early as 490 BC by a Magadha king, Patna was known for long as Pataliputra. It was the capital of the Magadha Empire during the rules of the dynasties of Haryanka, Nanda, Maurya, Sunga, Gupta and Pala. It was a vibrant city of art, learning and intrigues. Its size can be imagined from the fact that its population was four lakh in the Mauryan era around 300 BC.

Patna being the capital of state Bihar is very popular city and it is also one of the most populated cities. It stands as second largest city of East India; in 2011 it was holding approx. 1,683,200 populations. Since a long time Patna is principal agriculture center of country, mainly specialized in Sugarcane, grain, Banana, rice and Sesame.

Earlier Patna was named as “Patliputra” that was a capital of Magadha, the name changed along with time. Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Nalanda and Gaya are Buddhist and Jain sacred spots, these places are located nearby Patna. In fact it is a sacred place for Sikhs also as the last Sikh Gurus was born here i.e. Guru Govind Singh.

About Patna Junction (PNBE) –The Patna Junction Railway Station is on a busy New Delhi-Kolkata main line. The railway network directly connects it with most major cities in the country. Patna is a major railway hub and has 10 platforms interconnected by three foot over-bridges.

A modernization plan was sanctioned for Patna Junction in 2006, but not much has been done yet. The Railways decided in 2012 to improve major railway stations, including Patna Junction, to world standards by developing restaurants, shopping areas and food plaza for commercial business and improving passenger amenities.

Patna Junction is the railway line serving the capital city of Patna in the Patna region capital of Bihar. The Patna Junction track is joined with a large numbers of main cities in India. It holds one of the busiest stations in India due to lying in between New Delhi and Kolkata.

The city is a real route center point and has six significant stations:

  • Patna Junction
  • Rajendranagar Terminal
  • Danapur Terminal
  • Patliputra
  • Patna Sahib

Patna is also linked with tourist spot Gaya and Rajgir for which daily express and daily travelling trains are being run by the authorities.

  • Ganga Bridge at Patna –

The work on the construction of a road-cum-rail bridge, Ganga Rail-Road Bridge, began in 2006. It will connect Digha, Patna to Pahleja Ghat, Sonepur. The work was to be completed in 2015 but is unlikely to be completed before 2017. The 4,556-meter, 1389 crore bridge will be the longest road-cum-rail bridge in the country and among the longest across the world.

Patna Junction (station code PNBE) has many daily trains going to Delhi and Kolkata. The major railway hub has six stations: Patna Junction, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Gulzarbagh station, Danapur Terminal, Patliputra Junction and Patna Sahib Station. Gaya, Jehanabad, Biharsharif, Rajgir, Islampur have daily express and passenger train services to Patna.

The railway operation began in Patna in 1862. It has two branch lines – the western zone branch connects Patna Junction with Digha Ghat and the eastern zone branch links Patna railway station with Patna Ghat. The Danapur division was established in 1925. The building constructed in 1929 now serves as the office of the divisional railway manager. Eastern Railway introduced the third class Janata Express in 1948 between Patna and Delhi and was extended to Howrah in 1949.

Patna Junction and Rajendra Nagar Terminal route relay interlocking system was commissioned in February 2012. The computerized control of change of tracks has improved safety.

Major Facilities at Patna Junction –

The major facilities available at Patna Junction Railway Station include retiring rooms, waiting rooms, computerized reservation, unreserved tickets counters, and parking for vehicles.   The junction also has vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms, tea stalls, post and telegraphic office, book stall, and government railway police office. The junction has a foreign tourist ticket counter.

A call centre was set up in 2005 to modernize the train inquiry system. Biharis can now dial 139 to inquire about the arrival and departure of trains, reservation status, fare, and concessions. Automatic ticket vending machines help to reduce the queues for train tickets. A departmental catering unit of the Danapur division functions from Patna Junction. Escalator services were introduced on platform number 10 of Patna Junction in 2014. The facility will be extended to platform number 1 soon.

The significant offices accessible are Waiting rooms separate for male and females, online Reservation Counter, enquiry counter, train information display board, parking facilities and so on. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian food stalls are also available for travelers, tea outlets, books stalls, railway police office, facility of online food service in train. Patna station is positioned nearby bus stoppage, transport facilities easily available for visiting any parts of Bihar and local airport terminal is also located at short distance.

  • Patna Metro –

The construction work on the Patna Metro began after it was cleared by the Planning Commission in 2011. Patna Metro Train Corporation will complete two routes in the first phase as a public-private partnership project by 2016. The first phase will have the Metro routes from Danapur to Mithapur Bypass Chowk, Patna Railway Station to proposed ISBT and Digha-High Court Link. The second phase will provide Metro services between Bypass Chowk Mithapur and Deedarganj via Transport Nagar.

  • Rajendra Nagar Terminal –

Rajendra Nagar Terminal (station code RJPB) was opened in 2003 to decongest Patna Junction. New Delhi Rajdhani Express, Indore-Patna Express, Indore-Rajendra Nagar via Faizabad, Shramjeevi Express, and Sampoorna Kranti Express are among the pairs of trains that originate and terminate here.

Rajendra Nagar Terminal has a canteen on platform number 1. Vegetarian food packs are available at a reasonable price. Snacks counter serve samosas, tea, coffee and other fares on platform numbers 1, 2 and 3. Coolie and trolleys are available. The station has a ramp making it disabled friendly.

Major trains like Sampoorna Kranti, Rajdhani and Indore- Patna express, Shramjeevi express and some more that terminates and initiate from Rajendra Nagar station. The station also holds canteen facility, snacks outlets, tea- coffee stalls, trolleys and coolies are also there for assistance.

Luscious Food in the Patna –

Road side food is appreciating a revival in the city. In spite of having great and excellent qualityof restaurants and fast food stalls, public here have amazing craziness for roadside foods specially fast foods. Without any doubt, it is one of the best and least expensive approaches to appreciate the cooking of a specific group and thus the culture along with traditions of that area.

The typical north Indian street food like aloo tikki chaat, panipuri, Baati Chokha (litti), Chinese cuisine, South Indian meal, PaoBhaji, BhelPuri and so on. These amazing taste of food cooked here is all the demandable and favoritenot only to the visitors but also to localities. Other than this Biryani, jaleebis, Gulab Jamun and Kebabs are also very popular in the area, most of all the uniqueness of the city is the “Pink Tea”, awesome taste prepared with dry fruits and milk.

