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About 14217/18 Unchahar Express

A Brief about 14217/18 Unchahar Express

Want to grab rail info about 14217/18 Unchahar express? Belonging to Indian Railways and managed as per Northern Railways zone, it is an express train that is been running in between Prayag Junction and Chandigarh station across the country. It is been operating with train numbers 14217 and 14218 and earlier; it used to originate from Allahabad junction. As far as coach composition is been concerned, it is been backed with 2 AC 2 Tier, 6 sleeper class, 3 AC 3 tier, 2 seating cum luggage rack and 6 second class seating coaches. The overall distance covered by the Unchahar express is 913 km, and train 14217 heads from Prayag station to Chandigarh station whereas train 14218 heads from Chandigarh station to Prayag station.

The average running speed of train 14217 is 47.2 km/hour and of train 14218 is 48.8 km/hour. The total time taken by the train 14217 is 19 hours and 20 minutes of time whereas train 14218 takes 18 hours and 15 minutes of time in covering the entire journey. As the average speed of the train is below defined 55 km/hour speed, its fare doesn’t include any extra surcharge in accord to Indian railways. The entire route of 14217/18 Unchahar express is via Unchahar, Kanpur Central, Tundla junction, Ghaziabad station, Ambala Cantonment, Delhi Junction and Chandigarh. As far as traction is been concerned, it is hauled by WDM 3A loco shed till Kanpur Central and later been hauled by WAP 4 for the entire route.

As far as time table is been scheduled, train 14217 departs from Prayag station at 14:05 hours on daily basis and reaches Chandigarh station next day at 09:25 hours IST. On the other hand, train 14218 departs from Chandigarh station on daily basis at 16:40 hours IST and reaches Prayag station next day at 10:55 hours IST. According to the information, there is no pantry car attached within and people need to rely either on the e-catering facilities or other options available at railway stations. Though it is been running on a daily basis but it is always advisable to check out the seat availability in the same by accessing online time table and book your tickets on time and get rid of any last minute disappointments. For e-catering services, people can opt to order food from reckoned and well-known e-caterer that is been into this line from some time and is actually providing fresh and delicious food delivery services in running trains as per the convenience of travellers and the best part is at cost efficient prices. And, Travel Khana is one of them who is been into providing quality and fresh food delivery services to travellers in accord to their needs and demands and at any of the railway station at best prices and of finest taste and aroma. So, in case you have been also looking for the same, avail e-catering services from the platform as well as other services like checking PNR status, online time table, seat availability and more and within clicks.

Highlights of Unchahar Express

No of Coaches Total – 17,  AC – 5, SL – 5, GN – 10
Pantry Car No
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Good
Cleaning Good
Ticket Availability Good
Passenger Safety Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

The Unchahar Express connects two important cities of India – Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh in Punjab and Haryana. It is a daily express train operated by the Northern Railways. It covers 913 kilometres in a single way and covers the journey in 18 hours and 50 minutes. The train starts from the Allahabad Junction as train number 14217 at 13.45, and there are 42 stops on the route of this train. The train passes through three different states which are Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana.

This train has two AC 2-tier and three AC 3-tier, six Sleeper Class and six Second Class seating coaches. It also has two sitting cum luggage rack coaches. Hence, it can accommodate a good number of passengers on the board. However, the composition of coaches remains the prerogative of Indian Railways which can be changed as per the demand. The most disappointing point in this train is there is no pantry car for catering available for this train. The maximum speed of the train is 110 kilometres per hour and the average speed with halts is 47.84 kmph. The train reaches at Chandigarh at 9.25 the next day.

The train number 14218 leaves the Chandigarh Junction at 16.25 and arrives at Allahabad Junction at 10.55 the next day. The train is a magnificent option for passengers as well as pilgrims. There are a number of important stations that come on the route of this train, and hence usually this train remains packed. Usually, this train is punctual and famous for its schedule. This train is an important opportunity for the businessmen who run their business in this area also. The train fare does not contain the super fast surcharge. It also connects many cities such as Ambala, Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Sonipat.

