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About 11020/19 Konark Express

11020/19 Konark Express Time Table

Want to get updates related to daily running superfast train that is Konark express? Here, you will get your answers for sure. The superfast train is been running in between Bhubaneswar and Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus across the country. The total distance that is been covered by the train is 1932 kms. Operating with an average running speed of 51 km/hour, it takes about 37 hours and 15 minutes to cover the same. It has been operating with 11019 and 11020 train numbers. In accord to the time table, train 11019 leaves Mumbai CST terminal at 03:10 hours and reaches Bhubaneswar on second day at 04:25 hours in the morning. Train 11020 leaves Bhubaneswar at 03:20 hours and reaches Mumbai CST on second day at 03:55 hours in the morning.

Highlights of Konark Express –

No of Coaches Total – 19,  AC – 5, SL – 12, GN – 2
Pantry Car Yes
E-Catering Yes By TravelKhana.com
Avg. Running Status Excellent
Cleaning Good
Ticket Availability Average
Passenger Safety Excellent
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

The Konark Express is a daily superfast train run by the Indian Railways between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (station code CST) Mumbai on the western coast and Bhubaneshar (station code BBS) close to the eastern coast. The train covers a distance of 1932 km in 37 hours and 15 minutes, giving it an average speed of 51 km per hour. The train travels through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The train is named after the Konark temple, the 13th-century Sun Temple in Odisha’s Puri district, 65 km from Bhubaneswar. The black granite temple, now a world heritage site, was built by King Narasimhadeva. Designed in the form of a huge chariot, the temple has seven horses and 24 wheels, carrying the sun god.

35 Stops on the Way;
The Konark Express (number 11019) leaves CST at 3:10 pm and reaches Bhubaneswar at 4:25 am on the third day. On the return journey, the train (numbered 11020) departs from Bhubaneswar at 3:20 pm and reaches CST at 3:55 am on the third day. The train stops at 35 stations on the way, including the major stops of Dadar, Kalyan, Lonavla, Pune, Daund, Solapur, Gulbarga, Secunderabad, Kazipet, Warangal, Mahbubabad, Vijayawada, Rajamundry, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Palasa and Berhampur and Khurda Road. In all, there are as many as 318 stations between CST and Bhubaneswar.

A Clean Train;
The train, introduced on August 16, 1978, is now operated by the Central Railway. It has AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper, and general coaches. The train normally has 22 coaches. The train has a good cleanliness record. Its punctuality record is excellent. It has a pantry car, which provides good food. The train has an excellent safety record too. The train has thus been a link between the country’s financial-industrial capital Mumbai and Odisha, one of the country’s resource-rich states.

11020/Konark Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
BBS BHUBANESWAR origin 15:25 Origin
KUR KHURDA ROAD JN 15:50 15:55 5 min
BALU BALUGAN 16:45 16:47 2 min
CAP CHATRAPUR 17:26 17:28 2 min
BAM BERHAMPUR 17:50 17:55 5 min
IPM ICHCHPURAM 18:16 18:18 2 min
SPT SOMPETA 18:31 18:33 2 min
PSA PALASA 19:15 19:17 2 min
CHE SRIKAKULAM ROAD 20:10 20:12 2 min
VZM vizianagaram 21:10 21:15 5 min
VSKP VISHAKAPATNAM 22:25 22:45 20 min
AKP ANAKAPALLE 23:32 23:33 1 min
TUNI TUNI 00:16 00:17 1 min
SLO SAMALKOT JN 00:39 00:40 1 min
RJY RAJAMUNDRY 01:48 01:50 2 min
NDD NIDADAVOLU JN 02:14 02:15 1 min
TDD TADEPALLIGUDEM 02:32 02:33 1 min
EE ELURU 03:06 03:07 1 min
BZA VIJAYAWADA JN 05:00 05:20 20 min
MDR MADHIRA 06:02 06:03 1 min
KMT KHAMMAM 06:33 06:35 2 min
MABD MAHBUBABAD 07:20 07:21 1 min
WL Warangal JN 08:08 08:10 2 min
KZJ KAZIPET JN 08:38 08:40 2 min
SC SECUNDERABAD JN 11:35 11:45 10 min
BMT BEGAMPET 11:55 11:57 2 min
TDU TANDUR 13:39 13:40 1 min
SEM SERAM 14:05 14:06 1 min
WADI Wadi jn 16:05 16:10 5 min
GR GULBARGA 16:43 16:45 2 min
SUR SOLAPUR JN 18:45 18:55 10 min
DD DAUND JN 22:20 22:30 10 min
PUNE PUNE JN 23:45 23:50 5 min
LNL LONAVALA 00:53 00:55 2 min
KJT KARJAT 01:43 01:45 2 min
KYN Kalyan Junction 02:37 02:40 3 min
TNA Thane 02:58 03:00 2 min
DR Mumbai Dadar Central 03:20 03:25 5 min
CSTM Mumbai CST 03:55 destination Destination

