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Overview of Udaipur Railway Station – UDZ

Udaipur was the capital city of the kingdom of Mewar. The Mewar province became a part of Rajasthan after Independence. Coming under the Ajmer division of the North Western Zone of the Indian Railways, the Udaipur Railway Station has a broad gauge network that connects the city with major cities in Rajasthan along with other cities in India such as Jaipur, Kota, Khajuraho, Ajmer, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Alwar, Chittorgarh, Ujjain, Indore, Baroda, Gwalior and Surat. It also has a metre gauge network to Ahmedabad.

The number of platforms in the station is six. There are about 18 pairs of trains shuttling through this junction which include Udaipur City Express, Ananya Express, Gwalior- Udaipur Superfast Express, etc. The station handles around 54,000 commuters daily. Luxurious trains also traverse through this station. Some of them are the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, the Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express, and The Indian Maharaja. The trains running between Udaipur and Delhi are Chetak Express and Mewar Express.

The places of tourist attraction are the many lakes, palaces and monuments with scenic beauty. Some of the lakes are Lake Pichola, Swaroop Sagar, Fateh Sagar Lake and Udai Sagar. The Lake Place covers an entire island in the Pichola Lake. Famously known as the “Venice of the East”, Udaipur is also called the “Lake City” or the “City of Lakes”. Other popular places are the Maharana Pratap Memorial and Bagore Ki Haveli.

Udaipur Railway Station Facilities –

Since Udaipur is a major tourist hub, it has many tourist complexes and hotels around the city. Retiring room facility is available in the station on payment of prescribed charges. A station cloak room also exists. Along with Ajmer, Udaipur Railway Station also has solar panels installed for generating power to operate lights and fans within the station premises. The 8.8 MW of solar power plants cut down electricity usage by 20 to 25 per cent.

Udaipur Railway Station Famous Food –

One must order from travelkhana.com , whenever passing through this station, they offer a variety of cuisines. At Udaipur one can have range of dishes such as Kaju Masala, Mushroom Tawa Masala, along with traditional Indian breads such as Lachcha Parantha,Cheese Naan, Missi Roti etc.For those who have an thirsty appetite some Butter Milk and Special Lassi would be real good to gulp down. The food comes in disposable packing and comes with a handy meal kit consisting of a sturdy spoon , toothpick , napkin and a mouth freshner.

The average meal for two person is 350 rs. The order can be placed either by dialing the toll free number 8800313131 or through the website www.travelkhana.com or through the app by downloading the travelkhana app. Good discounts are also offered on order for group bookings.

Udaipur Railway Station nearby Restaurants –

Neelam restaurant is one of the better restaurants of Udaipur, the restaurant is near to the station as well.There is special Jain food prepared for customer who follow Jain religion . Special care is taken that no vegetable that is grown and flowers under the ground is used in the recipe.

Trains Passing Through Udaipur Railway Station (UDZ) –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
4971 UDZ-JAT GARIBRATH SPL origin 11:50
4972 JAT-UDZ GARIBRATH SPL 08:55 destination
9721 Jaipur – Udaipur SF Daily Special 13:45 destination
9722 UDZ JP SF SPL origin 14:15
12315 Ananya Express(SDAH-UDZ) 03:00 destination
12316 Ananya Express origin 00:25
12963 Mewar SF Express 07:20 destination
12964 Mewar SF Express origin 18:15
12981 Chetak Express 07:50 destination
12982 Chetak Express origin 17:15
12991 Udaipur – Jaipur Intercity Express origin 06:00
12992 Jaipur Udaipur Express 21:30 destination
12995 Bandra-Udaipur SF Express 08:55 destination
12996 Udaipur Bandra SF Express Slip origin 21:35
19329 Indore Jn – Udaipur Express 19:10 destination
19330 Udaipur Indore Express origin 20:35
19601 Ajmer-NewJalpaiguri Weekly Express(AII-NJP) origin 00:25
19602 NewJalpaiguri-Ajmer Weekly Express(NJP-AII) 04:05 destination
19659 SHM UDZ EXPRESS(SHM-UDZ) 08:55 destination
19660 UDZ SHM EXPRESS(UDZ-SHM) origin 20:00
19665 Khajuraho – Udaipur City Express 06:45 destination
19666 Udaipur City- Khajuraho Express origin 22:20
19943 Udaipur Ahmedabad Express (MG) origin 17:45
19944 Ahmedabad Udaipur Express (MG) 09:20 destination
22901 Mumbai BandraT-Udaipur SF Express(BDTS-UDZ) 15:55 destination
22902 Udaipur – Mumbai Bandra Triweekly SF Express(UDZ-BDTS) origin 21:35
52928 Mewar Fast MG Passenger 19:00 destination

