Indian Railways Launched Suvidha Trains with Dynamic Fare System

Do you know about Suvidha trains that were introduced by the Indian Railways department supposed to be backed with dynamic fare system process? Looking for information about Suvidha trains? If yes, here you will definitely come to know of the same. In recent few years, the department of Railways has introduced Suvidha trains, just to cope up the rush and demand and definitely to benefit and provide the ease and comfort level to each traveller as well as people who comes from each corner of the world. Booking reservations in these trains though has its own rules and policies. One of them is the period in which the tickets could be booked and that is in advance up to 30 days and minimum of 10 days only, it could be done. There is no concession to get tickets in them and irrespective of which age group you are, every person has to pay the same price in order to travel in them. The tickets could be bought online as well as from PRS counters. No other features like concessional vouchers, free passes, warrants or anything are available while buying them. While being on the travel, passengers have to show authentic ID proof for verification. There is no defined coach composition in the train and these trains run only and only during the peak times when there is so much demand. It is always advisable to all looking for tickets in them to get reservations a month in advance and enjoy a safe journey.

Want to know about Suvidha trains? Looking for Suvidha train booking start time? Suvidha trains have been introduced by Indian Railways recently and the motive is to benefit each traveller of the country and also those who are coming from others parts of the world. Though, to get tickets and seats in the same has its own rules and conditions. First of all, there is a time span till which people can get tickets in Suvidha train booking start time and it is like that could be done in an advance period of 30 days and minimal of 10 days. There is no way that you can get tickets in these trains any time and no concession of any sort is been provided in them. Irrespective of the age group, everyone needs to pay the same price in order to travel in them. Other features like free passes, concessional vouchers, warrants or likewise no such thing is allowed in them. To get the tickets, users can go for e-ticketing services and get them from PRS counters. The trains don’t have any up-gradation option available and while being on the travel, travellers actually have to show them their valid and authentic ID proof. Also, just for the record, they don’t have coach classification too and these trains all depending on the demand could operate in peak times too. So, get tickets in advance a month in these trains and have a safe travel.

Want to grab rail info about Indian Railways introduced Suvidha trains known to be having dynamic fare system? Suvidha trains are been introduced for the benefit of each passenger of the country and also for those travellers who love to visit and travel different cities and towns in India. Though, the launch of Suvidha trains is been done on its own grounds of terms and conditions. The passengers who will get confirmed tickets and who will have RAC status tickets will be provided with proper accommodation and there is absolutely no provision provided for waiting list status. To get the tickets in these trains, an advance period of 30 days is been provided and minimum of 10 days. There is no concession of any kind provided in these trains. No matter, whether you are a kid or an elderly, everyone is going to be charged with full fare price.

Concessional vouchers, free passes, warrants or any such thing is not allowed in these trains. To buy the tickets, people need to opt for e-ticketing services and get them through PRS counters. No duplicacy or modification is allowed and Suvidha trains don’t have any up-gradation option. During the journey, passengers need to show valid ID proof for the verification purpose and they don’t have coach composition as in like general class, first class, second sitting coach, first AC coach or first class. Depending on the rush and demand, Suvidha trains might also operate at peak season time like during winter rush, summer rush, festivals, special occasions, and so on.

As per the information, a proposal is been provided for three kinds of Suvidha trains services and they are like as mentioned in below.

  • Mixed services provided, operating as mail or express trains with few stoppages throughout the journey and the base price will include the mail/express base fare + tatkal charges
  • Mixed services provided, operating as Duronto express with no stoppages in between the journey and the base price will include tatkal charges and base price of Duronto
  • Fully AC services provided with or without stoppages, depending on the route and the base price will include the tatkal charges and Rajdhani base fare

Aside from this, in case there will be huge demand for such kind of trains, Zonal Indian Railways has planned to launch Double Decker kind of trains or fully AC Shatabdi trains. Suvidha trains are known to be running and based upon dynamic fare system according to which fares will include everything including service tax, reservation charge, catering charge, S/F and more. At the time of charting, current booking counters will offer vacant berths as well. And at the time of booking tickets, passengers will be provided by each bit of information. It is been applicable w.e.f 1st July, 2017 and for flat cancellation of tickets, charge will get deduced depending on the class of travel. The price of ticket is definitely not going to see any downward movement and these special trains have undoubtedly dynamic fare system that people should be aware of.

The latest good news for the passengers of Indian Railway is that the Railway Ministry has planned to lunch Suvidha Trains for benefit of each and every citizen across the country and for those foreigners who would like to visit the different parts of the country. But the facilities do come with following conditions and terms. Only RAC and confirmed passengers will be issued with accommodation. No provision is present for waiting list.

  • There is given a 30 day advance reservation period at the maximum and the 10 days for the minimum period. Within this limit, the precise ARP for every train is to be determined by the Zonal Railways.
  • These trains will not have any concessions. Irrespective of age, all passengers are to be charged full adult fare. Moreover, complimentary passes/ free passes/ concessional voucher/warrant, etc. are not permitted in such trains.
  • Through PRS counters and e-ticketing, tickets are available.
  • Cluster booking/ duplicate ticket/ BPT/ modifications are not allowed.
  • Booking of general quota is applicable only.
  • These trains do not have upgradation option.
  • Any of the valid Identity Cards is to be produced by passengers for verification purpose during the journey for PRS ticket and e-ticket.
  • Such train services, depending upon demand pattern might run at peak seasons such as summer rush, winter rush, Holi rush, Dussehara rush as well as other occasions as decided jointly by Zonal Railways’ CCMs and COMs.
  • These trains do not have any kind of composition in it like 2nd sitting coach/ general class/ executive class/ First Class/ First AC.

There Has Been Proposal For Three Such Train Service Types:

  • Fully AC services without/with stoppages: Its Base Price – (Tatkal charges + Rajdhani base fare)
  • Mixed services not having enroute commercial stoppages based upon mixed Duronto pattern: Its Base Price – (Tatkal charges + base fare of Mixed Duronto).
  • Mixed services having few enroute stoppages and running as Express/Mail: Its Base Price: (Tatkal charges + Express/Mail base fare).
  • Besides the above, Zonal Railways has planned to introduce fully AC Shatabdi or Double Decker types, if there is huge demand with respective train category fares given
  • These trains run upon dynamic fare system. There are also there charges to be availed in full, added up to the base fare such as catering charge, reservation charge, service tax, S/F, etc.
  • Current booking counters are to be offered with vacant berth, during charting time. Current counters having tickets is to be sold at last price for the class along with supplementary charges such as super fast charges, reservation charges, applicable service tax, catering charges and superfast charges.
  • At the time of booking, passengers would be displayed with information, if lower class fare becomes higher than that of higher class for exercising the option to choose travelling by high class.
  • Fare is not to see any downward movement.
  • Flat cancellation charge of Rs. 100 for AC – 2 Tier / First Class, Rs. 90 for AC – 3 Tier / 3 Economy / AC chair car, Rs. 60 for Sleeper class is to be provided for RAC / Confirmed tickets before 6 hours of the train’s scheduled departure and to be provided with 50% refund on fare. After that, no fare refund is entitled and is granted only by filing TDR for e-tickets and for PRS counter ticket across counter.
  • Such services are anticipated special trains and above regular train services upon Tatkal fares.
  • It is w.e.f. 01.07.2015 that there has been implementation of the above guidelines by the Indian Railways.

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