Trains Passing through Patna Railway Station (PNBE)

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
1041 CSTM PATNA SPL 10:00 destination
1042 PNBE CSTM SPL origin 12:20
1711 JBP PATNA SPL 21:30 destination
2049 LTT-DBG PRUM SPL 11:00 11:10
2050 DBG-LTT SPL 16:15 16:25
2053 LTT-PNBE SF SPL 11:00 destination
2054 PNBE-LTT PREMIUM SPL origin 13:00
2354 PATNA PREMIUM S 09:45 destination
2365 PNBE-ANVT PREMIUM SPL origin 20:10
2366 ANVT-PNBE PREMIUM SPL 11:00 destination
2394 ANVT PNBE SPL 10:00 destination
2502 NDLS GHY SF SPL 15:00 15:10
2685 UBL-PNBE PRUM EXP SPL 03:00 destination
3209 PNBE ANVT SF SP origin 23:20
4003 ALD NDLS SPL origin 17:15
4004 PNBE AC SPL 15:15 destination
4021 PNBE DLI SPL origin 14:10
4022 DLIPNBE SPL 11:15 destination
4025 PNBE DEE SPL origin 13:00
4026 DEE DBG SPL 10:15 destination
4028 DLI GHY SP 15:00 15:10
4039 PNBE NDLS SPL origin 12:15
4040 NDLS PNBE AC SP 05:00 destination
4803 JU BDTS SPL 17:00 17:10
4803 JU BDTS SPL 17:00 17:10
5289 BJU MYS SPL 20:00 20:10
5290 Bangalore City – Darbhanga Examination Special 09:50 10:00
5513 JYG LTT SPL 1:05 1:15
5514 LTT DBG SPECIAL 18:50 19:00
5620 KYQ NDLS SPECIA 22:25 22:35
5624 KYQ BGKT SPECIA 13:20 13:30
6514 BANGALORE SPL origin 20:20
9011 BDTS PNBE SPL 16:00 destination
9012 PNBE BDTS SPL origin 06:45
9055 ST PNBE PREMIUM 10:40 destination
9056 PNBE-ST PREMIUM SF SPL origin 14:55
9305 INDB PATNA SPL 16:40 destination
9306 PNBE INDB SPL origin 00:10
9409 ADI PATNA SPL 09:50 destination
9410 PNBE ADI SPECIA origin 09:45
9411 ADI PATNA SPL 22:35 destination
9412 PNBE ADI SPL origin 00:10
11105 Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express(KOAA-JHS) 18:10 18:20
11106 Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express(JHS-KOAA) 10:40 10:50
12023 Howrah Patna Janshatabdi(HWH-PNBE) 22:15 destination
12024 Patna-Howrah Jan Shatabdi(PNBE-HWH) origin 05:45
12141 MumbaiCST-RajendraNagarPatna SF Express(CSTM-RJPB) 04:15 04:25
12142 RajendraNagarPatna-MumbaiCST SF Express(RJPB-CSTM) 11:00 11:10
12149 Pune-Patna SpecialF Express(PUNE-PNBE) 04:00 destination
12150 Patna-Pune SuperFast Express(PNBE-PUNE) origin 22:55
12295 SANGHAMITRA EXP 09:20 destination
12296 Sanghamitra Express(PNBE-SBC) origin 19:55
12303 Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS) 16:05 16:15
12304 Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH) 07:55 08:05
12305 Kolkata Rajdhani Express(HWH-NDLS) 21:15 21:25
12306 Kolkata Rajdhani Express(NDLS-HWH) 04:45 04:55
12309 Rajendra Nagar-NewDelhi Rajdhani Express(RJPB-NDLS) 19:15 19:25
12310 Rajendra Nagar-NewDelhi Rajdhani Express(NDLS-RJPB) 05:40 05:50
12315 Ananya Express(SDAH-UDZ) 21:50 22:00
12316 Ananya Express(UDZ-SDAH) 06:05 06:15
12317 Akal Takht Express(SDAH-ASR) 16:05 16:15
12318 Akal Takht Express(ASR-SDAH) 06:05 06:15
12325 Kolkata-Nangal Dam SF Express(KOAA-NLDM) 16:05 16:15
12326 Nangal Dam- Kolkata SF Express(NLDM-KOAA) 06:05 06:15
12327 Upasana Express(HWH-DDN) 21:00 21:10
12328 Upasana Express(DDN-HWH) 17:50 18:00
12331 Himgiri Express(HWH-JAT) 10:00 10:15
12332 Himgiri Express(JAT-HWH) 01:35 01:50
12333 Vibhuti Express(HWH-ALY) 04:25 04:35
12334 Vibhuti Express(ALY-HWH) 22:25 22:35
12335 Bhagalpur-MumbaiLTT Express(BGP-LTT) 13:50 14:00
12336 Mumbai LTT-Bhagalpur Express(LTTT-BGP) 12:50 13:00
12349 Bhagalpur-NewDelhi Weekly SF Express(BGP-NDLS) 22:25 22:35
12350 NewDelhi-Bhagalpur Weekly SF Express(NDLS-BGP) 15:00 15:10
12351 Howrah-Danapur SF Express(HWH-DNR) 06:05 06:20
12352 Danapur-Howrah SSF Express(DNR-HWH) 20:55 21:10
12355 Archana Express(RJPB-JAT) 07:20 07:30
12356 Archana Express(JAT-RJPB) 22:35 22:45
12359 Kolkata Chitpur Patna Garib Rath Express(KOAA-PNBE) 05:30 destination
12360 Patna-Kolkata Kolkata Chitpur Garib Rath Express(PNBE-KOAA) origin 20:10
12361 Asansol Mumbai Express(ASN-CSTM) 01:05 01:15
12362 Mumbai Asansol Express(CSTM-ASN) 16:00 16:10
12365 Patna Ranchi Jan Shatabdi Express(PNBE-RNC) origin 06:00
12366 Ranchi Patna Jan Shatabdi Express(RNC-PNBE) 22:15 destination
12367 Vikramshila Express(BGP-ANVT) 16:55 17:05
12368 Vikramshila Express(ANVT-BGP) 06:45 06:55
12369 Kumbh Express(HWH-HW) 21:00 21:10
12370 Kumbh Express(HW-HWH) 17:50 18:00
12387 Patna Delhi Jan Sadharan Express(RJPB-ANVT) 16:35 16:45
12388 Delhi Patna Jan Sadharan Express(ANVT-RJPB) 07:35 07:45
12391 Shramjeevi Express(RJD-NDLS) 10:35 10:50
12392 Shramjeevi Express(NDLS-RJD) 07:20 07:30
12393 Sampoorna Kranti Express(RJPB-NDLS) 17:50 18:00
12394 Sampoorna Kranti Express(NDLS-RJPB) 06:55 07:05
12395 RajendraNagar-Ajmer Ibadat Express(RJPB-AII) 19:05 19:15
12396 Ajmer-RajendraNagar Ziyarat Express(AII-RJPB) 22:35 22:45
12401 Magadh Express(IPR-NDLS) 17:45 18:10
12402 Magadh Express(NDLS-IPR) 11:30 12:00
12423 Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express(DBRT-NDLS) 21:40 21:50
12424 NewDelhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express(NDLS-DBRT) 02:00 02:10
12487 Seemanchal Express(JBN-ANVT) 05:10 05:20
12488 Seemanchal Express(ANVT-JBN) 23:25 23:35
12505 North East Express(GHY-ANVT) 02:40 03:05
12506 North East Express(ANVT-GHY) 21:55 21:58
12519 LTT KYQ AC EXP 11:40 11:50
12520 KYQ LTT AC EXP 13:20 13:30
12545 Karmabhumi Express(DBG-LTT) 01:05 01:15
12546 Karmabhoomi Express(LTT-DBG) 16:00 16:10
12567 Saharsa Patna Rajya Rani SF Express(SHC-PNBE) 11:00 destination
12568 Patna-Saharsa Rajya Rani SF Express(PNBE-SHC) origin 12:45
12569 Jaynagar-Delhi AnandViharT Garib Rath(JYG-ANVT) 19:05 19:15
12570 Delhi AnandViharT-Jaynagar Garib Rath(ANVT-JYG) 05:55 06:05
12577 Bagmati SF weekly Express(DBG-SBC) 20:00 20:10
12578 Bagmati Weekly SF Express(SBC-DBG) 09:50 10:00
12741 Vasco Patna Express(VSG-PNBE) 12:10 destination
12742 Patna Vasco Express(PNBE-VSG) origin 14:00
12791 Secunderabad-Patna SF EXpress(SC-PNBE) 19:10 destination
12792 Patna Secunderabad SF Express(PNBE-SC) origin 12:05
12947 Azimabad Express(ADI-PNBE) 04:30 destination
