Overview of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai – CSTM

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a significant railway station that is listed as the World Heritage Site by the headquarters of Central Railways. The structure of building is known to take influences of Mughal and Italian Gothic architecture. This station was designed by Frederick William Steven in 1887, and for his remarkable work on the building, he even received $25,000 from the British government. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus today is one of the busiest railway stations in India. The trains serving long distance journeys, as well as short ones in the suburban visit the station.

In the 19th century, the Eastern Shore where station is located was called Bori Bunder. This was the place from where goods were exported from Mumbai. The first train was inaugurated from Bori Bunder to Thane and the distance of the journey was 35km. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus during the British rule was called by the name Victoria Terminus, later it was renamed after the 17th century King.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Facilities –

As Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of the most important railway stations of Central Railways, public-private partnership has tried to make it a smart station by including all the modern facilities to passengers. In 2013, a new addition was made when Pawan Kumar Bansal, Union Railway Minister inaugurated the air-conditioned dormitories. This facility has 20 beds for women and 58 beds for men. The railway station is fully electrified. It has 18 platforms where facilities such as restaurant, bookshop, cafeteria, washroom, waiting room, ATM, phone booth and a diary shop are offered to passengers. After 2008 Mumbai attacks, this railway station is given the topmost security from Railway Police Force. Special CCTV cameras are also placed at the vulnerable places to avoid crime, robbery, and theft. Pay per use toilets at the station are well maintained to serve passengers any time of the day.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus nearby Restaurants –

There are plenty of restaurants offering high-quality food to passengers near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Many of the restaurants are versatile in their food menu. One can easily find food based on one’s preference. On the way out of the station, travellers can find street vendors selling Kulfi, fast food, and Juices. If someone wants to order food packets, then they can go online and find food providers like TravelKhana. However, restaurants also offer food package options. The cuisines in the restaurant are mainly North Indian, but popular Chinese and Italian dishes can also found in the restaurant.

  • Zaffran – North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai
  • Badshah- Fast Food, South Indian, Beverage, and Street Food
  • Gulshan E Iran- Fast Food, Mughlai and Chinese
  • Cannon Pav Bhaji- Street Food

Famous foods in Mumbai –

Some of the tasty cuisines of Mumbai include puris, Patties, Lassies, and Kebabs. Mumbai is a busy city with a flood of street food. Only a five-minute walk from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus can introduce passengers to delicious Pav bhaji and chicken rolls. Pav Bhaji is a treat made of bread stuffed with thick vegetable masala. The bread is also added with a good amount of butter to give an excellent taste. While walking in the market, one can also see shops with fire grills selling different varieties of Kebabs. Pani Puri, Samosa and Vada Chat are usual snacks eaten during evening. Bademiya is one of the famous shops selling Chicken tikka rolls in the area. This shop remains open till midnight and offers varieties of rolls and fried chicken. Bhel Puri is another common snack that is made from puffed rice added with an onion, sour mix, potato, sev, and chutney. Other foods that one can try are crab masala, channa bhatura, and Kheema Pav.