14217/Unchahar Express, Allahabad to Chandigarh Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Prayag Ghat(PYG) origin 13:35 origin 0
Prayag Junction(PRG) 13:55 14:05 10 0
Phaphamau Junction(PFM) 14:18 14:19 1 0
Ram Chaura Road(RMC) 14:38 14:39 1 0
LalgopalGanj(LGO) 14:47 14:48 1 0
Kunda Harnamganj(KHNM) 15:03 15:05 2 0
Garhi Manikpur(GRMR) 15:19 15:20 1 0
Pariawan Kalakankar Road(PQN) 15:31 15:32 1 0
Unchahar Junction(UCR) 15:48 15:50 2 0
Jalalpur Dhai(JPD) 16:16 16:17 1 0
Dalmau Junction(DMW) 16:33 16:35 2 0
LalGanj(LLJ) 16:52 16:54 2 0
Raghuraj Singh(RRS) 17:15 17:17 2 0
Takia(TQA) 17:38 17:39 1 0
Bighapur(BQP) 17:53 17:55 2 0
Unnao Junction(ON) 18:53 18:58 5 0
Kanpur Central(CNB) 19:35 20:05 30 0
Rura(RURA) 20:45 20:47 2 0
Jhinjhak(JJK) 21:03 21:05 2 0
Phaphund(PHD) 21:21 21:23 2 0
Bharthana(BNT) 21:50 21:52 2 0
Etawah Junction(ETW) 22:12 22:17 5 0
Jaswantnagar(JGR) 22:30 22:32 2 0
Shikohabad Junction(SKB) 23:01 23:06 5 0
Firozabad(FZD) 23:21 23:23 2 0
Tundla Junction(TDL) 00:02 00:10 8 1
Hathras Junction(HRS) 00:44 00:46 2 1
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 01:11 01:16 5 1
Khurja Junction(KRJ) 01:46 01:48 2 1
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 03:23 03:25 2 1
Sahibabad Junction(SBB) 03:34 03:36 2 1
Old Delhi Junction(DLI) 04:10 04:25 15 1
Narela(NUR) 04:55 04:57 2 1
Sonipat Junction(SNP) 05:10 05:12 2 1
Ganaur(GNU) 05:25 05:27 2 1
Samalkha(SMK) 05:38 05:40 2 1
Panipat Junction(PNP) 06:11 06:13 2 1
Karnal(KUN) 06:43 06:45 2 1
Kurukshetra Junction(KKDE) 07:30 07:32 2 1
Shahbad Markanda(SHDM) 07:55 07:57 2 1
Ambala Cantt. Junction(UMB) 08:37 08:45 8 1
Chandigarh Junction(CDG) 09:35 destination destination 1

14218/Unchahar Express, Chandigarh to Allahabad Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Chandigarh Junction(CDG) origin 16:40 origin 0
Ambala Cantt. Junction(UMB) 17:22 17:30 8 0
Shahbad Markanda(SHDM) 17:47 17:49 2 0
Kurukshetra Junction(KKDE) 18:10 18:12 2 0
Karnal(KUN) 18:34 18:36 2 0
Panipat Junction(PNP) 19:07 19:09 2 0
Samalkha(SMK) 19:21 19:23 2 0
Ganaur(GNU) 19:34 19:36 2 0
Sonipat Junction(SNP) 19:54 19:56 2 0
Narela(NUR) 20:09 20:11 2 0
Sabzi Mandi(SZM) 20:46 20:48 2 0
Old Delhi Junction(DLI) 21:10 21:30 20 0
Sahibabad Junction(SBB) 21:53 21:55 2 0
Ghaziabad Junction(GZB) 22:11 22:13 2 0
Khurja Junction(KRJ) 23:05 23:07 2 0
Aligarh Junction(ALJN) 23:40 23:45 5 0
Hathras Junction(HRS) 00:10 00:12 2 1
Tundla Junction(TDL) 01:12 01:17 5 1
Firozabad(FZD) 01:40 01:45 5 1
Shikohabad Junction(SKB) 02:05 02:08 3 1
Etawah Junction(ETW) 02:47 02:49 2 1
Bharthana(BNT) 03:09 03:11 2 1
Phaphund(PHD) 03:36 03:38 2 1
Kanchausi(KNS) 03:49 03:50 1 1
Rura(RURA) 04:12 04:14 2 1
Kanpur Central(CNB) 05:05 05:30 25 1
Unnao Junction(ON) 05:53 05:55 2 1
Bighapur(BQP) 06:28 06:30 2 1
Takia(TQA) 06:42 06:43 1 1
Raghuraj Singh(RRS) 06:59 07:00 1 1
LalGanj(LLJ) 07:13 07:15 2 1
Dalmau Junction(DMW) 07:29 07:31 2 1
Jalalpur Dhai(JPD) 07:48 07:50 2 1
Unchahar Junction(UCR) 08:18 08:20 2 1
Pariawan Kalakankar Road(PQN) 08:36 08:37 1 1
Garhi Manikpur(GRMR) 08:47 08:48 1 1
Kunda Harnamganj(KHNM) 09:03 09:05 2 1
LalgopalGanj(LGO) 09:29 09:30 1 1
Phaphamau Junction(PFM) 10:37 10:38 1 1
Prayag Junction(PRG) 11:00 11:10 10 1
Prayag Ghat(PYG) 11:30 destination destination 1