12948 Azimabad Express(PNBE-ADI) origin 23:30
13005 Howrah-Amritsar Mail(HWH-ASR) 04:10 04:20
13006 Amritsar Howrah Mail(ASR-HWH) 21:40 21:55
13007 Udyan Abha Toofan Express(HWH-SGNR) 20:50 21:00
13008 Udyan Abha Toofan Express(SGNR-HWH) 06:25 06:35
13040 Janata Express(DLI-HWH) 17:10 17:20
13049 Howrah-Amritsar Express(HWH-ASR) 02:00 02:15
13050 Amritsar Howrah Express(ASR-HWH) 02:15 02:30
13111 Lal Quila Express(KOAA-DLI) 06:50 07:00
13112 Lal Quila Express(DLI-KOAA) 19:25 19:35
13132 ANVT KOAA EXP 17:20 17:30
13133 Sealdah Varanasi Express(SDAH-BSB) 14:20 14:30
13134 Sealdah Express(BSB-SDAH) 15:45 15:55
13201 Patna RajendraNagar-Mumbai LTT Express(RJPB-LTT) 23:45 23:55
13202 Mumbai LTT-Patna RajendraNagar Express(LTT-RJPB) 09:30 09:40
13225 Jaynagar-Danapur Intercity(JYG-DNR) 19:35 19:45
13226 Danapur-Jaynagar Intercity(DNR-JYG) 07:05 07:15
13233 Rajgriha Express(RGD-DNR) 17:32 17:42
13234 Rajgriha Express(DNR-RGD) 09:05 09:15
13235 Sahibganj-Danapur Intercity(SBG-DNR) 23:10 23:20
13236 Danapur-Sahibganj Intercity(DNR-SBG) 05:20 05:30
13237 Patna Mathura Express(PNBE-MTJ) origin 11:50
13238 Mathura Patna Express(MTJ-PNBE) 17:20 destination
13239 Patna Mathura Express(PNBE-MTJ) origin 11:50
13240 Mathura Patna Express(MTJ-PNBE) 17:20 destination
13244 Dehri On Sone Patna InterCity Express(DOS-PNBE) 10:00 destination
13245 Capital Express(NJP-DNR) 04:00 04:10
13246 Capital Express(DNR-NJP) 22:45 22:55
13247 Capital Express(KYQ-DNR) 04:00 04:10
13248 Capital Express(DNR-KYQ) 22:45 22:55
13287 South Bihar Express(DURG-DNR) 07:10 07:20
13288 South Bihar Express(DNR-DURG) 20:10 20:20
13329 Ganga Damodar Express(DHN-PNBE) 05:15 destination
13330 Ganga Damodar Express(PNBE-DHN) origin 23:30
13331 Dhanbad Patna Express(DHN-PNBE) 17:10 destination
13332 Patna Dhanbad Express(PNBE-DHN) origin 08:40
13347 Palamou Express(BRKA-PNBE) 05:40 destination
13348 Palamou Express(PNBE-BRKA) origin 21:15
13401 InterCity Express(BGP-DNR) 11:15 11:25
13402 InterCity Express(DNR-BGP) 16:30 16:40
13413 Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI) 05:20 05:30
13414 Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT) 20:42 20:52
13415 Malda Patna Express(MLDT-PNBE) 05:30 destination
13416 Patna-Malda Express(PNBE-MLDT) origin 21:45
13423 BGP AII EXPRESS(BGP-AII) 18:10 18:20
13424 Ajmer-Bhagalpur Weekly Express(AII-BGP) 11:40 11:50
13483 Malda Town-Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI) 05:20 05:30
13484 Delhi-Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT) 20:42 20:52
14003 Farakka Delhi Express(NFK-NDLS) 18:10 18:20
14004 NewDelhi-New Farakka Express(NDLS-NFK) 13:15 13:25
14055 Dibrugarh-Delhi Brahmaputra Mail(DBRG-DLI) 13:05 13:15
14056 Brahmaputra Mail(DLI-DBRG) 14:45 14:55
14083 Sikkim Mahananda Express(APDJ-DLI) 23:20 23:45
14084 Sikkim Mahananda Express(DLI-APDJ) 00:35 01:00
15109 Budhpurnima Express(RGD-BSB) 02:10 02:20
15110 Budhpurnima Express(BSB-RGD) 02:55 03:05
15281 Kosi Express(SHC-PNBE) 10:25 destination
15282 Kosi Express(PNBE-SHC) origin 16:55
15483 MAHANANDA EXP 23:20 23:45
15484 MAHANANDA EXP 00:35 01:00
15631 Barmer-Guwahati Express(BME-GHY) 04:30 04:45
15632 Guwahati Barmer Express(GHY-BME) 04:40 04:50
15635 Okha Guwahati Dwarka Express(OKHA-GHY) 10:40 10:50
15636 Guwahati Okha Dwaraka Express(GHY-OKHA) 04:40 04:50
15645 Mumbai LTT-Guwahati Express(LTT-GHY) 12:50 13:00
15646 Guwahati – Lokmanya Tilak T Express(GHY-LTT) 13:20 13:30
15647 MumbaiLTT-Guwahati Express(LTT-GHY) 12:50 13:00
15648 Guwahati-Mumbai LTT Express(GHY-LTT) 13:50 14:00
15667 Kamakhya Express(GIMB-KYQ) 10:40 10:50
15668 Kamakhya Gandhidham Express(KYQ-GIMB) 04:40 04:50
15713 InterCity Express(KIR-PNBE) 12:40 destination
15714 InterCity Express(PNBE-KIR) origin 14:15
16309 Patna Express(ERS-PNBE) 20:15 destination
16310 Patna-Ernakulam Express(PNBE-ERS) origin 14:00
16359 Ernakulam-Patna Weekly(ERS-PNBE) 09:50 destination
16360 Patna-Ernakulam Weekly(PNBE-ERS) origin 16:30
17609 Patna – Purna Express(PNBE-PAU) origin 23:10
17610 Purna – Patna Express(PAU-PNBE) 03:30 destination
18183 Tata-Danapur Super Express(TATA-DNR) 18:55 19:05
18184 Danapur-Tatanagar Express(DNR-TATA) 06:15 06:25
18449 Baidyanathdham Express(PURI-PNBE) 10:00 destination
18450 Baidyanathdham Express(PNBE-PURI) origin 08:55
18621 Patliputra Express(PNBE-HTE) origin 15:25
18622 Patliputra Express(HTE-PNBE) 12:25 destination
18623 Patna Rajendra Nagar-Hatia Express(RJPB-HTE) 21:35 21:45
18624 Hatia-Rajendranagar Express(HTE-RJPB) 06:30 06:40
18625 Patna Hatia Express(PNBE-HTE) origin 11:40
18626 Hatia Patna Express(HTE-PNBE) 15:40 destination
18698 KOSHI EXP Source 16:55
19047 Bhagalpur Express(ST-BGP) 13:15 13:30
19048 Bhagalpur Surat Express(BGP-ST) 14:05 14:20
19049 Mumbai BDTS-Patna Express(BDTS-PNBE) 03:30 destination
19050 Patna-Mumbai BDTS Express(PNBE-BDTS) origin 23:10
19313 Rajendranagar Express(INDB-PNBE) 16:40 destination
19314 Indore Express(RJPB-INDB) 11:25 11:35
19321 Indore-Rajendranagar Express(INDB-RJPB) 16:40 16:50
19322 Patna-Indore Express(RJPB-INDB) 11:25 11:35
22213 DURONTO EXPRESS(SHM-PNBE) 06:40 destination
22214 DURONTO EXPRESS(PNBE-SHM) origin 20:40
22405 Bhagalpur-AnandViharT Garib Rath(BGP-ANVT) 19:05 19:15
22406 AnandViharT-Bhagalpur Garib Rath(ANVT-BGP) 05:55 06:05
22843 Bilaspur-Patna Weekly SF Express(BSP-PNBE) 13:50 destination
22844 Patna – Bilaspur SF Express(PNBE-BSP) origin 23:55
23111 Danapur Express(GRD-DNR) 06:50 07:00
23225 InterCity Link Express(SHC-DNR) 19:35 19:45
23226 InterCity Link Express(DNR-SHC) 07:05 07:15
23347 Singrauli-GarhwaRoad PalamuLink Express(SGRL-PNBE) 05:40 destination
23348 Palamau Express(PNBE-SGRL) origin 19:30
25631 Bikaner Guwahati Expess(BKN-MTD) 04:30 04:45
28624 Barkakana Rajendranagar Slip Express(BRKA-RJPB) 06:30 06:40
53232 Danapur-Tilaiya Passenger(DNR-TIA) 08:15 08:20
83112 Danapur Giridih Express(DNR-GRD) 19:25 19:35