Overview of Railway Station in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, a Union territory, is the capital of Punjab and Haryana and is the first well-planned city in the country. It is famous for its architecture and urban design. Le Corbusier had prepared a master plan, from US planner Albert Mayer’s earlier draft. It is the cleanest city in the country and tops the list in per capita income. Chandigarh, Ajitgarh and Panchkula form a tri-city.

Chandigarh a Busy Railway Station –

Chandigarh Railway Station is in the Northern Railway’s Firozpur division and connects with cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Amritsar, Trivandrum, Ambala, Kollam, Panipat and Kalka. It is situated on the Ambala-Kalka broad gauge line. Chandigarh Railway Station (station code CDG) is among the top revenue earners for the railways. Located on the outskirts of the city on the Panchkula side, it is connected with Mohali on one side and with Panchkula on the other. Over 60 trains pass through the station every day.

The Delhi-Ambala-Kalka line was built as far back as in 1891. The Sahnewal-Chandigarh or Ludhiana-Chandigarh rail link was inaugurated in 2013.The electrification of the Ambala-Chandigarh sector was completed in 1998-99 and that of the Chandigarh-Kalka line in 1999-2000.

Passenger Amenities at Chandigarh Station –

Chandigarh Railway Station has a general railway police outpost, computerized reservation facilities, tourist reception centre, telephone booths, retiring room, waiting room, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms, and a book stall. The Department of Railways has decided to upgrade Chandigarh into a world class railway station. It has also decided to establish a railway university here. But whether and when these projects will be taken up remain to be seen. This is because an earlier railway-related IT industry meant for Chandigarh has been completely forgotten. The IT project on 400-acre railway land was to focus on production of signal links and anti-collision devices.

The Uncertain Metro –

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation had submitted a report on the Chandigarh Metro Project to the Government in 2012. In 2014, the UT administration was trying to get central funds for it. The Rs.2,000 crore project is still to take off. The idea is to have a 37.573 km metro network in the first phase, 23.5 km elevated and 14.1 km underground. Corridor I, running from north to south, will start near Capitol Complex and go up to Mohali. Corridor II, or the east-west corridor, will start from Sector 21, Panchkula and reach Mullanpur. But whether the expensive project will be turned into a reality is the question.

Restaurants near Chandigarh Railway Station –

Some of the restaurants close to Chandigarh Railway Station include Jay Maa Sweets, Murliwala Sweets, Aggarwal Sweets, Sunil Sweets, Glassi Bar, Garg Sweets, Baithak, Mendo’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Om Sweets, Zaika, Vaishali Vaishnov Dhaba, Chawla’s, Citrus Café, Slounge, Jai Bharat Sweets, Raina Confectioners And Fast Food, Flavours, Kashmiri Dhaba, Barista, Juice Lounge, Oki Doki, Red Salt, Kylin Experience, Choko La, Hurry Curry Express, Ni Hao, Brooklyn Central, Monica’s Kitchen & Kaffe, Mocha, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Chandigarh Cuisine –

Chandigarh’s food is Punjabi food. Wheat rotis, paranthas and naan form the main base with a lot of ghee, butter cream and cheese. Tadka pulses are common and so are the vegetables with a lot of gravy made of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and spices. And there can only be one beverage in Chandigarh: the lassi. Popular vegetarian dishes are makki di roti, sarson ka saag, dal makhni, kadhi, chhole, palak paneer, vegetable parantha, and baingan da bhurtha. The favored non-vegetarian dishes include butter chicken, chicken tikkas, and Amritsari fish. The favourite sweet dishes include roh di kheer prepared by boiling rice in sugarcane juice, jalebi, malpua and baalushahi.

