Train Coach Seat Map Layout and Numbering

Train Coach Seat Map Layout And Numbering

Train Coach Position

The traveller may have reserved his seat in one of the trains that runs to his intended destination. If the plan is to travel in style and without any hassle, then it will be useful to take help of the latest technological devices and the internet to know the train coach position, seat map layout and numbering. This will actually help the traveller to find his coach and seat without any difficulty and he does not have to rush in the crowd.

The traveller can take help of one of the websites where on entering the PNR number present on the ticket, shows specific information pertaining to the coach and the seat layout. Detailed map can be accessed of the same that can actually help to enjoy the travel.

Coach layout

The layout clearly displays the exact location of the coaches as the train enters the station. But, it also depends upon the total covered distance. Different trains tend to have different coach positioning and routes. There are also numerous trains having similar name, just only the number changes. In such a case, the layout of the coach shows the way!

With proper layouts, it becomes convenient to locate clearly the coach position. The smartphone can be used for the purpose. Clear illustrations can be derived that displays the layout to enable identifying the coach position correctly. But, one particular aspect is to be kept in mind, which is that coach position might be changed by the Indian railways management at last minute.

Want to grab an insight related to train coach seat map layout and numbering? This post will give you an idea of the same in a clear and concise way. Indian Railways is been managing a large network with uttermost care and is been recognized at both national and international scale. The different classes of travel as well as coaches are most of the time difficult to understand and find out and could be actually sorted out and known by glancing at the appealing and neat and clean devised layout diagram below. It will help you all in ascertaining where your seats and berths are in the respective coach and whether all travellers have their seats altogether or not. Aside from this, if you are one of those who want to get and understand the coach layouts and haven’t been booked tickets yet, then also it will help in grabbing knowledge of the same.

It is utterly important to first find out and locate the correct diagram for your coach or class of travel. Figure whether your express is been running with newer design LHB coaches or older design ICF coaches first. As a general fact, most of the trains at present are been running with ICF coaches. Want to know the difference in between ICF coaches and LHB coaches? ICF depicts for ‘Integral Coach Factory’, been located in Perambur nearby Chennai and is been among the Indian Railways main coach production plants. The design is same like of the conventional design of the coaches that could be seen across the trains in the country. On the other hand LHB coaches are supposed to be manufactured under a transfer of ‘Technology Agreement’ by the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala. They have sleeker and finer finish as compared to ICF coaches, with larger windows, better suspension, ride quality, sound reduction, and no heavy tinting screen. In worst case of any collision or accident, they are meant to be safer too.

Here, you will indeed get useful information about the same. The direct approach in order to understand more about train seat map sleeper AC and non AC, have a look at the seat layout play diagram as devised by the Indian Railways. It gives a thorough understanding of every facet including seat numbering, berths allocation in sleeper class, AC sleeper 3 tier, and AC sleeper 2 tier. The berths and seat numbers are classified and distinguished with using different colour coordination and users can actually check out the same by having a glance at the diagram below here. The upper berth is been highlighted in green colour, middle berth in orange colour, lower berth in blue colour, side upper in pink colour, side lower in brown colour and gray/white is been used for representing door/passageway. If you do know about the coach and seat number, simply by having a look at the train seat map sleeper will give you an insight that at the time of travel, where you are going to be seated and in case you are travelling with a bigger group then about their seating and location as well. In all, do know about the same by checking out its seating map of the relevant coach in which you are travelling, and understand about the layout and structure as devised in accord to the Indian Railways within minutes.

Making train journey a tension-free experience

Today the Indian railway has developed such convenient websites where after entering your query, you will be able to specific information regarding various aspects. There you can find a detailed seat and a coach layout so that when you enter the train number you will find the relevant detail. Now it depends upon the source and the station that is destined. The layout that shows how the coaches are located also depends on the total distance covered. Now the train under discussion has different routes so there are several trains under the same name, but the number just changes.

The layout shows the way

Now to find a solution to that problem the proper layouts are provided so that you can clearly locate the position of a coach, you have to visit the official website for this purpose. You can conveniently use your smart phone in this regard and enter the train number in the relevant box. You find clear illustrations showing the layout which will enable you to find the position of a coach correctly. You have to keep one significant factor in mind that the position of a coach can be changed at the last minute.