11019/Konark Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
CSTM Mumbai CST origin 15:10 Origin
DR Mumbai Dadar Central 15:23 15:25 2 min
KYN Kalyan Junction 16:06 16:08 2 min
KJT KARJAT 16:48 16:50 2 min
LNL LONAVALA 17:39 17:40 1 min
PUNE PUNE JN 19:00 19:05 5 min
DD DAUND JN 20:35 20:40 5 min
SUR SOLAPUR JN 00:15 00:25 10 min
GR GULBARGA 02:30 02:33 3 min
WADI Wadi jn 03:55 04:00 5 min
SEM SERAM 04:24 04:25 1 min
TDU TANDUR 04:49 04:50 1 min
BMT BEGAMPET 07:00 07:02 2 min
SC SECUNDERABAD JN 07:50 08:00 10 min
KZJ KAZIPET JN 10:10 10:20 10 min
WL Warangal JN 10:28 10:30 2 min
MABD MAHBUBABAD 11:27 11:28 1 min
KMT KHAMMAM 11:55 11:57 2 min
MDR MADHIRA 12:21 12:22 1 min
BZA VIJAYAWADA JN 14:00 14:20 20 min
EE ELURU 15:08 15:09 1 min
TDD TADEPALLIGUDEM 15:39 15:40 1 min
NDD NIDADAVOLU JN 15:59 16:00 1 min
RJY RAJAMUNDRY 16:39 16:41 2 min
SLO SAMALKOT JN 17:19 17:20 1 min
TUNI TUNI 17:58 17:59 1 min
AKP ANAKAPALLE 18:49 18:50 1 min
VSKP VISHAKAPATNAM 21:00 21:20 20 min
VZM vizianagaram 22:15 22:20 5 min
CHE SRIKAKULAM ROAD 23:13 23:15 2 min
PSA PALASA 00:20 00:22 2 min
SPT SOMPETA 00:45 00:47 2 min
IPM ICHCHPURAM 01:02 01:04 2 min
BAM BERHAMPUR 01:25 01:30 5 min
CAP CHATRAPUR 01:48 01:50 2 min
BALU BALUGAN 02:33 02:35 2 min
KUR KHURDA ROAD JN 03:50 03:55 5 min
BBS BHUBANESWAR 04:25 destination Destination

Coach Position Seat Map and Fare Chart

It has been backed with 23 coaches in total as of now, including second AC tier, third AC tier, general unreserved and sleeper class coaches. The fare of a person wishing to travel in the train under general quota will be 400 for GN, 700 for SL, 1,890 for 3A and 2,780 for 2A. Under tatkal quota, the fare will be 900 for SL, 2,310 for 3A and 3,305 for 2A. In B5 coach, the seats allocated are 33, 34, 35 and 39. In B1 coach, the seats are 20, 21, 22 and 24. There is a pantry car attached too in the train and people can even order for onboard e-catering food services in the same, as per the desire and convenience.   

Train Coach Position and Seat Layout Class:-

First AC Coach Type A:- Planning to do travel in the regular running KONARK EXPRESS in the First AC Coach Type A that runs on daily basis in between Bhubaneswar junction and Mumbai CSM junction across the country? Belonging to Central Railways, the train operates from both sides with train numbers 11019 and 11020. The distance covered by the train in total is 1929 kms. It runs with an average speed of 53 km/hour and takes about 36 hours and 30 minutes to cover the entire distance. It stops by at around 39 halts in between the travel. Amongst the total 23 coaches available in the train, rake with number 4 belongs to first AC coach type A. It even has a pantry car attached within. If desired, feel free to try out fresh and hot e-catering food meal services in the train as per the convenience and desire from Travel Khana. To know more of the first tier AC coach, it is best and recommended to have a look at the seat map of the same and then dig down details from there. The berths that first tier coach has lower berth and upper berth. So, know about the same and enjoy a safe travel. 1a-aFirst AC Coach Type B:- The First AC Coach Type B in the regular running Konark Express, which is operating with train numbers 11019 and 11020 from both sides, is available with rake number 16. There are in total 23 coaches available in the express so far. There is even a pantry car attached within the express. Aside from this, the express second tier, third tier, sleeper and general category class coaches. To travel in the first AC coach type B and know about it, it is always advised to look at the seat map of that coach as designed by the Railways and grab information from there. The berths available in the coach are lower berth and upper berths. The seat position in the coach can be known with the help of seat number and many other details like its layout and overall structure can be fetched through the same. The distance that it covers in total is 1929 km and the travel time is of 36 hours and 30 minutes. It stops by at 39 halts within and has an operating speed of 53 km/hour. The express runs in between Bhubaneswar and Mumbai CSMT across the country on daily basis.1a-bSecond Tier AC Coach Type A:-2a-a

Second Tier AC Coach Type B:-


Second Seating (2S):-