Overview of Jodhpur Railway Station (JU)

Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s second million-plus population city. Earlier the capital of the princely kingdom of Marwar, Jodhpur is now a top tourist center with its forts, palaces and the backdrop of the Thar Desert. Called Blue City because of the blue houses in the vicinity of Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is also the Sun City because of its year-round sunny weather.

Jodhpur Railway Station is North Western Railway’s divisional headquarters. It is connected with many cities in the country by train routes such as Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Alwar, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, Kota, Pune, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Bareilly, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, Dhanbad, Nagpur, Lucknow, Guwahati and Gwalior. Jodhpur is among the top hundred booking stations of the Department of Railways.

The first train from Jodhpur Railway Station left for Luni as far back 1885. The New Jodhpur Railway merged with Bikaner Railway to form Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway in 1889. The rail projects were financed by the princely houses of Jodhpur and Bikaner. The construction of the Jodhpur-Bikaner railway line was completed in 1891. It was connected with Hyderabad, Sindh in 1900. Jodhpur- Bikaner Railway was merged with Western Railway in 1951. North Western Railway zone was carved out in 2002 from Western Railway and Northern Railway.

The Jodhpur Railway Station has five platforms and six tracks. It has a parking facility. The station is now being used every day by around 156000 passengers. The main Jodhpur station (station code JU) is getting congested. So the nearby suburban station, Bhagat ki Kothi (station code BGKT), is being developed now to release the pressure on Jodhpur station. Bhagat ki Kothi will serve as the second main station for passenger trains.

There are eight suburban railway stations in Jodhpur. They are Raikabagh Palace Junction(2 km from Jodhpur), Bhagat Ki Kothi (3 km), Mahamandir (5 km), Basani (6 km), Jodhpur Cantonment (8 km), Mandor (10 km), Banar (14 km) and Salawas (16 km).

Facilities at Jodhpur Station –

The Jodhpur Railway Station has the wheelchair facility for disabled passengers. It can be asked for by making a phone call and can also be booked through the website. It would be confirmed through an SMS. Retiring room facility can b availed on payment of prescribed charges for bonafide passengers at Jodhpur. The station has retiring rooms, AC rooms, and a dormitory. The station also has computerized reservation, computerized unreserved ticket counters, waiting rooms, tourist information centre, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms, book stall, tea stalls, STD and PCO booths, and the Government Railway Police office.

The main trains originating from Jodhpur Railway Station include Jodhpur-Indore Ranthambore Express, Jodhpur-Delhi Mandore Express, Jodhpur-Mumbai Suryanagri Express, Jodhpur-Lucknow Marudhar Express, and Jodhpur-Howrah Howrah Superfast. As many as 106 trains operate from the two stations at present.

Luxury trains ‘Palace on Wheels’ and ‘Royal Rajasthan on Wheels’ bring the real experience of the magnificence and royal opulence of Rajasthan to the passengers. Jodhpur is one of the major destinations of both of the trains. These trains are run jointly by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and the Railways.

Bhagat Ki Kothi –

Bhagat Ki Kothi Railway Station has a large diesel loco shed for all types of the WDP 4 locos. These are used to power trains like Mandore express, Marudhar express, Ashram Express, Jaipur Duronto and Howrah Jodhpur Express. Some of the important trains that run from Bhagat Ki Kothi are Thar Link Express, Bangalore Express, Ranikhet Express, Bandra Express and Mannargudi Express.

