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Apta station: A Hero among Film Producers

Indian Railways, hit by falling incomes from film shooting at its areas, found a friend in need last budgetary year: Apta, a railroad station on the Panvel-Roha course of Central Railway, around 85 km from Mumbai. In the year 2015-16, the station earned Rs.32 lakh from film shooting and wound up as the most noteworthy income worker from film shoots for Central Railway. Which has other more well-known destinations like the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) and the Churchgate station.

The station clearly has numerous favorable scene offerings over the 18 different options in Central Railway well known among movie producers of all shades.

The Apta station has been famous for a few reasons. It being outside the local train framework and its promixity to Mumbai is its true value proposition. Also, being more reasonable contrasted with other bigger and busier stations. It is less swarmed and there are less issues when it comes to security.

Rs.24.97 lakh of revenue was collected for the Central Railway from a four-day shooting for the Hindi film “Baaghi”, most noteworthy by any film in 2015-16.

An estimated cost between Rs.50,000/- and Rs.60,000/-  is incurred for a day’s shooting at Apta railroad station. These costs are much less than the Rs.1.25 lakh charged for a day on the Mumbai local system.

A shar fall from Rs.6.74 crore in 2013-14 to Rs. 3.2 crore in 2014-15 was observed in incomes from film shoots at Indian Railways Stations.

Traditionally and even today the Goregaon rail station is a favored destination among movie producers for its nearness to the film city. TV projects like “CID” and “Kaun Banega Crorepati” do their shooting here.

More than 300,000 individuals utilize Google’s free Wi-Fi at Indian railway stations

An offering of free Wi-Fi services at India’s rail stations was commenced prior this year by Google, with Mumbai Central being the pilot station. In under five months, this free Wi-Fi provision became accessible in 15 rail stations, and it is claimed by Google that more than 300,000 suburbanites are utilizing it consistently. Additionally Google has planned to provide this free Wi-Fi service at 17 of Mumbai’s busiest local stations before the culmination of current year.

A partnership betwee Google and RailTel was struck to dispatch this free Wi-Fi offering called ‘RailWire’. Subsequent to operating at Mumbai Central, the RailWire service has been presented at stations in Allahabad, Ujjain Junction, Jaipur, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Ernakulam, Patna,  Kacheguda, Raipur, Ranchi, Pune, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam and Guwahati.

Google has aimed to reach 100 rail stations by this year, and 400 more stations in a span of 2 years. They have been focused on Local network stations in Mumbai, as they serve 1.5 million commuters.

Google says that RailWire service will be setup in 17 of the busiest Mumbai stations before the current year’s over. The take off will start with stations like Bandra Terminus, Borivali, Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), Churchgate, Dadar, Kurla, Kalyan, Vashi, Thane and Panvel.

Mumbai’s local rail system being the busiest rail frameworks on the planet, commuters will need to sit back and watch how the RailWire system can deal with the sheer number of clients attempting to utilize free Wi-Fi. For workers however it will be a help as now they can peruse the net or watch live streams and videos online while sitting tight for their trains. It eases the travel as travelers can surf the net or keep themselves entertained.

It’s not only Mumbai’s neighborhood train stations that are getting free Wi-Fi administrations. A month ago, a 10-year contract to Techno Sat Comm was granted to install at the Delhi Metro hubs, offering free Wi-Fi services to suburbanites. Paytm too has been in plans to install its own free open Wi-Fi service, beginning with Noida Sector 18 metro station.

Google likewise isn’t the one and only offering free Wi-Fi administrations at open spots. BSNL was among the first to begin taking off Wi-Fi hotspots at open spots. Alongside air terminals like Srinagar, BSNL’s Wi-Fi hotspots are accessible at visitor destinations like Puri, and Malpe shoreline in Udupi locale among others. Indeed the organization anticipates setting up to 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the nation.

On similar lines, Aircel and Videocon too are putting forth free Wi-Fi at select spots. While everyone’s eyes are on Reliance Jio’s 4G rollout, the organization is teasing its capacities by offering Wi-Fi hotspots at select spots. All were inspired by the service of Reliance Jio’s free Wi-Fi service at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai recently.