Trains Passing Through Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus –

Train No. Train Name Arr. Time Dep. Time
1013 CSTM NGP SPL(CSTM-NGP) origin 00:20
1014 NGP CSTM SPL 08:15 destination
1016 JHS LTT S F SPL 12:15 destination
1027 CSTM BSB SPL origin 12:25
1028 BSB LTTSPL 23:30 destination
1031 CSTM AGRA SPL origin 11:05
1032 AGC CSTM SPL 16:30 destination
1041 CSTM PATNA SPL origin 00:50
1042 PNBE CSTM SPL 00:15 destination
1047 LTT GKP SPECIAL origin 12:25
1053 LTT PATNA S SPL origin 14:05
1059 Mumbai CST – Villupuram Special(CSTM-VM) origin 11:00
1060 VM-CSTM SPL(VM-CSTM) 12:40 destination
1065 CSTM ERS SPL origin 16:40
1070 SRC CSTM SPL 14:10 destination
1085 CSTM HATIA SPL origin 00:30
1086 HTE CSTM SPECIA 08:15 destination
1087 CSTM HATIA SPL origin 00:30
1701 CSTM JBP SUP SP origin 13:30
1702 JBP CSTM SPL 12:15 destination
2041 CSTM-HWH SF SPL origin 13:20
2042 HWH-CSTM SF SPL 23:45 destination
2055 Mumbai CST – Jaipur SF Special(CSTM-JP) origin 11:05
2083 CSTM-HTE DIWALI SPL origin 01:00
2084 HTE-CSTM DIWALI SPL 13:50 destination
4153 CNB CSTM SPL 23:00 destination
4154 CSTM KANPUR SPL origin 00:30
10103 Mandovi Express origin 07:10
10104 Mandovi Express 21:40 destination
10111 Konkan Kanya Express origin 23:05
10112 Konkan Kanya Express 05:50 destination
11007 Deccan Express origin 07:00
11008 Deccan Express 19:35 destination
11009 Sinhagad Express origin 14:30
11010 Sinhagad Express 09:53 destination
11012 Mahalaxmi Express(KOP-CSTM) 07:25 destination
11019 Konark Express origin 15:10
11020 Konark Express 03:55 destination
11023 Sahyadri Express origin 17:50
11024 Sahyadri Express 11:50 destination
11027 Mumbai CST-Chennai Mail origin 23:45
11028 Chennai-Mumbai CST Mail 03:45 destination
11029 Koyna Express origin 08:40
11030 Koyna Express 20:15 destination
11041 Mumbai CST- Chennai Express origin 14:00
11042 Chennai Central-Mumbai CST Express 13:35 destination
11093 Mahanagari Express origin 00:10
11094 Mahanagari Express 14:15 destination
11301 UDYAN EXPRESS origin 08:05
11302 Udyan Express 19:50 destination
11306 SOLAPUR CSTM EX 05:10 destination
11401 Mumbai CST-Nagpur Nandigram Express origin 16:35
11402 Nagpur – Mumbai CST Nandigram Express 05:35 destination
12105 Vidarbha SF Express origin 19:10
12106 Vidarbha express(G-CSTM) 07:00 destination
12109 Panchavati Express origin 18:15
12110 Panchavati Express 10:45 destination
12111 Mumbai CST – Amravati SF Express origin 20:05
12112 Amravati – Mumbai CST SF Express 06:25 destination
12115 Siddheshwar Express origin 22:45
12116 Siddheshwar Express 06:50 destination
12123 Deccan Queen origin 17:10
12124 Deccan Queen 10:25 destination
12125 Pragati Express origin 16:25
12126 Pragati Express 11:15 destination
12127 Mumbai CST – Pune SF Intercity Express origin 06:40
12128 Pune – Mumbai CST SF Intercity Express 21:05 destination
12133 Mumbai CST-Mangalore Junction Express origin 22:00
12134 Mangalore-Mumbai CST SF Express(MAJN-CSTM) 10:33 destination
12137 Punjab Mail origin 19:40
12138 Punjab Mail 07:35 destination
12139 Sewagram SF Express origin 15:00
12140 Sewagram SF Express 12:00 destination
12141 Mumbai CST – RajendraNagar Patna SF Express origin 23:25
12142 Rajendra Nagar Patna – Mumbai CST SF Express 15:30 destination
12187 Jabalpur – Mumbai CST Garib Rath Express 12:15 destination
12188 Mumbai CST – Jabalpur Garib Rath Express origin 13:30
12261 Mumbai CST – Howrah AC Duronto Express origin 17:15
12262 Howrah-Mumbai CST AC Duronto Express 10:30 destination
12289 Mumbai CST – Nagpur Duronto Express origin 20:15
12290 Nagpur – Mumbai CST Duronto Express 07:55 destination
12321 Howrah – Mumbai CST Mail (via Allahabad) 11:25 destination
12322 Mumbai CST – Howrah Mail (via Allahabad) origin 21:30
12361 Asansol-Mumbai CST SF Express 06:15 destination
12362 Mumbai CST-Asansol SF Express origin 11:05
12533 Pushpak Express 20:05 destination
12534 Pushpak Express origin 08:20
12701 Hussain Sagar SF Express origin 21:50
12702 Hussain Sagar SF Express 04:55 destination
12809 Mumbai CST- Howrah Mail (via Nagpur) origin 20:35
12810 Howrah – Mumbai Mail (via Nagpur) 05:20 destination
12859 Gitanjali Express origin 06:00
12860 Gitanjali Express 21:20 destination
12869 Mumbai CST – Howrah Weekly SF Express origin 11:05
12870 Howrah – Mumbai CST Weekly SF Express 23:15 destination
15101 Chhapra-Mumbai Jansadharan Express(CPR-CSTM) 06:25 destination
15102 Mumbai CST Chhapra Jansadharan Express(CSTM-CPR) origin 15:35
16331 Mumbai CST-Trivandrum Weekly Express origin 12:10
16332 Trivandrum-Mumbai CST Weekly Express 20:50 destination
16339 Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Express origin 12:10
16340 Nagercoil-Mumbai CST Express 20:50 destination
16351 Mumbai CST-Nagercoil Balaji Express origin 12:10
16352 Nagercoil-Mumbai CST Balaji Express 20:50 destination
16381 Jayanti Janta Express origin 15:45
16382 Jayanti Janta Express 04:40 destination
16529 Udyan Express(CSTM-SBC) origin 08:05
16530 Udyan Express(SBC-CSTM) 19:55 destination
17031 Mumbai CST-Hyderabad Express origin 12:45
17032 Hyderabad-Mumbai CST Express 13:05 destination
17057 Devagiri Express origin 21:10
17058 Devagiri Express 07:10 destination
17411 MAHALAXMI EXP origin 20:23
17412 Mahalaxmi Express 07:25 destination
17617 Tapovan Express origin 06:15
17618 Tapovan Express 21:50 destination
22105 Indrayani SF Express(CSTM-PUNE) origin 05:40
22106 Indrayani SF Express(PUNE-CSTM) 22:00 destination
22107 Mumbai CST-Latur SF Express origin 21:00
22108 Latur-Mumbai CST SF Express 08:05 destination
51027 Mumbai CST – Pandharpur Fast Passenger origin 22:55
51028 Pandharpur – Mumbai CST Fast Passenger 04:10 destination
51029 Mumbai CST-Bijapur Fast Passenger origin 22:55
51030 Bijapur – Mumbai CST Fast Passenger 04:10 destination
51033 Mumbai CST – SainagarShirdi Fast Passenger(Via Daund) origin 22:55
51034 Sainagar Shirdi-Mumbai CST Fast Passenger (Via Daund) 04:10 destination
51196 BPQ WR PASS 12:00 destination

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