Maintaining desired speed

In relation to rajdhani train coach composition, you do find a standard pattern, but you should check any changes online. Currently, there are two types of coaches. Now, there should be a certain number of coaches so the train can maintain the desired speed on a uniform basis. This particular train has the maximum number of two- tier air-conditioned coaches. Earlier passengers did have anxious moments in case they could not the locate coaches allotted to them.

No more anxious moments

Today the well-developed official websites of Indian railway clearly show the coach layout of different trains. So now, you do not have experience anxious moments in relation to locating a coach.

If you have a reservation, just look at your ticket and the coach number printed over the same.

Class/coach description Coach type Coach number
Second AC Full A
Second AC and Three tier AC Composite AB
Three-tier AC Full B
AC Chair Car (Normal trains) Full C
AC Chair Car (Shatabdi/Duronto Express) Full C
AC Chair Car (Double Decker) Full C
Second Sitting Full D
Executive Class Full E
First Class Non-AC Full F
First AC Full H
First AC and Second AC Composite HA
First AC and Three-tier AC Composite HB
Sleeper Class Non-AC Full S

Have a look at the table, and find out the starting letter of your coach in the respective column. Just for an example, in case your coach number is A3, you have to read and go to the row where coach number column depicts A. In case, you are just here to gather and understand more of the coach layout and numbering, then the coach and class description could be of your help. Few of the coaches in the Indian Railways system is composite depicting for half the coach is one class and other one half a different class. The coach type column depicts and represents whether the coach of which you are locating for is a full coach or composite one been divided into two classes or been dedicated to one class.

Aside from this, there is a diagram below helping you out in getting more knowledge how the seats are been categorized and defined and as per your coach number, you can find out the same with ease. In itself, it is very clear how Indian Railways seat chart looks like for AC and non AC in sleeper/chair car category. In the chair car class, people can book a window seat, middle seat or the aisle seat whereas in the sleeper class, there are options to book upper berth, middle berth, lower berth, side upper, side middle, side lower along with the passage in a fine represented way. So, go through the same, get to know about the relevant coach number and seat number and travel without any inconvenience and hassle. Have a smooth journey.

Tire Name Type Represent coach in Train
1A First Tire AC Coach or First AC H1, H2, H3
2A Second Tire AC Coach or second AC A1, A2, A3
3A Third AC coach or third AC B1, B2, B3
3H High capacity air condition 3-tier class L1, L2, L3
3E Economy 3 tier Air-conditioned coach 3E1, 3E2, 3E3
HA Composite AC One Tier/Two-Tier HA1, HA2, HA3
HB Composite AC One Tier/Three Tier HB1, HB2, HB3
AB Composite AC Two Tier/Three Tier AB1, AB2, AB3
SL Sleeper Class Non AC coach S1, S2, S3
SLR stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake SLR(Luggage yard)
SH High-capacity (81 berths) sleeper class N1, N2, N3
CC chair car AC Coach (Seat 2+3 in Each row) C1, C2 C3
CC (Garib Rath and Yuva Express) chair car AC Coach (Seat 2+3 in Each row) J1, J2, J3
EC (Full) AC Executive Chair Car (Seat 2+2 in Each row) E1, E2, E3
CH High-capacity air-conditioned chair car M1, M2, M3
2S Second class Sitting or Non AC chair Car D1, D2, D3
D Non AC sitting Coach D1, D2, D3
FC First Class non AC class just like First AC F1, F2, F3 or FC1, FC2, FC3
GS Unreserved Second Class Compartment GS

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout

Sleeper Class:-

First AC Coach Type A:- Systematic layout of seats makes the journey comfortable Indian Railways has come a long way in terms of improvement of passenger amenities and the commercial attitude of this vast and diversified organization has enabled the travelers from all the classes of the society, experience safe and enjoyable journey. Various types of up-graded coaches have been designed for the benefits of the travelers. In addition to that, IRCTC has also brought a definite change in this biggest public utility network, in terms of true traveler oriented attitude.

A layout that can be easily understood

This vast network keeps a close watch on every aspect of traveler convenience and amenity part and in the process, it has become quite recognized internationally too. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the travellers to find a particular coach when they are in a hurry. In fact, the layout can be understood with the help of diagram which you will find in official websites.