Book Indian Railway’s ‘Bharat Darshan Tourist Trains’ for just Rs 830 via IRCTC

Bookings are as of now open for Indian Railways Bharat Darshan Tourist Trains, a financial plan friendly bundle made by the IRCTC with comprehensive administrations on a committed visitor train, for household voyagers who need to investigate a portion of the nation’s most mainstream religious destinations.

The bundles can be booked for just Rs. 830 for every individual for each day, though the families can settle in the midst of a furlough treks to choose destinations in the east or south of the nation or that cover real religious locales.

The Bharat Darshan Tourist train has 10 mentors overhauled via prepared visit directors, on-board friendliness staff and security staff. The bundle incorporates train transportation, street transportation, convenience, touring at traveler areas and locally available and off-board dinners.

The ‘East Darshan’ would constitute of trains beginning from Chandigarh and venturing out by means of Delhi Cantt to cover Jagannath Puri, Gangasagar, Baidyanath Dham, Gaya, Banaras and Ayodhya.

The ‘7 Jyotirlinga’ bundle starting on May 23rd from Chandigarh by means of Delhi Cantt will cover Ujjain (Omkareshwar and Mahakaleshwar), Dwarka (Nageshwar), Veraval (Somnath), Aurangabad (Grishneshwar) and Nasik (Bhimashankar and Triyambakeshwar).

Aside from that, another ‘7 Jyotirlinga’ visit starts on June 6th from Delhi Safdarjung by means of Lucknow covering Ujjain (Omkareshwar and Mahakaleshwar), Dwarka (Nageshwar), Veraval (Somnath), Aurangabad (Grishneshwar) and Nasik (Bhimashankar and Triyambakeshwar).

The ‘Dakshin Darshan with Shirdi’ visit bundle begins on June 27th from Chandigarh by means of Delhi Cantt covering Shirdi, Tirupati, Kanchipuram, Rameshwaram, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Mysore and Bangalore.

Up Next: Lounges with WiFi, food and loads more at Railway stations in India

Regardless of the amount you attempt to disregard, Indian Railways is making the lives of voyagers simpler by the day. As per late media reports, the Service of Railways has endowed IRCTC with the errand of setting up new official parlors in 49 stations the nation over.

These official parlors would be furnished with a wide range of present day facilities at a charge. A portion of the principle facilities offered in these parlors incorporate TV, Wireless Internet, food and drink, washing and changing facilities, and attendant services for pre-departure and post-arrival help to travelers of all classes of travel. Railroad travelers willing to benefit these administrations would require to demonstrate their photo ID proofs and legitimate train tickets.

Starting now, these official parlors as of today exist in the New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra stations. Worked in present day engineering styles, complete with all the aforementioned facilities set up, these parlors are accessible at sensible costs. Charges for the one at New Delhi begins at Rs 150 and for the initial two hours and Rs 50 for consistently from that point. While the charges at Jaipur and Agra stations begin from Rs 100 for the initial two hours, trailed by Rs 50 every hour after that.

Bio-Toilets to be installed in Train Engines for Drivers!

The engines of Indian Railway Trains now will have its own little Bio-Toilet installed.

The toilets will be modern with its own intelligence. For example, to ensure safety, the toilet door will not open while the train is moving. Once the train halts to a stop, the toilet can be used. Also, while the driver is inside the toilet, Brakes will be engaged and cannot be released until the driver comes out.

This little step to serious comfort of the driver was also publicized by our Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu in the 2016-17 Rail Budget speech.

India has close to 60,000 train drivers working currently including a growing number of female drivers. They will be hopeful of the realization of this initiative.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu invites foreign investment for manufacturing

The Railway Minister has made many plans for developing and improving the standards of the Indian Railways. On 29th August, Suresh Prabhu invited few countries for setting up manufacturing units in India as the Indian government will be putting in $120 billion for the development of the railway services over the coming 5 years.


The Minister recently stated that transport system should be safe and secure, with no scope of accidents, to safeguard the people. He also added that the main focus is on the safety of the Indian Railways. It is essential for everyone to travel safe with a little help from the latest technologies, he said while at an international meet.

The seminar was focused on discussing the advances in communication, control and command for Metro and any high speed transit system which will be introduced. The meet saw many representatives from nations like Japan, Russia, Korea and many others in attendance.

