Check This Before Going for Online Booking of Your Ticket

Want to know about how to do the online booking of train tickets? IRCTC – Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation is the official site of the Railways department and is the key to everything, whether it is online reservation of train tickets, or checking out the real time running status of any train, making and getting answer to any enquiry online, seeing the number of trains running in between specified destinations, etc. It is founded only to offer the ease and convenience to the passengers. Before doing or availing any service from the website, it is required to sign up on this platform. Once you have made your account, enter in the credentials over the platform, and enter in your interface. Even in case, you forgot the user name and password, there is a way to retrieve the same without any problem. There is forget password column and once you click on that, you can get the option of retrieving the password and continue using the services provided by the department of Railways. Indeed, the authorities and department has made a lot of changes in the system to smooth the overall process of making reservations. So, use the platform and have a safe travel!

The department of Railway also has improved a lot in the last few decades. There are a lot of new systems and services launched to enhance the services as well as the class of services. The most important service that has changed the scenario of the modern railway is the booking system. Nowadays the passengers can go for online booking which can be done with the help of a computer or even a smartphone. Both of the systems functions differently, but the ultimate task is same. However, for a majority of the passengers to book the ticket online with the help of a computer is more convenient and hence they love to go to the official site of the department.

Before initiating the process of booking one has to sign up on the page of IRCTC. While signing the page, one needs to provide a few of his personal details such as name, number and mail id as well as the address. He also has to generate a login ID and a password. Here it is important to remember the password as in the case of entering a wrong password; one may be blocked, and he may require to go for IRCTC password change but how to do in IRCTC website? Well, the website is designed in an efficient manner and hence majority it is self-explanatory only, or one can also check the section of the FAQ where a number of steps are mentioned.

The process:

For any website, the user id and password are the most important points to have the user access to the website. The same principle applies to the website of the railway as well as applications also. While signing up the application or website, one has to select a user id and a password. They are also sent to the mail id provided by the user. In case one forgets the password he is asked to have a new password. Before going for a new password, one has to verify the id and for that, he has to submit some personal details which he might have given at the time of signing up.

To have the password reset one needs to click on the forget password. Once he has clicked there will be another link where the user is asked to provide his user id. After submitting the user id, he is intimated about a link sent to the mail id provided at the sign-up stage and in the record of the department. The user needs to click on the link to change the password. Once the password is reset, he can go to the login page again and try to log in with the new password. Hence to change the password on the site as well as the application is almost self-explanatory and much easy as well as simple. Those who are used to login on the emails and other systems, it is just a game to change the password here. It is made too simple that a novice can also do it.


If you forget Passwords then reset your password on this way:

step 1. Reset IRCTC Password Through IRCTC Portal


Step 2. enter your user ID of the irctc account for which you would like to reset the password


Step 3: Enter security question


if You Don’t Know Answer to Security Question then Request OTP


Over the last few years, Indian Railways has done major changes in its system and undoubtedly, being such a large network is been reckoned at a wide national and international level. Amongst so many enhancements and improvisations in the overall system, online booking is the one that eased up life of people at a large level. People can easily do online reservations using their SmartPhones or PCs, though they both have different interfaces but the process is same. Most of the users are comfortable using their laptops or PCs while making out the reservations. First of all, in order to do the online bookings, people have to register their account on IRCTC – the official site of Indian Railways and for the same, they have to enter few details like their personal data and others and once the account is created, user id and password is generated. Every time, a person has to login the IRCTC site, he needs to enter the correct user id and password for the same. Once entered, people can do the bookings easily, simply by mentioning their first the source destination from where they have to board the train, the destination station where they will de-board and the date of travel and within a click, a list will come enlisting all about the trains running in between those stations. As per the suitability and seat availability, feel free to book the tickets in that train on the desired date and enjoy a safe and smooth travel!

How to Recover IRCTC Forgot Password and Mobile Number

How to recover IRCTC forgot password and mobile number? Well, there are three ways through which you can recover IRCTC password, either by recovering through registered mobile number, or e-mail id, or contacting the customer care department of IRCTC. If you have forgot IRCTC password or mobile number, first of all click on the forgot link and it will ask you to recover the same through registered email id. The steps would be as follows.

  1. Visit the IRCTC site and click on forgot password link.
  2. Enter the username and click on proceed.
  3. You will be redirected to a page asking a security question that you must have filled at the time of making the account on the site. Remembering the answer is the key to access the IRCTC account.
  4. As soon as you will proceed from here, you will get an e-mail for IRCTC password or mobile number reset with a set of instructions.
  5. Reset it by following the same and submit.
  6. It is done and now you can login the IRCTC site by entering in the new login details and make the bookings.

Have a safe and smooth journey!

How can I Unsuspend my IRCTC account?

How can I Unsuspend my Irctc account? Do you want to re-activate your IRCTC account? The process to do the same is pretty simple and all you have to do is to send the respective details related to your IRCTC account from your verified and registered email id at the IRCTC site depicting about your suspended account and information to The email should cover all details including the user name and password of your IRCTC account, registered address, registered mobile number and so. The official site of Indian railways could block or suspend your account in any case of suspicious activity if detected and could be re-activated too. Within 24-48 hours of time, the Indian railways make sure to re-activating your account without any problem, if the suspicious reason or whatsoever reason because of which, it got resolved got verified. Over the years, the Railways department and authorities have been trying hard to ease down the concerns of the travellers and providing them with new solutions and facilities. Using IRCTC, from booking to checking out train delay status to enquire about anything related to them, is been easy. So, use the service and enjoy the train travel without any hassle.

What if my seat is not confirmed? My money will be refunded or not.

What if my seat in the train is not confirmed? My money will be refunded or not? This is a common concern among many travellers. If you rail ticket remains fully waitlisted even after the chart preparation, it is going to get cancelled automatically from the Indian Railways end and full money will be refunded back to the source with which payment is been done at the time booking. In case, a train get cancelled due to any reason, the refund will be processed within 24 hours of the date of the travel. Though, in reflecting your amount in the account, it could take around 7 to 10 business days in seeing the same. In case, your train rail ticket is confirmed, one has the option to cancel it before 48 hours of travel and get some amount back. If the ticket is cancelled from your end, some money is always deducted and full amount is not refunded. The cancellation charges vary depending on the coach class in which passengers are travelling like in sleeper class, it is Rs. 120, in second class sitting, it is Rs. 60, in AC Chair or AC three class, it is Rs. 180.

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