Space advantage makes a real difference

In relation to coach map seat layout First AC Coach Type A, you will find the coached are divided into separate cabins and coups. The cabins have sliding doors which can be locked from inside, for the purpose of safety and privacy. Each cabin has a switch attached to a bell and the attendant can be called in case of any necessity. Moreover, another definite advantage is that less number of passengers uses the toilet so it is easy to maintain it clean.

Improved passenger service

In case you travel in this class, then your coach and set number can be known when the chart of any particular train is prepared. Today, this vast and diversified network has coaches that are designed in such a way, and on the other hand, the improved passenger services enable you to locate your coach and berth easily.


First AC Coach Type B:- Looking for information related to First AC Coach Type B seat map layout and coach position in train as devised by Indian Railways? If yes, here you will definitely grab some relevant information about the same. To understand the coach position correctly and in a detailed way of coach type B of first class AC coach category, have a look at the seating map first. If you look at the same, you can see that there are cabins from A to H, and each of them has only 2 berths allocated that is a lower berth and an upper berth. The upper berth and lower berth could be easily distinguished by the different colour scheme that is been used in that and the upper berth is been highlighted in blue colour and lower berth is been highlighted in green colour. Looking at the seat map also helps in determining about the entrance and exit points to coach, toilet, passageway and such. Everything is been actually mentioned in a clear way and if you have a confirmed reservation in a train, and you want to check out the coach position and location, then with the help of seat number it could be done without any problem. So, have a look at the same and do grab an idea of the coach type and position within minutes. Have a happy and hassle free journey!

Second Tier AC Coach Type A:- Want to know and get clarity about coach map seat layout second Tier AC Coach Type A? Planning to travel in second tier AC coach type A in a train in the coming days? Looking for some detailed information about the coach and how you can locate the coach position in this coach? If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. For the coach code A and the class code 2A coach, simply first of all get a chance to look at the seat map of the same as devised by the Indian Railways department. Users can figure out the position of the door, coach entrance and exit point and the number of berths available in the coach and all related information. 46 berths are available in the coach in order to seat and to sleep and each one of them is been colour coded and could be easily differentiated because of the different colour used for different berth. The lower berth is been marked with yellow colour, the upper berth with blue colour, side lower berth with green colour and side upper berth with purple colour. Aside from second tier AC coach, in case you are looking for to travel in some other one also, then check out the seat map of the same and accordingly grab information from there and in case you have a reserved ticket, then locate the coach position with the help of seat number available and be informed.


Second Tier AC Coach Type B:- Do you travel via train a lot and prefer to know all about coaches’ structure and layout in advance? Are you going to travel this time in the Second Tier AC Coach Type B? Thinking if something could be known of the coach like berths that the coach will be equipped with, the number of seat berths available in the coupe, etc? The seat map designed as per Indian Railways is indeed one of the effective and best ways to scroll and know all about the second tier AC coach type B and any other coach in which you are travelling. In the second tier AC coach type B, there are four types of berths that are available including lower berth, upper berth, side upper berth and side lower berth. In total, 46 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. The berths that are available are colour coded with green, blue, purple and pink to differentiate and distinguish the seats accordingly. So, check out the seat number that you have and according to the same, do get an idea of the seat position in the coach. Have a safe and hassle free travel!2a-b

Second Seating (2S):- Seeking for updated details related to coach map seat layout Second Seating (2S)? Here, you will definitely come to know about the same. First of all, just for the information, do understand that second class sitting or non AC chair car 2S are been represented with the coach D1, D2 or D3 in trains. To understand and gather more details about the second seating coach 2S, have a look simply at the coach map seat layout of the same as devised by the department of Indian Railways. If you look at the second seating coach seat map, you will find out that there are three kinds of seats in the respective coach including an aisle seat, a middle seat and a window seat. Each one of them is been marked with different kind of colour like the aisle seat is been schemed with blue colour, middle seat in orange colour and window seat in green colour. In case, you have a confirmed reservation to travel in the second seating coach, simply check out the seating map and with the help of seat number, figure out which seat you get and where you are going to sit during the travel. People are even free to mention the preference seat if they have any at the time of booking seats and getting reservations. Aside from this, in case you want to know in detail about any other coach, then simply check out the seat map of that coach and gather details from there.2s-aSecond Seating(2S):- Looking online to grab more details related to Second Seating (2S) coach in Indian Railways? If yes, do read on the following and you will come to know of the same here for sure. Indian Railways is been assuredly handling such a large network with so much efficacy and professionalism that made it reckoned at both national and international level. There are different classes of travel in a train like AC first class, AC second class, AC third class, second seating class, sleeper class and more, and passengers can know about the seat position and information in any of the coach in advance with the help of seat layout as been designed by the Railways. The same applies for 2S coach too. In case, you have been travelling in second seating coach, and you want to get an insight of the same, the best way is to look at its seat map and know about its overall layout and structure. As per the same, the seats available in the coach are 108. There are different seats that are available in the 2S coach are window seat, middle seat and aisle seat. Each one of them could be easily distinguished out just by checking out the different colour and information could be known and fetched instantly. In case, you do have confirmed reservation to travel in 2S coach, then seat position could be known in advance with the help of seat number. Have a safe journey!2s-b