14217/18 Unchahar Express Coach Position Seat Map Layout and Fare

Seeking for updates related to coach position seat map layout and fare in Unchahar express? Supervised in accord to Northern Railways, it runs in between Chandigarh and Prayag in India. It operates with train numbers 14217 and 14218 from both sides. As of now, it has 21 coaches in total and it includes sleeper class, second tier AC, third tier AC and general unreserved class coaches. Each coach class seat map layout is different from others and to get an understanding of any one of them or in the coach you are travelling, it is practical to best check out the seating map of the same. Want to know about the fare that will be charged in the train? In general quota, the fare that will be charged in order to travel will be 1,710 for 2A, 1,185 for 3A, 435 for SL and 235 for GN. In tatkal quota, the fare that will be charged will change to 2,210 for 2A, 1,525 for 3A and 560 for SL. This fare is specifically for an adult and for children and senior citizens, it will be different. There is no pantry car attached in the train and travellers on the train can think of opting for delicious and fresh e-catering food meal services in train and get it delivered at any of the junction in between the travel and at cost efficient prices. Wishing you a safe and hassle free travel!

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class:-

Second Tier AC Coach(2A): Looking online to get some updates relevant to Second Tier AC Coach (2A) in Unchahar express? If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. Planning to travel in between Prayag junction and Chandigarh junction across the country or in between them? The train runs as of now from both sides with train numbers 14217 and 14218. Planning to get tickets in second tier AC coach in the train? Well, it is best to seek out the seat map of the respective coach in order to know of the details and other information. The seat map of the second tier AC coach gives a complete idea of the berths it is having, seat numbering and overall layout and much more. In second tier 2A coach, the berths categorization is been like having lower berth and upper berth, side lower and side upper berth. Each berth category is been coded with different colour and it is easier to understand and grab details just by having a look at the same. The class code of the category is 2A and the coach code is A. The berths available to seat and to sleep are 46 in total. As per the stats, the train has 21 coaches available in total as of now and rake with numbers 13 and 14 belong to second tier AC coach. There is no as such pantry car available in the train and do feel free to order for hot and fresh e-catering food meal services in the train.  2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A): Looking online to get updates related to Third Tier AC coach (3A) position in Unchahar express? If yes, here you will get to know of the same. Are you planning to travel in between Chandigarh and Prayag station across the country or somewhere in between them or so? Want to buy tickets in third tier AC coach in this train? Well, the best way is to simply seek for the information through seat map of 3A coach, as it has been designed by the Indian Railways department. As per the seat map coach layout and numbering, third tier coach has berths involving lower berth, upper berth, side upper berth, side lower berth and middle berth. Every berth category is been schemed with different colour in order to give better clarity to the same. The train runs as of now from both ends with train numbers 14217 and 14218. The train has 21 coaches in total as of now, and rake with numbers 15, 16, 17, and 18 belong to third tier AC coach in the train. There is no pantry car attached in the train and if desired, passengers can seek for hot and fresh e-catering food meal services as well from Travel Khana at affordable prices. In case, you do have a confirmed reservation to travel in the train, you can seek for right coach position too with the help of seat number. Have a happy journey!3aSleeper Class Non AC coach(SL):- Want to get information about Sleeper Class Non AC coach (SL) in the regular running train, Unchahar Express? The train is connecting Prayag junction and Chandigarh junction across the country and runs on a daily basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 14217 and 14218. Belonging to Northern Railways, the distance travelled by the train in total is 913 km. The