How to Change Name in Railway e-ticket Online?

Travelling via trains in India is been very common and considered among the comfortable and fun journeys all along. People simply love to take a tour of the country with trains and feel closer to nature, get a chance to see the parts of the country from close enough and relax and have moments while being on the travel. Looking for a way how to change name in Indian Railways e-ticket online these days? Did you just booked the tickets with wrong name or any of the family member or relative with whom you are travelling; got its name incorrect or so? Well, with the help of technology things have been pretty simpler these days. To do the same online, users need to login their IRCTC account using right credentials, get to the link – change boarding point and passenger name request form, download it and once it is done, fill them correctly and upload the same from there only. In this way, the name could be changed online without any problem. If you can go to a nearby station or the boarding station, at the help desk give the passenger identity proof along with a print out of the ticket and seek for the change for a person’s name and they will do it too. They will give you a form, which you need to fill and will also give you a receipt of changed names while being on the train. Hope the information is clear and useful to you all!

In the present scenario, travelling has become very tentative. To move from one spot to another has become very common in our daily lives. And, we keep travelling from our native places to metropolitan cities and so on! Mode of transportation purely relies on the passenger who is travelling. Say, if you are blessed to be rich, then you can board a flight. Say if you are not, then you can use the buses. If you are in the upper middle class, you can use your own vehicles. If nothing works out then, you can use trains. All the people mutually like trains. Only because of the comfort and luxury that it gives for the money we pay for them. Say, we have all types of comforts opt trains. Any person can travel from one place to another with the help of railways with a very small amount of money. If you need luxury then, you can go ahead with air conditioning compartment. Likewise, it is divided into several parts. This is one main reason that everyone prefers the train over flights and buses. This is cost effective as well as comfortable.

How do we travel?

Travelling in the train is very simple. Just have a ticket and board the train. You can get it the same from the railway station counter, or book it online. When you book it online, you will have to give all your personal details, and these will be stored in the database containing the passenger list. To modify them or change names in the account of emergencies is considered as a tedious task, but nowadays it has become a little easier than what we thought. If you are not travelling and if you have to change name in railway e-ticket online, what should you do? How easy or tough the process is? Let us have a quick look on all these things right away.

Simple ways to change the name

When you need to change the name of the passenger, then you need to walk right away to the boarding station or nearest station. This should be done 24 hours before your journey. We can never do this after that. So, it is not possible to do online as well. You just move to the station for that. The first thing that you need to do is to take the print out of the e-ticket. Take this and walk to the station nearby. Take the photo identity proof of the passenger who is travelling instead of you. The station will provide you with a form for changing the passenger list. Fill the correct name and give it to the person. Make sure you get the receipt because if any problem occurs you need to show the receipt or else you will be fined for travelling on the wrong name. When this was a tedious process for everyone, Indian Railways introduced the online forms for doing this. You can easily download the form “Change boarding point and passenger name request”. Fill them and you will have to upload them as well. You will get a message on mail and your phone. This way you can change the name online.

Want to know about how to change name in the railway e-ticket online? Are you looking for such piece of information? If yes, read on the following and you will get your answers for sure. Travel via train in India is undoubtedly passionate and loved by almost everyone. Along with being adored, train journeys are meant to be fun and comfortable. People actually get the chance to seek into the nature and get blessings of it from close by. Have you booked your reservations with some wrong name or the spelling of it is not right or so? With technology, processes are absolutely simpler these days and it is easy to make respective changes in the name online and it is a matter of seconds to the same. If you are one of them and wish to change the name, do login your IRCTC account first, get to change passenger name and boarding point request form link once entered, download it, fill it and upload the form carefully on the same link. This way, the name will get changed as per the requirement online within seconds and then you can just sit back and relax. Otherwise, if you want to go to any nearby railway station, then at the help desk, ask for the print out of the ticket and seek for the change by showing valid ID proof to them. The process is same but in this case, it would be time consuming as you are going to the station and asking for the form. Enjoy the technology power and train journey!

Can we transfer our indian railway ticket to third person?

Can we transfer our Indian railway ticket to third person? Yes, this is now possible to transfer the confirmed ticket to another person with ease. Indian Railways has issued a new set of guidelines that allows the transfer of a confirmed ticket to another person by the passenger. If someone has a confirmed ticket and cannot catch the train for some reason, they can now transfer that confirmed ticket to someone, a family member and save the time and money spent on the same. To do so, one has to follow the existing Railway norms.

  1. A written request need to be submitted by the passenger to the nearest train reservation office 24 hours in advance the appointed time of train departure, describing details of the passenger name that ticket need to be issued. The person need to carry the original ID proof, e-reservation slip proof at the time of travel. The e-tickets can be transferred only to family members like father, mother, brother, son, sister, husband, wife, or daughter.
  2. All such requests will be only approved once.

Hope, the information made the concern clear so do follow the same and have a safe travel!

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