Third Tire AC Coach Type:- Looking for updates related to train seat map in 3rd AC tier? Well, here you will grab an insight about the same for sure. Indian railways has been managing a large network and since its introduction in 1853, it has definitely come a long way for sure, not only handling the trains and passengers safety, but also introduced so many apps and features for the convenience of them. Most of the trains that are in operational mode have in between 20 to 24 coaches involving different classes of course like sleeper coach, first class AC, second tier AC, second seating 2S coach, general unreserved, chair car, third tier AC and so. To understand about the seating structure and everything in them, it is wise to do have a look at the train seat map of them as it gives clear understanding of how does the seating structure and layout looks like in them along with an idea of the location where you are going to sit by at the time of travel, with the help of your seat number and coach number. If you check out the train seat map of 3rd AC, you can figure out about berths that must be distinguished in the same with the help of different colour schemes along with the coach entry and exit points and so. There are different berths like upper berth, lower berth, side lower berth, side upper berth, middle berth, so make sure to mention the preference if you have at the time of booking tickets and get clarity from the seating map.


Chair Car Coach:- Want to know more about train seat map chair car class of travel? Have you seen the seating map structure and layout of the chair car coach, as devised by the Indian Railways? Have you ever travelled in a train in chair car class category? Well, here you will definitely get some idea of the same. The best and robust way of knowing more of the train seat map chair car is to first have a look at the seating map of the same. The class code is CC and the coach code is C for chair car. The number of seats to sit in the same is usually 78 in number. The seat map actually lets people know about the seating structure, layout and classification of the same and it will clearly depicts the coach entry and exit points along with the seats in window seat, middle seat, aisle seat and so. The berths and seating arrangement is been colour coded in order to make users understand of the same like door or passageway is been represented in white colour, window seat in yellow colour, middle seat in pink colour, and aisle seat in blue colour. In case, a passenger is been travelling in this coach category, then he or she with the help of seating number, can identify the location where to sit by at the time of travelling. Know more about the same by having a look at the seating map and enjoy your

General Class (GEN):- Are you looking for information related to General Class (GEN) category coach in the Railways? General coaches number vary in a train, generally being 2 to 4 depending on the route. Whether the train is running on diesel or an electric track, it also depends on the route. Usually, the train has 2 just behind the engine and 2 at the end of the train, in general compartment coach. To travel in general compartment second class, it is not necessary to make the reservation. General quota is the most common kind of quota, present in each train. It can be referred often to as the quota allocated for the common man. It has in fact the highest number of seats allocated and bookings under the same opens about 120 days in advance. General seating is referred to unreserved class, and when one books a general ticket in a train, one doesn’t get the seat number. If you have a general ticket, one can sit anywhere in the coach. The Railways is giving passengers a chance to travel without reservation in this category. One can travel on the unreserved category in general coaches. Have a safe travel!

Train Seat Map Layout

Do you want to know about the coach seat map layout and numbering of AC Chair Car (Shatabdi/Duronto Express)?

If yes, read on the following and you will get to know of the same here for sure. Indian Railways is been doing an excellent job in managing its coaches and such a large network recognized at national and international scale. If you are going to travel in chair car in Shatabdi or Duronto, then make sure to have a look at the seat map of the respective coach and dig up details from there. The class code for the same is CC and the coach code is C. The seats available in a chair car coach are window seat, middle seat and aisle seat. The seats available to sit in the coach are 75 in total. Each seat is been marked with different colour so that users can get a better understanding of the same just by looking at the coach and grabbing information from there. Even, coach entry and exit points could be seen in the seat map. Aside from this, if you are travelling in some other coach, do have a look at the seat map of the same and get to know more about it from the same. Have a safe and trouble-free journey!

