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How to locate your coach position

Trains in India run across the length and breadth of country even to the remotest of remote areas. The majority of the population prefer travelling by train when it comes to long distance travelling. The fares are pretty cheap, and common people can afford it. Though train journey is a bit time consuming yet there is never a dull moment as you get to experience the true beauty of nature from close. The immense vastness which passes outside the window is profoundly intriguing. India being the land of adventure offers a lot of splendid experience while travelling by these massive giant coaches. People all over the globe find the experience of travelling by trains in India quite promising and overwhelming because you get to see the life of the vast population from near.

Looking for an insight related to train coach position from engine? Railways has been doing well in efficiently managing everything with ease and is been also enhancing and improvising by providing their customers with apps and features helping them in staying up with the technology and so. Most of the people find it extremely difficult to find out about the exact location and position of the coach as the railway stations are crowded and big in size. First of all, do understand the fact that there are sites now that can help users to know about the categorization and train coach position from engine in a systematic and organized way. Once the order is known, then people simply want to be at the right platform first and then look for the location to stand and catch the train on time. Hear the local announcements and others at the platforms as they are helpful in getting at the right platform in order to catch the train or pick someone from there only. Once people are at the right platform, they can look for small black coloured boards there that highlight the train number and coach number, and as per the coach number, people can stand at the right position in order to board the train within time. The online sites too are very helpful and that depict all details to users simply with the help of PNR number. In all, make use of technology and be aware of everything in advance only these days.

The big railway stations in India can be very confusing and bewildering as you need to find your train among other trains and even locate your coach before boarding onto it. There are people running from one corner to another in a hurry for their destination and coolies moving around with heavy stuff over their shoulders calling out loud to people in front to make their way. In the middle of all this chaos, you will be carrying luggage as well as your family will be there to maintain and move together among the huge crowd of travellers and hawkers. Without the information of your train and your specific coach, the whole process of boarding the train becomes much of a headache. If you are on a small station, then locating your train and knowing your coach position is not much of a difficult job. You just need to be keep patient and ask someone on the platform about it or keep an eye on the board where timings and platform numbers are updated. You can also keep alert and listen for the announcements being made to get to your position. Some examples are such as

Train number 14322 Shatabdi Express bound for Delhi is ready for departure on platform number 5.”

Train number 12343 Tuticorin Express from Mysore to Tuticorin will arrive on platform number 10.”

This information is announced in English, Hindi, and the local language.

But, mostly in India, the stations are huge and crowded. It becomes really a big challenge to swim through the ocean of people and reach your position. Moreover, Indian trains are quite long, and there could be over 20 coaches in a train so you can imagine how difficult it might get to find your coach position.

So, to give you a helping hand, here are some tips, which can prove beneficial.

Designation of the coach

The first and foremost thing you have to keep in mind to know the coach position is to get familiarized with the specific prefixes used to designate the coach. S, for instance, indicates Sleeper; 2A stands for Second Air-Conditioned, and CC indicates Chair Car and so on. Knowing all these is very important when you are looking for you coach position exactly from the engine which is at the front of the train. Generally, in most express trains, it is in sequence, but they may vary from train to train so you cannot in specific get to your coach just by the sequence.

Railways Information Counter

One more thing you have to keep in mind that the coach position can only be determined when the Indian Railways has already prepared and updated the reservation chart, which is generally a couple of hours before the departure time. Your ticket has a PNR number on it along with it is the coach number too. As, for instance, if your coach number be S4, this indicates that the coach is a sleeper class coach bearing the number 4. When you are planning to board the train from a station which comes somewhere intermediate from where the train has started, you got to know the exact position of the coach of the running train. For this, you can call the Railway Information Counter at the station itself few minutes before the train arrival time. You are then going to get the necessary information from the concerned official at the information counter. This information will be available at any time of the day as these counters are at service round-the-clock to provide you your needful.

The Internet will solve your query

Nowadays, with the boom of the Internet to the humanity, you can get any data you want with just some clicks. So, with its help, you can get the position of your coach easily online. There are a number of sites on which you can get your necessary information. Websites such as,, etc. give them to you instantly. All that you need to do is type in your PNR number, and there is your information available to you instantly. These websites are user-friendly, and you can rely on it with no doubts.

Now you may have this impression that this information is available for few important trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani or Duronto, etc. but much to your delight the information about the position of the coach is now available for all express trains as well as long distance trains all across the country.

Mobile Applications

In the modern day, smartphones have come into use and is worth giving credit because of their fascinating and mind-boggling features. The features are so much advanced that you feel that the whole world is in your hand. Millions of people in India itself use these smartphones. There are different applications available for different phone operating systems such as in Androids that help you to locate your coach position exactly from the engine.

Travelling by trains is a merry experience, and I bet you enjoy every bit of it. But, if you are travelling with family and kids and you have no idea of where to find your coach, then the joyride can become a nightmare.

So, the above tips can give you the information of how to locate your coach and ensure that you board it on time with not much effort so that your journey ahead is comfortable and without any hassle.

Travelling by train in India is often a splendored proposition, in ways more than one. For one, you are assured that there is never a dull moment from when you embark on a journey to right when you disembark at your destination.  The length and breadth of the subcontinent that we call India offers a lot of adventure and a variety of experiences that regale your very senses at every step. It is not surprising then that people from around the globe, and not only within India find the experience of travelling by train, in India, quite an exciting and exhilarating proposition.

One of the aspects that has to be kept in mind while boarding a train in India is the coach position of running train, which determines the ease of boarding the train. Without this vital piece of information, the whole aspect of boarding the train on time and with relative ease becomes rather arduous. Indian trains are quite long and the number of coaches could be in excess of 20 coaches per train. However, getting to know the coach number is not a tough proposition.

