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About 12343/44 Darjeeling Mail

Highlights of Darjeeling Express –

No of Coaches Total – 24,  AC – 10, SL – 9, GN – 5
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Excellent
Cleaning Good
Ticket Availability Average
Passenger Safety Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

Train number up 12343 and down 12344, travelling from Darjeeling to Kolkata via New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri is the famous train. The Darjeeling Mail, considered to be a well-known train of the Eastern Railways, covers Bolpur, Malda town and Kishanganj. This is one of the daily running trains that cover a total distance of 567 Km originating at Sealdah going via Haldibari till jalpaiguri. Total time taken by the train to complete the route is around 10 hours.

Being a daily train, the Indian Railway has taken a complete care of cleanliness and punctuality with a good rail filing. There are guards provided in the railway service to provide a safe and secured journey to the passengers. It being one of the earliest trains of India, the history goes back to the British reign where it is believed to connect North Bengal through East Bengal during that era.

On boarding services, there are one AC 1st class, 2 AC 2nd class, 7 AC 3rd class, 9 sleepers and 5 general compartments. Though there is no pantry car available, the passengers can buy the food at the starting station, which is food court at Sealdah. Security within this train is also highly considered by the Eastern Railways. GRPF personnel are present in each compartment to ensure risk free journey.

The rolling stock is Siliguri Shed with WDP4/WDP4B locomotive, with a track gauge of 1,676 mm for the rail to run at an operating speed of 60 km per hour average speed. This train has a legendary status in the East with quite comfortable and proper facilities of seating and sleeping arrangements for every passenger, who boards the train. This train starts around 22:05 hrs from Kolkata’s Sealdah and reaches Malda Town at 4:25 hrs where it halts for approximately 10 minutes, and then through KishanGanj, it reaches New Jalpaiguri Junction at around 8:00 hrs.

12343/Darjeeling Express Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Sealdah(SDAH) origin 22:05 origin 0
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 23:35 23:38 3 0
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 00:28 00:31 3 1
Malda Town(MLDT) 04:15 04:25 10 1
KishanGanj(KNE) 06:20 06:22 2 1
New Jalpaiguri Junction(NJP) 08:00 destination destination 1

12344/Darjeeling Express New Jalpaiguri to Kolkata Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Haldibari(HDB) origin 17:10 origin 0
Jalpaiguri(JPG) 17:45 17:47 2 0
Mohitnagar(MOP) 17:55 17:56 1 0
Raninagar Jalpaiguri Junction(RQJ) 18:02 18:04 2 0
Belakoba(BLK) 18:14 18:15 1 0
Ambari Falakata(ABFC) 18:25 18:26 1 0
New Jalpaiguri Junction(NJP) 18:45 20:00 75 0
KishanGanj(KNE) 21:05 21:07 2 0
Malda Town(MLDT) 23:45 23:55 10 0
Bolpur Shantiniketan(BHP) 02:55 02:58 3 1
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 04:08 04:11 3 1
Sealdah(SDAH) 06:00 destination destination 1

12343/44 Darjeeling Mail Coach position, Seat map & Fare

Seeking online to know about coach seat map and fare of Darjeeling mail? Do you want to travel in between Sealdah and Haldibari across the country or in between them somewhere? The train runs from both sides with train numbers 12343 and 12344. Considering the coaches, the train has 24 coaches available in total including first class AC, second tier AC, third tier AC, sleeper class and general unreserved class of coaches. The fare in general quota that will be charged is like Rs. 2180 in 1A, Rs. 1300 in 2A, Rs. 920 in 3A, Rs. 350 in SL and Rs. 180 in GN. In tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged is Rs. 1720 in 2A, Rs. 1235 in 3A, and Rs. 450 in SL. From a child, the fare that will be charged is like Rs. 1100 in 1A, Rs. 650 in 2A, Rs. 465 in 3A, Rs. 180 in SL and Rs. 95 in GN. There is no pantry car attached within. Feel free to try out e-catering food meal services in the train from Travel Khana. Also, to know more of the coach in which you are travelling, simply have a look at the seat map of the same and then get an insight from it. Each coach has different kind of seating arrangement and layout and seat map of the same will indeed gives clarity of the same to people. Have a safe journey!

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

First Tire AC Coach(1A):- Darjeeling Mail is among one of the oldest running legendary trains of the country. It operates with train numbers 12343 and 12344 from both ends. Eastern Indian Railways supervises the express, which connects Sealdah and Haldibari station across the country. The service frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 573 km in about 10 hours and 10 minutes. Have you made the reservations in the First Tier AC Coach (1A) in the Darjeeling Mail? As per Indian Railways first tier coach seat map structure, the berths available in the same are 24 in total. The coach code is H and the class code is 1A. In each first class coach, it has a lower berth and an upper berth. It runs with an average speed of 56 km/hour. In total, 22 coaches are there in the express, involving first tier AC coach, second tier AC coach, third tier AC coach, sleeper, and general coaches. Rake with position 21 belongs to first tier AC coach, designated as H1 in the same. In general class, the fare that would be charged in 1A coach is Rs. 2180. In child quota, the charge would be Rs. 1100 in first class coach.

1a-aSecond Tire AC Coach(2A) Looking for information related to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in Darjeeling mail? If yes, do read on the following and you will get to know of the same here for sure. Do you have any plans to travel in between Darjeeling and Kolkata across the country or somewhere in between them? Are you planning to travel in 2A coach in this train? Did you already get the tickets to travel in 2A coach in Darjeeling mail? The best way to get an insight of second tier AC coach is to look at the seat map of the same and grab details from there. As per the seat map of 2A coach, the berths available in the same are lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 46 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. Each different berth category is been marked with different colour so that it could cater better understanding among the users. There are in total 24 coaches available in the train and amongst them, rake with numbers 4 and 5 belongs to second tier coaches. There is no pantry car attached within the train. Do feel free to try e-catering food meal services in between the travel from TravelKhana. Also, know about the seat position in the train with the help of seat number and have a safe journey.

2a-aThird Tire Coach(3A)3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL)slmilitary coaches(MIL)
Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS)
Stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake(SLR)