Restaurants near Jodhpur Railway Station –

Some of the restaurants near station are-

  • TravelKhana – 08800313131
  • Midtown Ac Veg Restaurant
  • Hotel Priya & Restaurant
  • Janta restaurant
  • Ram Bhojanalya

Food Delicacies of Jodhpur –

Though Jodhpur has many of its own culinary specialties, it also serves foods of every cuisine from Indian to Mughlai to Chinese to Continental. But the famous Kachori is Jodhpur’s very own special dish, which is eaten with chutney. Then it has various types of laddoos and most people can’t stop eating them. And there is the alluring big glass of lassi. Don’t miss makhaniya lassi, mawa kachori, pyaaz Kachori, Dal bati churma, hot and spicy mirchi bada, mirchi ka kutaa, lasan ki chutney, gatte ki sabzi and lapsi and Panchkuta. Panchkuta is also called ker sangri sabzi and has the five ingredients of sangri, ker, kumatiya, dried goonda and dried red chilies. The Jodhpur style is to begin with sweets and then proceed to other foods. Some popular Jodhpur sweets are mave ki Kachori, besan ki chaaki, and maakhan vade, ras malai, malpua, ghevar, motichur ke laddu, and thorr.

Trains Passing through Jodhpur Railway Station (JU) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
Degana – Jodhpur Special(DNA-JU)
Jodhpur – Degana Special(JU-DNA)
Bikaner – Hazur Sahib Nanded (One Trip) Puja Special
Howrah – Jodhpur SF Express
Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express
Mandore Express
Mandore Express
Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express
Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express
Ranthambhore Express
Ranthambhore Express
Suryanagari SF Express
Suryanagari SF Express
Bikaner-Dadar Express(BKN-DDR)
Dadar-Bikaner Express(DDR-BKN)
Delhi-Jaisalmer Express(DLI-JSM)
Jaisalmer Delhi Express(JSM-DLI)
Delhi Barmer Link Express(JU-BME)
Malani Express(BME-DLI)
Ranakpur Express
Ranakpur Express
Jodhpur Gandhidham Express(JU-GIMB)
Gandhidham Jodhpur Express(GIMB-JU)
Jaisalmer Jodhpur Express
Jodhpur – Jaisalmer Express
Marudhar Express ( via Faizabad)
Marudhar Express ( via Faizabad)
Marudhar Express (via Sultanpur)
Marudhar Express (via Sultanpur)
Marudhar Express (via Pratapgarh)
Marudhar Express (via Pratapgarh)
Kalka – Barmer Chandigarh Express
Barmer-Kalka Express
Ranikhet Express
Ranikhet Express
Barmer – Guwahati Express
Guwahati Barmer Express(GHY-BME)
Chennai Egmore – Jodhpur Express
Jodhpur – Chennai Egmore Express
Bikaner – Kochuveli Express
Kochuveli-Bikaner Express
Secunderabad-Bikaner Express
Bikaner-Secunderabad Express
Puri-Jodhpur Express
Jodhpur-Puri Express
Mumbai Bandra – Jammu Tawi Vivek Express(BDTS-JAT)
Jammu Tawi-Mumbai BandraT Vivek Express(JAT-BDTS)
Valsad – Jodhpur Weekly Express
Jodhpur – Valsad Weekly express(JU-BL)
Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express(ADI-UHP)
Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express(UHP-ADI)
Ahmedabad – Jammu Tawi Express
JammuTawi – Ahmedabad Express
Bikaner – Mumbai Bandra (T.) SF Express
Mumbai Bandra – Bikaner SF Express(BDTS-BKN)
Haridwar-Barmer Link Express
Barmer-Haridwar Link Express
Corbett Park Link Express(RMR-MB)
Abohar-Jodhpur Passenger
Jodhpur Bhatinda Passenger
Jodhpur – Ajmer [ Ratlam ] Fast Passenger
Ajmer – Jodhpur [ Ratlam ] Fast Passenger
Bhopal-Jodhpur Passenger
Jodhpur-Bhopal Passenger

Overview of Railway Stations in Jaipur

With one of the most wide-spread rail networks in the world, Indian Railways serves millions of people every day. Indian Railways is the most convenient way of transportation for people India as it has very low fares and has better connectivity to remote places. Indian Railways can be called as the backbone of Indian infrastructure as it carries freight of thousands of tonnes every day for various destinations. It is not only good for Indians to travel with Indian Railways, but it also provides best services for foreign tourists visiting India.

Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan in the western India. It is also called Pink City and is famous for its forts and other historical buildings and heritage. Historical buildings like Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal and City Palace provide tourist the best experience of being at this magnificent city. The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to February, as, at this time, the climate of the city is best for exploring the best of the city without being dehydrated.

Railway station in Jaipur (JP) –

Jaipur Railway station is the main station of Jaipur constructed in 1875 and is situated in the Jaipur city. It comes under the North Western Railway of Indian railways and serves as headquarter for this division. It is the largest railway station out of all the stations in Jaipur. The elevation of Jaipur railway station from the sea level is 428 metres. It is a terminus railway station and many trains terminate here.

The Jaipur railway station is connected with other parts of the country with the meter gauge and broad gauge rail lines. Daily around 35000 passengers arrive at Jaipur station. The number of broad gauge trains arriving at the station is 88 and the number of metre gauge trains arriving at the station is 22 trains, which make it the busiest station in entire Rajasthan. There are seven platforms at station and has trains departing for all the major cities of the state and country such as Udaipur Jodhpur, Ajmer, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. India’s most luxurious train ‘Palace on wheels’ has Jaipur as a major stoppage in its schedule.

The main lines that pass through Jaipur are Delhi-Ahmadabad line, Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur line and Jaipur-Sikar line. The Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur line terminates at Jaipur.

Major Trains that arrive at Jaipur Station are;

  • 12035- Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi Express
  • 12015- New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express
  • 12215- Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express
  • 12181- Dayodaya Express
  • 12307- Howrah Jodhpur Express
  • 12239 -Jaipur Duronto Express
  • 12395- Ziyarat Express
  • 12315- Ananya Express
  • 12463- Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express
  • 12461- Mandore Express
  • 12955-Jaipur Superfast Express
  • 12915-Ashram Express

There are twenty-six trains that pass from Jaipur station or have it a major stoppage. The Jaipur railway station is equipped with all the modern security systems such as metal detectors, CCTV surveillance, X-Ray Baggage checking and railway Police Force. Apart from that, it has both AC and Non-AC retiring rooms and separate waiting rooms for ladies and gents. It also has a paid parking for over one thousand vehicles.

There are a fully functional computerised reservation counter and unreserved ticket counter along with an enquiry booth and railway assistance booth.

Gandhinagar Jaipur Railway Station (GADJ) –

Gandhinagar railway station is a small station situated in the Gandhinagar area of the city and serves the southern part of Jaipur city. Gandhinagar station is very close to Tonk road and Jawaharlal Nehru Marg of Jaipur.

This station has two platforms and two entry and exit points, on at each side of the station. There are many trains from and to Delhi, which have a scheduled stoppage at this station.