Trains Passing through Chandigarh Railway Station –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
4501 MFP UMB SPL 6:05 6:15
4502 NLDM LKO SPL 2:15 2:20
4503 BSB CDG SPL 14:30 destination
5903 DBRG CDG SPECIA 13:10 destination
5904 CDG DBRG SPL origin 23:15
9303 CHANDIGARH SPL 17:55 destination
12005 Kalka Shatabdi Express(NDLS-KLK) 20:40 20:48
12006 Kalka Shatabdi Express(KLK-NDLS) 06:45 06:53
12011 Kalka Shatabdi Express(NDLS-KLK) 11:05 11:13
12012 Kalka-NewDelhi Shatabdi Express(KLK-NDLS) 18:15 18:23
12045 NDLS CDG SHTBDI 22:35 destination
12057 NewDelhi-Una Jan Shatabdi Express(NDLS-UHL) 19:05 19:15
12058 Una-NewDelhi Jan Shatabdi Express(UHL-NDLS) 07:23 07:33
12063 Haridwar Chandigarh Una Link Jan Shatabdi ExpRESS(HW-UHL) 19:05 19:15
12064 Una Chandigarh Haridwar Link Jan Shatabdi ExpRESS(UHL-HW) 07:23 07:33
12217 SAMPARK KRANTHI(KCVL-CDG) 18:20 destination
12218 KERLA S KRANTI(CDG-KCVL) origin 08:55
12231 Lucknow-Chandigarh Sadhbhavna SF Express(LKO-CDG) 10:00 destination
12232 Chandigarh-Lucknow Sadhbhavna SF Express(CDG-LKO) origin 20:50
12241 CDG ASR DURONTO(CDG-ASR) origin 17:25
12242 ASR CDG DURONTO(ASR-CDG) 09:10 destination
12311 Kalka Mail(HWH-KLK) 03:00 03:50
12312 Kalka Mail(KLK-HWH) 00:25 01:10
12449 GOA SMPRK K EXPRESS(MAO-NZM) 23:45 destination
12983 Ajmer- Chandigarh Garib Rath(AII-CDG) 06:45 destination
12984 Chandigarh-Ajmer Garib Rath(CDG-AII) origin 21:10
13255 PPTA CDG EXP 17:55 destination
13256 CDG PPTA EXP 21:00 21:30
14095 Himalayan Queen(DEE-KLK) 10:25 10:33
14096 Himalayan Queen(KLK-DEE) 17:20 17:28
14217 Unchahar Express(ALD-CDG) 09:25 destination
14218 Chandigarh Allahabad Unchahar Express(CDG-ALD) origin 16:30
14605 GARIB RATH EXP 09:00 09:15
14795 Ekta Express(BNW-KLK) 10:25 10:33
14796 Ekta Express(KLK-BNW) 17:20 17:30
14887 Kalka-Barmer Express(KLK-BME) 22:00 22:08
14888 Barmer-Kalka Express(BME-KLK) 05:00 05:10
15011 Lucknow-Chandigarh Express(LJN-CDG) 14:50 destination
15012 Chandigarh-Lucknow Express(CDG-LJN) origin 17:05
15903 Dibrugarh-Chandigarh Weekly Express(DBRG-CDG) 13:10 destination
15904 Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Weekly Express(CDG-DBRG) origin 23:15
19307 CHANDIGARH EXP 6:45 destination
19308 CDG INDB EXP origin 19:10
22451 Mumbai Bandra – Chandigarh Bi-weekly SF Express(BDTS-CDG) 16:20 destination
22452 Chandigarh – Mumbai Bandra Biweekly SF Express(CDG-BDTS) origin 05:40
22455 SNSI KLK SUP EX 11:45 11:55
22456 KLK SNSI SF EXP 19:30 19:40
22457 NED UHL SF EXP 17:55 18:00
22458 UHL NED SF EXP 19:00 19:08
22685 YPR SKRANTIEXP 18:20 destination
22686 YPR S KRANTI EX origin 03:15
22688 Chandigarh Chennai Express(CDG-SRE) origin 07:45
22925 Paschim Express(UMB-KLK) 15:52 16:12
22926 Paschim Express(KLK-UMB) 11:05 11:20

Overview of Hebbal Railway Station – Bangalore City

Hebbal is a small area in Bangalore city that was used to indicate the northern end point of the city in the past. This place is basically famous for its lake called Hebbal Lake. In the present times, the most famous attribute of Hebbal is the network of flyovers that make the outer ring road and a major part of Bellary road. The Hebbal Lake located in this area is famous for its boating facilities, beautiful park and the bird watching activities. Hebbal has become a major part of the city due to the introduction of Bengaluru International airport at Devanhalli. Apart from that, Hebbal also has a small railway station that serves local trains and passengers of this area.