Suresh Prabhu also highlighted that there would be a requirement of more investment in the future to modernize and safeguard the rail sector. He also enlightened everyone about the fact that India has a major advantage when it comes to skilled manpower, large manufacturing bases and also a big market. He is bringing in funds from foreign countries and giving them the option to make India their manufacturing base. He also stated that India has a positive environment when it comes to production and manufacturing. And that’s why he wants to partner with several countries so that India is a manufacturing hub. Companies can manufacture their goods here and export it from here, he added.

Other than that, he emphasised the fact that development of technology is also important. Remote sensing will help control accidents and provide people with the utmost safety. Suresh Prabhu made another great point at the seminar in which he stated that we should take up new technological methods to minimise any human errors that are causing dangers. He also added the main objective is to take up the zero accident missions and try to succeed.

This will require a lot of use of technology and new methods to advance other innovations in the rail sector. Apart from that, proper manpower will be an added bonus to the project.

Suresh Prabhu also wants more and more improvements in every way to secure all the people from accidents and minimise any human errors which are causing problems.

Indian Railways aims to build 12,330 overbridges

The Minister of State for Railways, Mr. Manoj Sinha stated on 17th August that unmanned crossings were the major reasons behind accidents. Having said this, he said that there will be more than 12,000 overbridges constructed to resolve this issue.

After putting foundations of railways bridges on the Jaunpur to Mirzapur railway route, Manoj Sinha says that around 40 per cent incidents and accidents have taken place whilst crossing through unmanned crossings and about 60 per cent lost their lives during such incidents. The Minister of State for Railways also added that there will be a check done in which the ministry will be constructing around 12,330 overbridges all around the country.

The funds for this development will be an equal share between the railway ministry and the National Highway Authority of India. He also said that the number of travellers by trains have increased 16 times more since the independence.Railway3_zpsc0546f23

The railway security and facilities can be improved with an increase in the investments.

This is not the only development proposed, but several others like most recently there is a plan to improve the load at Mysuru railway station. Chances are that a second terminal will be constructed in order to add new trains for the services of the people. Belagola is the ideal station where this development can be taken because Mysuru stations land is bounded and there are no chances of extensions.

Apart from constructions, there will soon be skill development programmes at selective stations to make the rural population more self-reliant and productive. The Indian Railways have signed an MOU with the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry to go ahead with the project. The Skill Development Ministry is now focussing on collecting enough funds for this project. They require a number of sources like, the government, private investors, and defence off set, CSR, non-governing bodies and so on.

With the pace in which the Indian Railways is improving and coming up with new developments to make the rail sector better for the passengers is commendable. In just few years, the Indian Railways will be modernised with top-notch amenities.

The second railway terminal at Mysuru might remain a dream

The anticipated project for a 2nd railway terminal for the city may not happen due any sooner due to the current importance on the capacity of the track and increasing facilities for the passengers. The Railway Board has highlighted the current focus of authorities to the divisional and zonal railway officials to use the MPLAD money to increase passenger services. The time span to finish the track which will double between Tumakuru to Arsikere and Chikjajur to Hubbali shows the focus of the Indian Railways.

The 2nd terminal for Mysore was proposed at the Belagola. The Divisional Railway Manager, Vinod Kumar had specified that this project will be a part of the approved developments and would come in force soon. The main objective is to reduce the pressure at Mysuru railway station. And for that the objective was to build 2 or 3 stabling lines with a pit line for care at the cost of Rs. 28 crores.

If sources are to be believed, all the projects involving heavy investments are put on hold currently and the main emphasis is on finishing the works in progress without any interruptions. The requirement for the second terminal was important because of the increased train traffic to Mysuru.maxresdefault

The current facilities at the station:

Presently the station has six platforms and handles around 42 trains daily but the numbers are expected to rise up gradually. But the irony in the situation is that new and additional trains can’t be announced without an increase in the capacity of the Mysore station which is closed in. There will be a need for new yards to accommodate new trains, and this cannot be proposed for now. Hence, it was suggested that Belagola can be developed as a 2nd terminal line and all the passengers and express trains would depart towards the Hassan to Ariskere line from there.