Some Major Trains are;

  • Jammu Ajmer Express
  • Udaipur Gwalior Express
  • Jaipur Amritsar Express
  • Marudhar Express
  • Agra Fort Ajmer Intercity
  • Allahabad Mathura Express
  • Bareilly Bhuj Express
  • Jaipur Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express
  • Ranikhet Express
  • Jaipur Agra Fort Shatabdi Express
  • Ala Hazrat Express

Durgapura Railway Station (DPA) –

Durgapura railway station is situated at a distance of 8 KM from Jaipur railway station and has an elevation of 401.38meters above sea level. Many major trains like Jaipur Superfast Express and Dayodaya Express pass through this station. It has two platforms and two exit/entry points, one at each side of the station.

These are some of the major railway stations in Jaipur.

Overview of Railway Stations in Indore

Indore Junction Railway Station (codenamed INDB) is the one of the largest railway junctions in Madhya Pradesh. The station falls under the administrative control of Western Railways Zone of Indian Railways and is located in the middle of the Indore city with an easy access to the passengers. This station was built in 1921 and electrified in 2011. Indore Junction railway station is also one of the few ISO Certified Stations of India and is well-connected with all parts of the country. The railway lines from North West of the junction connect with Ujjain, from south to Indore Mhow, from North to Dewas Junction and Khandwa Junction to the east of the Indore Junction. This strategic location makes Indore a central hub in Madhya Pradesh and the third busiest station in the Western Railway Zone.

The junction can be divided into two categories based on the gauge: broad and metre. The broad gauge network is for the super-fast, express, and fast passenger trains. The super-fast and express trains run daily from the Indore Junction. The metre gauge rail network is for the local train services. The local train network connects the urban and sub-urban regions of the Indore City and registers huge passenger flow on a daily basis. Indore Subway railway is operated by Western Railways Zone. The metropolitan rail network is sophisticated in design and is the largest sub-urban rail system in Madhya Pradesh with high passenger density at the nine local stations. Each railway station has basic passenger amenities.

Indore Junction is also equipped with best passenger amenities in terms of waiting halls, cool drinking water supply, cafeteria, automated ticket vending machines, book stalls, prepaid taxi services, huge parking facility and police surveillance at all the five platforms. There are three broad gauge tracks and two metre gauge tracks at the station. The proximity of the junction close to the city makes an easy choice for passengers to commute within Indore. The furthest place from this junction the local train network can take is Ujjain in the north and Khandwa in the south. The station is well-connected to major stations and some of them are Mumbai, Nagpur, Dehradun, Jabalpur, Pune, Bangalore, Udaipur, Amritsar, Patna, and Bhopal.

The station is located at 7 Kilometres from the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport of Indore. The Bhopal International Airport is located 163 Kilometres from the Indore Junction. Indore Junction (BG) station grew into a significant junction over the years with high volume of passengers on the routes coupled with the growth in economic activity at Indore over the last few decades. The nearest railway stations to Indore are Lakshmibai Nagar (3 KM), Rajendra Nagar (7 KM), Lokmanya Nagar (4 KM), and Indore Mhow (22 KM).

Lakshmibai Nagar Railway Station –

This station codenamed LMNR is located three kilometres from the Indore Junction. Lakshmibai Nagar also houses the Indore Rail Yard. The station is on the broad gauge rail network and is connected with Bhopal, Ujjain, Jaipur, Jabalpur, and other cities within Madhya Pradesh. The station has three platforms, four tracks and modern parking facilities available at considerable price. The electrification of the railway track from Indore Junction to Ujjain was completed in 2011.

Rajendra Nagar Railway Station –

This station is one of the oldest local train hubs founded in early 1970. Rajendra Nagar codenamed as RJQ lies on the Delhi- Hyderabad metre gauge railway network. The upgrade from metre to broad gauge is currently under progress and hoping this work will be completed in mid-2015. This local train station is famous for its residential communities and is preferred transportation to the urban part of Indore. The station is equipped with two passenger reservation counters and other basic amenities on the two platforms.

Lokmanya Nagar Railway Station –

Lokmanya Nagar (codenamed LKMN) is also on the Delhi- Hyderabad metre gauge network. With one reservation counter, the station has low passenger density. Currently, the station is undergoing an upgrade to broad gauge line next year. This station served as the gateway for transportation during the late 1970’s.

Indore Mhow Railway Station –

Mhow station codenamed as MHOW is one of the local train stations within Indore city. The station is located in the southern part of Indore and is 22 Kilometres from the Indore Junction.

Overview of Railway Stations in Cochin

Everyday Indian railways serve millions of people by taking them to their destinations all over the country. People use Indian Railways both for daily and long distance travels. Indian Railways act as the lifeline of the country as it carries millions of tonnes of freight every year at very reasonable fares.

Cochin, or commonly known as Kochi, is a major cost city situated in Ernakulam district of Kerala in India. It is classified as a tier II city by the central government and is the most densely populated city of Kerala. Railways play an important role in the life of people of Cochin and Cochin has many railway stations serving the state. Cochin is a port city and is a premium centre of import and export to and from India. For this reason, Cochin needs a very good infrastructure of transportation to all the parts of the country.

The major railway stations in Cochin City are Ernakulam Junction (ERS), Ernakulam Town (ERN), Edappally Railway station (IPL), Aluva (AWY).

  • Ernakulam Junction –

Ernakulam Junction or ERS is also known as south station and is the main and largest station of Cochin City. There are six platforms in this station along with two terminals that are the main entry and eastern entry. The Junction has four lines from four directions meeting at this point. These four lines come from Shormur in North, Alappuzha in South, Willingdonn Island in South-west and Kottayam in East.

The Ernakulam Junction comes under the Southern Zone of Indian Railways and is controlled by Thiruvananthapuram Railway division. It is an A1 grade station of Southern Railways and there are around 128 trains either originating or terminating or passing from this station to other cities of India. It was the first station in Kerala to include an escalator in 2013.

Facilities at Ernakulam Station Are;

  • Escalator subway and elevator
  • Passenger Waiting Hall
  • Integrated Surveillance Post by Excise & Commercial Taxes Department
  • Railway Protection Force
  • Cyber Cafe
  • Online Reservation counters
  • Parcel Booking Office
  • Railway Mailing service (RMS) office
  • IRCTC Restaurants
  • Pre-Paid Parking space
  • Pre-Paid Auto-rickshaw counters
  • ATM
  • Foot Over Bridge

Ernakulam Junction also has a Diesel loco shed, which is the only loco shed in the entire state of Kerala. It was set up in 1982 and works with around 54 diesel locomotives per month.

  • Ernakulam Town Railway Station –

Ernakulam Town Railway Station or ERN, built in 1890, is also known as Ernakulam North and is one of the three major railway stations serving the city of Cochin. It has six platforms and four tracks for handling a large number of express and local passenger trains.

