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About 22441/ 22442 Allahabad – Kanpur Intercity SF Express (UnReserved)

About 22441/ 22442/Allahabad – Kanpur Intercity SF Express (UnReserved):-

Do you want to know about 22441/ 22442/Allahabad – Kanpur Intercity SF Express (UnReserved) that runs on daily basis and is supervised as per North Central Railways? The train runs in between Allahabad junction and Kanpur Central junction across the country. The distance that is covered by the train on daily basis is only 194 km. It runs with a superfast speed of 61 km/hour and takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes of time in covering the entire distance. It stops by at about 7 halts in between the travel. It is a completely unreserved coach train and as of now has 13 coaches available in total. There is no pantry car attached within. If desired, feel free to try out hot and quality e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana as per the desire and convenience at extremely reasonable pricing. Also, to travel in this train in general unreserved class coach, make sure to reach station on time and buy the tickets from the platform at counter. Also, to know of any coach in detail in which you are travelling, do check out its seat map and grab detail from there. Safe travel!

22441/Allahabad – Kanpur Intercity SF Express (UnReserved), Allahabad Junction – Kanpur Central Route, Schedule & Time Table –
Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
Allahabad Junction»
BRE Bharwari 19:00 19:02 2m
SRO Sirathu 19:18 19:20 2m
KGA Khaga 19:40 19:42 2m
FTP Fatehpur 20:16 20:18 2m
BKO Bindki Road 20:41 20:43 2m
AUNG Aung 20:50 20:52 2m
SSL Sirsaul 21:06 21:08 2m
CNB Kanpur Central• 21:40
22442/Kanpur-Allahabad InterCity Express (UnReserved), Kanpur Central – Allahabad Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table –
Code Station Name Arrives Departs Halt
CNB Kanpur Central» 6:30
SSL Sirsaul 6:54 6:56 2m
AUNG Aung 7:10 7:12 2m
BKO Bindki Road 7:20 7:22 2m
FTP Fatehpur 7:44 7:46 2m
KGA Khaga 8:11 8:13 2m
SRO Sirathu 8:31 8:33 2m
BRE Bharwari 8:48 8:50 2m
ALD Allahabad Junction• 9:40