Purushottam Express Coach Seat and Layout

Thinking of travelling in the superfast categorized Purushottam Express and also get an idea of the Coach Seat and Layout in this train? The superfast express is supervised by East Coast Railways and is supposed to be running on daily basis in between Puri and New Delhi across the country. Also, the train is operating on daily basis. It is supposed to be covering a total distance of 1859 km in approximately 30 hours and 35 minutes. It stops by at 30 halts within the travel and operates with a superfast average speed of 61 km/hour. The coaches present in the train are 22 in total and the composition includes second class tier 2A, third class tier 3A, sleeper class and general class coaches. The coach composition also has a pantry car attached within and to know of the overall coach seat and layout in Purushottam Express, you can check out the seat map of the respective coach in which you are travelling in detail and know about the seating number, position, layout, and everything. Also, if you do have a confirmed reservation to travel in the train, then with the help of seat number, you can even find out the exact position where you are going to be seated at the time of travel in the express. As per the sequence of the coaches, rakes with numbers 3 to 14 belongs to sleeper class category, 16 belongs to second tier 2A category, 17 to 20 belongs to third class 3A category, 2 and 21 to general class category coach.

Kashi Express Coach Seat and Layout

The Kashi Express Coach Seat and Layout could be known depending on which coach you have been travelling for. The Kashi Express is been supervised by North Eastern Railways zone and operates on daily basis in between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Gorakhpur station across the country. It operates with train numbers 15017 and 15018 from both sides and is known to be having 23 coaches in total as of now, including second tier, third tier, sleeper and general category coaches. There is no pantry car attached within. The coach seat structure and overall layout can be known simply by looking at the respective seat map in which you are travelling as per Indian Railways. In second tier coach, there are berths including second tier, third tier, sleeper and general and in third tier, middle berth is also been there. The berths available to seat and to sleep in the coaches are different. So, look at the seat map of that coach in which you are travelling and then with the help of seat number, know of the exact seat position too. In general class, the fare is Rs. 2625 in 2A, Rs. 1635 in 3A, Rs. 615 in SL and Rs. 370 in GN.

Kerala Sampark Kranti Express Coach seat map and Layout

Want to know about the superfast running Kerala Sampark Kranti Express Coach seat map and Layout? The superfast train supervised by the Indian Railways is supposed to be operating on bi-weekly basis in between Chandigarh station and Kochuveli station across the country. The express has 22 coaches available as of now and composition wise, it has first class tier, second tier, third tier, sleeper and general category coaches. It even has a pantry car attached within. To know of the coach seat map and layout, the best way is to look out for the respective coach seat map in which you are travelling. Each coach is different in terms of seating structure, layout, etc. In first tier, it has lower berth and upper berth. In second tier, side lower and side upper berths are added. In sleeper and third tier coach, middle berth is also there and both differ in the number of seats meant for seating and sleeping. The express covers a total distance of 3088 km in a travel time of 53 hours and 55 minutes. It stops by at 20 halts within and operates with a speed of 57 km/hour. Even, the coach position can be known online using the train name or number.

15906/05 Vivek Express Coach Seat and Layout

Dibrugarh Kanyakumari Vivek Express belongs to Northeast Frontier Railways and is running with train numbers 15906 and 15905 from both sides. As the name suggests, the express is connecting Dibrugarh junction and Kanyakumari junction across the country. The train is running on weekly basis, on Saturday only. The distance travelled by the express is 4219 kms and the travel time is of 82 hours and 50 minutes. Are you looking for information related to coach seat and layout in the 15906/05 Vivek Express? The train has 22 coaches available, including a pantry car, AC second class, AC third class, sleeper, second sitting, and general category. As per the coach seat map layout, the train has second sitting coach in the starting of the engine, then sleeper category coaches, a pantry car, second tier AC coaches, third tier AC coaches, again second sitting rakes at the end of the engine. The running speed of the express is 56 km/hour and it stops by at 57 halts in between the junctions. The second sitting coaches available in the train are D1, D2, and D3, sleeper coaches are S1 to S11, second tier coach as A1, third tier AC coaches as B1 to B4.

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