Coach Nomenclature:-

One of the first things to keep in mind while looking for train running coach position is to get familiarized with specific prefixes that coach numbers are indicated by. For instance, S indicates Sleeper, 2A indicates Second Air-Conditioned, CC indicates Chair Car and so on. This is important when you are trying to locate the exact position of your coach from the engine at the front of the train. In most cases, express trains are arranged in sequences but the sequences vary from train to train, hence by just knowing the coach number, you cannot really gauge as to how far your coach is from the engine.

Railways Information Counter:-

The Indian Railways prepare reservation charts a couple of hours prior to the departure of the train. Your ticket bears a PNR number and also the coach number. For instance, your coach number could be S6, which indicates that the coach is a sleeper coach bearing numeric number 6.  When you are boarding the train from an intermediate railway station and not the source station, you would need to know coach position in running train. You can call the Railway Information counter at the station a few minutes before the arrival of the train. You will get the coach information from the concerned official at the information counter. Not only this, you will also know the exact platform on which the training is arriving, since this is the info that is available at the station only. This is thus a very easy way of getting the info right when you need it since these information counters are generally available round the clock and you can get the info at any time of night and day, provided the coach reservation chart has been prepared for the train in question.

Online Sites:-

With the spread of the internet, it has become very easy to get train coach position information on the net. There are a number of websites like and that provide this information at the click of a button. All you need to do is to key in your PNR number and the information will be available to you in just a jiffy. The website is one of the most user-friendly websites that helps you get coach information in a very simple manner. You can use the special tab provided for this purpose and get access to the info in just a few seconds.

You may be under the impression that this information is available only for a few select or prestigious trains like Rajdhani, Duronto or Shatabdi. However, it is convenient to note that coach position is now available for all long distance and express trains across the country. This info is thus possible to access for all trains where a reservation chart is prepared so that you can access the info in time and not have to scurry up and down the platform once the train chugs in.


Smart-phones have proliferated across the globe in an unprecedented scale. There are millions of people who use smart-phones in India itself. Nowadays, you have apps for android and other phone operating systems that help you locate coach position on train right where you are. This is information on the go, since you need not log onto a computer as such to get to know the exact position of your coach from the engine.

Travelling by train is a very enjoyable experience. However, inability to locate the coach can turn a joyride into a nightmare, especially if you are travelling with family and kids. You can however use the information provided above to locate your train coach and ensure that you board the train in time, with the least effort and maximum ease for your travelling pleasure and comfort.

How to find out coach position enquires?

These days, there have been introduced numerous trains in the different routes across the length and breadth of the country. This has helped to improve traveller convenience, reduce distances and difficulties in travelling. Moreover, the coaches are being renovated to provide greater comfort and convenience to all passengers, irrespective of the classes they have booked.

Coach designation

When trying to board the train, it is very much important for the passenger identify his designated coach indicated in the ticket. For this, he is to be familiarized with specific prefixes is used. For instance, CC stands for Chair Car; 2A indicates Second Air Conditioned and S indicate Sleeper. Knowing them will help to determine the exact coach quickly. In majority of the express trains, it is found in sequence. However, it might vary from one train to the other.

Taking the help of the web and advanced gadgets

The internet and devices like the computer and smartphone has proved to be a boon for every frequent and casual traveller. With some clicks, it is possible to get crucial information immediately, including coach position. Several sites do exist that do allow coach position enquires and offer authentic real-time results. The person simply needs to enter the PNR number present in his booked train ticket. Such user friendly sits are sure to offer instant results. As a matter of fact, coach and train information can be derived pertaining to all trains running in any route in the country. Also booking can be done online without any hassle.

Seeking for ways how to find out garib rath coach position?

Well, might be you will have some answers here. No doubt, in India people preferably in large numbers used to board and prefer to travel via train especially if the distance is long distance travel. Especially the elders and kids find the journey in trains very comfortable and full of fun and enjoyment. The railway stations are usually very much crowded and if you are naïve and do not know how to locate the right coach position and location, then it could be annoying for you as well. The best way in order to locate the apt Garib Rath coach position, is to look for the announcements that were made from time to time at stations and figure out at which platform the garib rath is been coming. Once you are at the right platform, take help from small sign boards available at the platform, look for the coaches and as per the coach number that is been printed over your rail ticket, get to stand in an appropriate distance at that platform as the train stops by in and around vicinity of the same. If nothing seems to be helpful, people are free to take assistance from the railway personnel or coolies present there in order to get better understanding and clarity over the same. So, seek for these ways and make sure to have a hassle free and enjoyable travel.

Want to know about coach position enquires in trains?

If yes, here you will definitely get the relevant answer of the same. With the technology, everything could be achieved or fetched within minutes without any problem and all information related to coach position enquires too could be known within clicks. There are few online sites and portals that with the help of PNR number depict all information about the sequence of the rakes and coaches in a train along with coach position enquires in real time situation. Undoubtedly, the technology has really proven as a boon for all and has resolved so many concerns of people and even the department too. Even, with time the coaches of the train are also revived just to render better comfort and travelling experience to their travellers from all around. It becomes utterly important for any of the traveller to ascertain and know about their designated coach in, which they are supposed to travel and be aware of prefixes used for them and all related information. S depicts for sleeper class, CC for chair car, 2A for second tier AC, 3A for third tier AC and so. Aside from only finding about coach position enquires online with the help of PNR number within minutes, it becomes easy to even get bookings and reservations in the train within minutes and also for many other services like placing an order for delicious and quality food while travelling, check out real time running status of train and know about the exact location of the same and more.

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