operating speed of the train is 45 km/hour and the travel time is of around 19 hours and 30 minutes. Do you wish to know the train timing as well at which it leaves and reaches the desired junction? In accord to the time table, train 14217 leaves from Prayag at 13:35 hours and reaches Chandigarh at 09:35 hours on next day of travel. Train 14218 leaves from Chandigarh junction at 16:40 hours and reaches Prayag at 11:30 hours, stopping by at 39 halts in between the travel. The train has 21 coaches available and the coach composition includes AC second tier, AC third tier, sleeper and general unreserved class of coaches. Just for the record, there is no pantry car attached within the train. Rake with numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 belong to Sleeper Class Non AC coach (SL) coach. In general class, the fare that will be charged in SL coach is Rs. 432 and it will change to Rs. 560 in Tatkal quota. From a child, the fare in SL coach is Rs. 210. Have a safe and happy journey.
Unreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):- Planning to travel in the regular running UNCHAHAR EXPRESS in the Unreserved Second Class Compartment (GS) that runs on daily basis in between Prayag Ghat junction and Chandigarh junction? It operates with train numbers 14217 and 14218 from both sides. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 887 kms. It runs with an average speed of 45 km/hour and the travel time is of around 19 hours and 43 minutes. It stops by at 40 halts in between the journey. Amongst the availability of 21 coaches in the train, rake with numbers 2, 3, 4, 18, 19 and 20 belongs to unreserved second class compartment GS coaches. There is no pantry car attached within and if desired, do feel free to try out e-catering food meal services from Travel Khana as per the desire and preference. Also, to travel in this coach, it is suggested to always reach the station within time and buy the ticket from the counter on time. So, be there on time and purchase the tickets from the counter. Aside from this, it is advisable to look at the seat map of respective coach to know more of that and seat position in advance before the travel. Happy journey!

Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Unchahar Express belongs to Northern Railways and runs with train numbers 14217 and 14218 from both ends. The express is connecting Prayagraj Sangam junction and Chandigarh junction on daily basis. It covers a total distance of 913 km in about 18 hours and 50 minutes. The express has 23 coaches including AC first class, AC II tier, AC III tier, sleeper and general. There is no pantry facility in the express, but passengers can order from Travel Khana, the leading e-catering service provider in trains. SLRs stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake (SLR) and they are also available in the express, and they are meant for either transporting the luggage in them, or travelling purpose for handicapped or disabled people. If you want to let your luggage transport in the same, make sure to reach station on time and get the ticket. The running speed of the express is 53 km/hour. It stops by at 9 halts though, but the major one is at Ambala Cantt. In general category, the fare is Rs. 2950 in 1A, Rs. 1750 in 2A, Rs. 1220 in 3A, Rs. 450 in SL and Rs. 235 in GN. Have a safe travel!

Seat Availability of 14217/18 Unchahar Express

Looking for the information how to check on the Seat Availability of 14217/18 Unchahar Express? Unchahar Express is an express, supervised by Northern Indian Railways. It is connecting Prayagraj Sangam and Chandigarh stations in the country. The service frequency of the express is daily and it covers a total distance of 913 km in about 19 hours and 20 minutes. To check on with the seat availability, one has to visit the Indian Railways site, enter in there the preferable date of travel, train name that is Unchahar Express or the train number, and the preferable date of journey. Once it is done and all the details are fed, it will show you all the information related to the express vacant seats on that day and in the desired coaches. If the seats are available to book, it is always advisable to make the booking at the earliest to avoid any hassle for the last minute. Otherwise, it is preferable to look for the seats available on some other day of the journey. There are 24 coaches in the express, and it has first class AC, second class and third class AC coaches, sleeper, and general coaches. Safe journey!