High speed coaches soon in India

Indian Railways farfetched approach to high-speed mobility will soon be feasible due to Spanish company Talgo’s coaches. Tremendous progress has been made on Delhi-Mumbai railway section for running high speed trains . Talgo’s coaches are lighter and can be used on existing tracks. Let have a sneak peak of astonishing high speed coaches.

These high speed coaches will be integrated with existing engine to run on tracks. India is planning to import the rake components and assemble it here. The rake will be imported in knocked down condition and be assembled in India.

A trail run is scheduled to test speeds between 160 and 200 kmph on existing tracks on Rajdhani Express (Delhi-Mumbai) route.

On successful completion of all the test, the train will be launched for travel. Talgo has waived off the test run cost.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu motive is to lessen the travel time on the Delhi-Mumbai route by 5 hours through Talgo coaches. Tests to avoid any upgrade are being done. Talgo has brought its trains on an experimental basis for the project.

Talgo coaches are energy efficient with 30% lesser consumption. They can also higher speeds even on curves.

Talgo trains are operational in several places in Asia and the US.Let us hope for more steps to ease mobility and transportation.

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