This idea would reduce the entire load on Mysuru station if it would have accommodated additional trains for passengers. But railway sources have denied any proposal of such a project for now. The other considered station for a possible terminal was Ashokapuram. But the station has a limitation when it comes to land.

Another alternative was to expand some trains up to Chamarajanagar, but this idea required them to create a new maintenance plot, which would not be possible due to the scarcity of water in that district.

The current railway projects are developing quickly and hopefully, Mysuru stations will announce new trains.


Govt. tells railway facilities to organise skill development programmes

The government will soon be picking selective railway stations to organise a skill development programme at their facilities. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, who is the Minister of State for Skill Development, stated that the Indian Railways have great capacity to motivate skill development. He added that they have done partnerships and will be selecting few railway stations, and with the process in full swing, the skill development programme will start anytime soon. In few months, you will see many stations functioning with skill development programmes, he said.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister has signed an MOU with the Indian Railways to give some space and manpower to put out skill development programmes all across the country.Rl-1

On partnering with Indian Railways, Rajiv Pratap Rudy told that he noticed that railways have the largest and biggest infrastructure including around 60000 stations all over the country. This is the reason why they picked the railways to conduct the programme. The Indian Railways have infrastructure with water and sanitation amenities. They also have a dedicated electricity network and optical fibre network. Besides this, all the railway stations are situated in accessible areas where maximum population of the country resides.

Rudy also stated that, they also pass through areas which are usually not accessible. The stations pass through tons of villages, forests and other inaccessible areas. With signing the MOU, the National Skill Development Corporation can give them the perfect platform to help the unemployed rural youth in learning skills, which help in becoming economical and productive.

The Skill Development Ministry is giving their best to increase resources via multiple ways to raise money for this ambitious project of training around 50 crore people. There will be requirements for the 50 crore people in the programme and the other 10 crore, who will be a part of the workforce. Rudy stated that they are trying their best to tap all the sources they can like defence offset, CSR, government funds, private partnerships and so on to raise enough resources.

In this development, the government has put a target to skill 40.2 crore people by 2022 under a new National Policy for Skill Development. Looks like everyone is set to support this ambitious and helpful project

Rail Sector to get a boost in Haryana: Railway Minister announces Rs. 8.50 lakh crore investments for the state

Suresh Prabhu has announced investments of rupees 8.50 lakh crore in the coming five years for the rail sector in Haryana on 13th August. The Railway Minister, also the Rajya Sabha MP from the state Haryana, has guaranteed that there will be a rail coach factory set up in Haryana to strengthen the Indian Railways.


He also stated that to give passengers a swift and smooth journey. Not just this, but there are going to be around 400 top-notch railway stations made all overour country. The Indian Railways will also make a deal with the state for setting up a SPV- Special Purpose Vehicle for theimplementation of railway projects. The minister also added that these 400 stations will have modern amenities. Union Cabinet ensures the approval to set up the railway stations.

The Railway Minister is happy that everyone in the assembly liked his investment idea. He also added that he had shown a report citing around 79 points for the improvement of the railway facilities and most of them are already considered.

The Minister also told that earlier they used to only announce important needs while the current government and state considers executing these important ideas. He also added that NDA government which is led by Narendra Modi, do the work first and announce later.


While discussingthe demands mentioned by Chief Minister Khattar to put new railways lines, Suresh Prabhu promised him that the hard work will be put in to accomplish all the demands. The Chief Minister also raised some demands for few railway lines like – Jakhal-Ratia to Fatehabad line, Karnal to Yamumunagar line, Rewari to Palwal via Bhiwadi line, Hisar to Sirsa via Agroha to Fatehabadline and few others.

The Chief said that the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu has a special bond with state as he is the Rajya Sabha member from Haryana. The Chief Minister also added that the Railway Minister has planned on starting new services for the statein which Ambulance vehicles will be having a ventilator, and this will be provided to every district for the betterment of the treatment to all the patients. He also added that SPV (Special purpose vehicle) would be in alliance with Railways in order to advance several rail developments in Haryana.

An official MOU will be signed soon with Indian Railways to start the development. Also, there will be ROBs (railway over bridges) and RUBs (railway under bridges) constructed soon at the crossings in the state.

With the Railway Minister going all enthusiastic about the rail sector, the industry will benefit a lot and soon we will have modernised railway stations all across the country.