It is located in the northern part of the Cochin city and serves as a major stoppage for trains that are mainly headed towards Kottayam. This railway station provides convenience to the passengers that are travelling to and from the northern parts of Cochin City.

Facilities at Ernakulam Town Railway Station Are;

  • Computerised Unreserved Ticket Counter
  • Pre Paid Auto
  • Computerised Reservation Ticket Counter
  • Subways, Escalator and Foot Over-bridge

There are around 33 trains that pass through Ernakulam North Railway Station.

  • Aluva Railway station –

Aluva Railway Station or AWY is another major railway station in Cochin City and is the second busiest station in Kerala handling more than 30,000 passengers per day. It is an A grade station of Indian Railways, which fall sunder Thiruvananthapuram railway division.

Aluva railway station serves as an important halting point for many stations coming from different parts of the country. It is a convenient option for people who are travelling to and from Cochin International Airport. This railway station proves to be very helpful in reduction of congestion from Ernakulam north and Ernakulam south railway stations.

There are three platforms at Aluva railway station, which handle long distance and local passenger trains and one platform at this station is dedicated to cargo trains. There are around 53 express trains and 9 passenger trains that pass through Aluva station daily.

These are three major stations of the Cochin city, which serve as the lifeline of the city and are contributing greatly in the rapid growth and development of the city.

Overview of Aurangabad Railway Station – AWB

Aurangabad Railway Station (codenamed AWB) falls under the purview of South Central Railway Zone. The station is located on the Secunderabad- Manmad section and belongs to the Nanded division of the South Central Railway system. With five platforms , the station is well-connected to major stations such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Nasik, Pune, Nagpur, and other cities. Due to its strategic location close to Mumbai, the station has numerous super-fast, and express trains. The station handles high number of passengers, who are tourists to the nearby landmarks like Ellora, Ghrushneshwar, Daulatabad, and Ajanta Caves. Aurangabad was a famous city once ruled by the Mughal Empire, and still possess many ancient architectural buildings.

Aurangabad Railway station is located between Mumbai and Hyderabad major stations and act as a conduit for passengers in the central station. The railway lane between Aurangabad and Manmad is currently undergoing revamp, and post the upgrade, the average speed of the trains can go up to 120 KMPH from the current 75 KMPH. This would help passengers to reach Manmad within 90 minutes from the present two hours. The Southern Railway management is working on key projects to upgrade Aurangabad station to be a satellite station in the region absorbing the passenger traffic within the Zone. The increase in the passenger inflow at the station supplements the upgrade initiative, and very soon Aurangabad will be one of the major stations in Southern India.

The station is located 10 Kilometres from the Aurangabad International Airport and the Inter-city bus stand is nearby under 2 Kilometres. The high frequency of trains to the station makes this mode of transportation comfortable to the tourists. Aurangabad Station is the gateway for tourism, and hence famously called tourist’s paradise in Maharashtra. There are many tourist locations near the railway station such as Ajanta Caves (27 KM), Ellora Caves (29 KM), and Grishneshwar (30 KM).

Facilities available at Aurangabad Railway Station –

Aurangabad Railway Station hosts thousands of passengers on a daily basis. The facilities available at the station provide passengers an access to clean drinking water, well-maintained cafeteria, provision of paid air-conditioned waiting halls, and general resting rooms. The station is also equipped with book stalls on three platforms, automatic ticket vending machines, digital display boards, separate commuting services to differently abled and old age passengers, and other value added services. The station has a large prepaid parking area, prepaid taxi services, and monitored by CCTV surveillance from Railway Police Force (RPF) throughout the station. Aurangabad Station is one of those stations where maintenance services are actively performed for all the super-fast and express trains. The station has five reservation counters, and five platforms are always occupied with arrival and departure of trains.

Restaurants near Aurangabad Railway Station –

There are many restaurants near the Aurangabad railway station serving delicious food to satiate the passengers. Some of these restaurants serve a variety of regional food for the benefit of the high influx of tourists to the city. There are many hotels near the station to offer boarding facilities to the tourists, and most of the hotels have their in-house restaurant serving those staying at the place. The best restaurants near the station are:

  1. TravelKhana – 08800313131
  2. Tandoor Restaurant
  3. Wrap N Roll Restaurant
  4. Hotel Angeethi
  5. Hotel Abhinadhan
  6. Madhuban Exclusive Garden Restaurant

Famous Food of Aurangabad –

Aurangabad was erstwhile Mughal Empire’s military base, and still retains the Mughal culture with high population of Muslims in the region. The dishes are familiar to those in Hyderabad, and Lucknow. The popular food items of Aurangabad are Biryani Badshahi, Chand Ka Tukda, and Murg Noorjeha. The place is a delight for the non-vegetarians with myriad varieties from the Tughlaq cuisines portfolio. The city is also famous for sweets like Mawa Jelebis and Gulab Jamun. The specially prepared Paya, the local delicacy – a soup like curry, is prepared by cooking meat on the wood oven with various spicy ingredients for many hours. This is usually served as a healthy breakfast. Another famous food to try in Aurangabad is the Aurangabad Cantukky, inspired from the Kentucky Fried Chicken, and tastes great.

Trains Passing through Aurangabad Railway Station –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
7405 AWB TPTY SPL origin 18:40
11045 Dikshabhoomi Express(KOP-DHN) 16:25 16:30
11046 Deekshabhoomi Express(DHN-KOP) 09:00 09:05
11201 LTT AJNI EXPRES 00:20 00:30
11202 AJNI LTT EXPRES 06:25 06:30
11401 Nandigram Express(CSTM-NGP) 23:40 23:45
11402 Nandigram Express(NGP-CSTM) 21:30 21:35
12071 Mumbai Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi Express(CSTM-AWB) 20:35 destination
12072 Aurangabad Mumbai Jan Shatabdi Express(AWB-CSTM) origin 06:00
12715 Sachkhand Superfast(NED-ASR) (NED-ASR) 13:35 13:40
12716 Sachkhand Superfast(ASR-NED) (ASR-NED) 11:30 11:35
12729 Pune-Nanded Express(PUNE-NED) 05:18 05:20
12730 Nanded-Pune Express(NED-PUNE) 01:20 01:22
16004 NSL MAS WKLY EX 14:45 14:50
16733 Rameswaram-Okha Express(RMM-OKHA) 09:40 09:45
16734 Okha-Rameswaram Express(OKHA-RMM) 07:20 07:25
17001 Sainagar Shirdi Secunderabad Express(SNSI-SC) 20:45 20:50
17002 Secunderabad Sainagar Shirdi Express(SC-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17019 Ajmer – Hyderabad Express(AII-HYB) 18:45 18:50
17020 Hyderabad – Ajmer Weekly Express(HYB-AII) 01:20 01:22
17057 Devagiri Expres(CSTM-SC) 04:05 04:10
17058 Devagiri Express(SC-CSTM) 23:20 23:25
17063 Ajanta Express(MMR-SC) 22:40 22:45
17064 Ajanta Express(SC-MMR) 03:45 03:50
17205 Sainagar Shirdi-Kakinada Express(SNSI-CCT) 20:45 20:50
17206 Sainagar Shirdi Express(CCT-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17207 Sainagar Shiridi Vijayawada Express(SNSI-BZA) 20:45 20:50
17208 Vijayawada Sainagar Shirdi Express(BZA-SNSI) 04:55 05:00
17213 Naraspur-Nagarsol Express(NS-NSL) 06:25 06:30
17214 Nagarsol Narsapur Express(NSL-NS) 12:35 12:40
17231 NS NSL EXP 07:30 07:35
17232 NSL NS EXP 12:35 12:40
17617 Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express(CSTM-NED) 13:15 13:20
17618 Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express(NED-CSTM) 14:30 14:35
17687 Dharmabad Express(MMR-DAB) 17:50 18:00
17688 Dharmabad Manmad Express(DAB-MMR) 10:05 10:10
18504 SNSI VSKP EXP 23:20 23:25
22801 VSKP SNSI SF EX 07:30 07:35
22802 SNSI VSKP EXP 23:05 23:10