Hebbal Railway Station

Hebbal Railway station is a small railway station with fewer facilities and is used by passenger trains from and to Yeshwantpur, Bellary, Banaswadi railway station.

Hebbal station has two platforms but lacks basic facilities like waiting hall, parking, etc. It has a computerised ticket office but only for unreserved tickets. For people who want to book reserved tickets for any train, they need to approach Bangalore city railway station.

Restaurants near Hebbal Railway Station

When visiting Hebbal railway station, if you are looking for some good places to eat and stay, the restaurants near Hebbal station serve superb food from various regions of India along with some international cuisine.

Here is a List of Some Exotic Restaurants in This Area-

  • Travelkhana – Multi cuisine, North Indian, South Indian – Contact Number# 08800313131
  • Sunny’s Restaurant

50, Lavelle Road, Opposite Loom
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Samarkand

Ground Floor, Gem Plaza, Infantry Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • Beijing Bites

10, 1st floor – Above Adidas Show Room- HMT Layout- RT Nagar Main Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • Pizza Hut

06 – Ground Floor – Jalaram Mall, P&T Colony, RT Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Sree Nandhana Palace

21 – New BEL Road – Opp Fab India, Mathikere
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Saaga

The Royale Senate – No 24 -Bellary Road, Hebbal
Bangalore, Karnataka

For people who are looking for extra luxury and facilities, the five-star hotels are best for serving their interest.

Here are Some Exotic and Luxurious Hotels of Hebbal Area;

  • Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore

115, HMT Road, Near BEL Circle
Gokula Extension, Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • The Royale Senate

24, Bellary Road, Near Baptist Hospital, Hebbal
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Komfort Terraces Hotel

65, 66, Building No. 301, Bluemoon Complex
Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka

  • Maple Inn Budget Hotel

25/30, 4th Cross – Kuvempu Road- Kempapura, Near Sindhi School, Hebbal
Bangalore, Karnataka

  • The Taj West End

25, Race Course Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Famous food in Hebbal

Due to its location in Bangalore, the food served in the restaurants of Hebbal has a great impact of south Indian cuisine.

Here is a List of Foods That You Must Try When You Visit Hebbal;

  • Pongal

Pongal is a peppery dish, which is a stew made of rice and Dal and filled with Red chillies, mustard seeds and peppercorns. Sometimes it is also served with added lemon and cashews.

  • Khara Bath

This is a major dish served in Bangalore and is also called as Upma. It is a dish containing spiced semolina, ghee, chillies, coriander and many other ingredients. It is served along with coconut chutney and is one of the most delicious dishes served in this area.

  • Puri sagu

Just like puri haji served in the northern parts of the country, puri sagu includes paper thin deep fried bread along with a coconut curry mixed with vegetable and is called as Sagu.

  • Idly

These steamed and light pancakes termed as idly from a major part of breakfast for the people of Bangalore. Normally, they are served with Sambhar, which is a soup of vegetables and lentils along with coconut chutney.

  • Dosa

Dosa is something that you can find everywhere in South India. It is made from the batter prepared by mixing ground dal and rice. Dosas are served in many forma like folded, flat or cone and come in different variations such a plain dosa, Masala Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa, etc. This mouth-watering dish is also served along with coconut chutney and tasty Sambhar.

Along with that, you can also enjoy some street foods such as pani puri, sev puri, pav bhaji and samosa.

With so much to explore in the cuisine of Hebbal, you cannot miss trying some of them.

Trains Passing Through Hebbal Railway Station:

Train name (no.) Arrives Departs
Yesvantpur Express (06522) 21:40 21:42
Ypr Tpj Express (06521) 00:08 00:10