Overview of Railway Stations in Bhubaneswar

Odisha capital Bhubaneswar is a city with over 3,000 years of history. The 2nd century BC Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty had Sisupalgarh as its capital. Bhubaneswar name relates to Tribhubaneswar or Shiv and has had many names of which Kalinga Nagari or Nagar Kalinga are well-known. It is also described as the City of Temples because of its many temples. They show all the styles of Kalinga architecture. Bhubaneswar became the capital in 1948 replacing Cuttack. It is a modern city designed by German architect Otto Königsberger. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are twin-cities.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station (station code BBS) is East Coast Railway zone’s headquarters. The 800-mile East Coast State Railway was built and began operations between 1893 and 1896. Long bridges were built on Brahmani, Kathajodi, Kuakhai and Birupa rivers in the process. Bengal Nagpur Railway was nationalized before independence. Eastern Railway was carved out in 1952 by adding part of East Indian Railway Company east of Mughalsarai to the Bengal Nagpur Railway. South Eastern Railway was created in 1955 out of Eastern Railway. East Coast Railway and South East Central Railway were formed in 2003 from South Eastern Railway.

The Bhubaneswar yard and the Khurda Road-Bhubaneswar section were electrified in 2001-02 and the Bhubaneswar-Barang section was electrified in 2002-03. Bhubaneswar, a busy railway station, is among the top hundred revenue-earning stations of the railway. As many as 270 trains pass through the Bhubaneswar station every day. The city is connected to most cities in India by the railway network and has 5 railway stations within the limits of the city. From north to south, these are Patia Halt, Mancheswar, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar and Lingaraj Temple Road.

Delayed Modernization –

Bhubaneswar Railway Station has four platforms and the construction of four more platforms is on. The proposed seven-storey new building of the planned world class station will have four upper class waiting halls, two executive lounges, five second-class waiting halls, and air-conditioned and general retiring rooms and dormitories on all floors. There will be multi-cuisine restaurants, bookshops, medicine counters, booking counters, tourism counters and kiosks on all the floors. It will have a multi-storey parking facility for 3,200 two-wheelers and 900 cars. But the modernization plan has been stuck for want of funds. The state government has been pressing for modernization of Bhubaneswar Railway Station to be taken up on a priority basis.

New Bhubaneswar Railway Station –

Bhubaneswar Railway Station, located in the southern part of the city, is progressively getting congested because of the growing traffic. So the Railway Department is planning an alternative passenger terminal at New Bhubaneswar in the northern side between Mancheswar and Barang. The New Bhubaneswar station, for which organizational processes have been set in motion, will have nine lines. North-bound trains are expected to originate and terminate at Bhubaneswar and stop at New Bhubaneswar. Major south-bound trains like Konark Express and Prasanthi Express may originate from New Bhubaneswar in the long run. This will help to decongest Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

Metro Plan for Bhubaneswar –

The Odisha Government reached an agreement in 2014 with Balaji Railroad Systems on the preparation of a project report for a metro system for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The report is expected to be submitted in early 2015. That will set the scene for the construction of a modern metro system in the twin cities.

Restaurants Close to Bhubaneswar Station –

The restaurants located close to Bhubaneswar Railway Station include Hare Krishnan Restaurant, Tangerine 9, Kebabs Unlimited, Flavours, Golden Bird, Sangam, Nandan, Deep Down South, Phulbani, China Garden, etc.

Food Delicacies of Bhubaneswar –

Odisha has a delicious but simple cuisine. The staple rice is eaten with various vegetables. A large proportion of people relish seafood like fish, crabs prawns, and lobsters. These are available on the state’s long coastline. Odisha families use less oil in cooking and people love curd and coconut milk and sweets. The creamy curd adds to the quality of the food preparations. Yams, brinjals and pumpkins with curd and mustard seeds make for delicious dishes. Popular pithas are sweet and savory cakes and Chhenapodapitha is a favorite caramelized dessert. And mahaprasad offered as bhog to Jagannath cannot be missed at any cost. The Jagannath temple is said to have the world’s one of the largest kitchens where 400 cooks work on 200 hearths. As many as 10,000 people are fed there every day.

Overview of Oorgaum Railway Station – OGM

Kolar Gold Fields lie near Bangarapet and the gold-bearing zone here extended for 65 km. There were four productive beds and more zones were opened in1880. Oorgaum was one of them and was the major Indian source of gold for decades. Then the mines went in a state of decline, and thus, were nationalized in 1956, but they kept losing money and were closed down in 2001. Many people here now commute to Bangalore, 100 km away, for their livelihood. There is the industrial area of Marikuppam and the Robertsonpet residential area near Oorgaum now.

Oorgaum Railway Station (station code OGM) of the South Western Railway is located near Bangarapet and is in the Bangalore division. Its neighbourhood stations are Champion and Coromandel. No express trains stops at the Oorgaum station. As many as 21 trains stop here every day and 18000 passengers use the station. Oorgaum is connected by daily train service to places like Bangarapet, Marikuppam, Bangalore, and Krishnarajapuram.

Passenger Facilities –

Oorgaum Railway Station has the ticket counters, railway inquiry counter, toilets and drinking water fountains for passengers.

Restaurants near Oorgaum Station –

The restaurants at Oorgaum include LJ Iyengar Bakery Restaurant, New Golden Breeze Restaurant, Sagar Bar and Restaurant and Jiggis Food Services.

Oorgaum Food –

Mince fry, snake gourd stuffed with minced meat, trotters in gravy, tipsy pudding, savoury meat crispies, and pork pickle are some of the popular Anglo-Indian cuisine dishes from traditional Kolar Gold Field area homes. They are still popular there. Also, common are the normal fare of dosas, idlis, uthappas, sambar and rice varieties, followed by the hot glass of coffee.