About the Metro Station Near Humayun’s tomb

How to Reach Kailash Colony Metro Station in Violet Line?

The violet line is been considered and counted among one of the six lines of the Delhi metro network, which is a renowned rapid transit system in Delhi, India. The prominent stations that fall on the violet line are Kashmere Gate, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi, Rajiv Chowk, Patel Chowk, Central Secretariat and the interchange junctions are Central Secretariat, Khan Market, Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Jangpura, Lajpat Nagar, Moolchand and Kailash Colony. Kailash Colony metro station is located in between Nehru Place and Moolchand metro station on the violet line and it is simple to catch a violet line from any of the junctions as mentioned in above, and drop by at Kailash colony metro station. The nearest stations lying to Kailash colony metro station is Moolchand or Nehru Place station. It starts from Kashmere Gate on one end and heads towards Faridabad. To grab more details about the violet line, it is simple and easy to simply check out the metro route map of the violet line railways and then figure out that which junction you can board the metro nearby to your place and then how much time it will take you to drop by at Kailash Colony and in the process, whether you need to change somewhere in between as well. Metro rail network is undoubtedly the time saving and quickest means of transportation these days, so make use of the same and enjoy the travel.

Want to know about how to reach Humayun Tomb from New Delhi Metro station?
If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. Humayun Tomb is one of the widely visited and famous tourist destinations in New Delhi and a lot of tourists from all around prefer to pay a visit here, whenever they are in the city. New Delhi metro station is at about 7 kms distance from Humayun Tomb and that could be easily covered via travelling in a private taxi like Ola or Uber or in a private auto and all depending on the traffic, it will take in between 10 to 15 minutes to cover the distance. The nearest metro station to Humayun Tomb is Jawaharlal Nehru station that is at about 2 kms distance from the place. So, people can also think of getting at the particular metro station and then go to Humayun tomb without any problem. Other option could be to de-board the metro at Jangpura metro station that is at 4 kms distance from Humayun’s tomb and that could also be covered in like hardly 5 to 7 minutes by an auto or a taxi. Metro rail network is the efficient and quickest means to travel around in the city, avoiding the traffic and beating the summer as well and travel without any hassle. So, use the same and enjoy the places that hold historical importance as well.

Nearest metro station to Humayun Tomb

Have you ever seen captivating Humayun tomb yet? There are different reasons behind the beauty, spell and magnificence of Delhi and its historical monuments and the major ones are the capital of the country, richness and diversity in culture and tradition and the fact that once it was been ruled by Mughal emperors and rulers. And this is certainly one of the reasons that Delhi has such magical and splendid monuments. Even, the reckoned markets that are nearby including Khan Market and Chandni Chowk have all their essentials involved in the food and meals and that is because of them too. Even, Government has taken major steps in order to develop this place and after Commonwealth games has provided an altogether different shape to the city. And Humayun tomb is one of the prime tourist spots visited by many been located in the Nizamuddin area.

It is been made by the famous second Mughal ruler Humayun and the tomb is been lying on the banks of holy and mighty river Yamuna. The architecture in itself is so great and impressive and is an outstanding example of Mughal architecture and royalty that even after almost 500 years, it is been exactly the same. Been built under the supervision of Mughal ruler’s wife, it resembles well known and acknowledged Irani Charbagh and it has been even revealed that the tomb is been made from getting inspired from Charbagh. Wondering how to reach there and which is the nearest metro station to Humayun tomb? Well the nearest metro station is Jor Bagh station lying on the yellow line of metro railways from where it would be easy to reach the spot by taking an auto or a taxi.

Aside from this, people can also drop by at JLN stadium lying over the purple line of metro railways that is also nearby to Humayun tomb and from there; it is very simple to reach there. As per the choice and preference, people can de-board metro at any of the stations and from any one of them, it is pretty simple to reach Humayun tomb as the distance is hardly in a range of 1 to 2km and it could be covered by taking simply a walk or by taking an auto rickshaw. There are other modes as well that you can use to reach there but it is always advisable to use metro rail services to stay away from traffic as well as save your time. Also, being in close distance to Sarai Kale Khan, it is not only advisable but also supposed to be the best to use metro rail services only as it keeps you safe from bad weather conditions too. Along with this, Indian Railways is been proffering so many advanced and updated facilities and amenities including train tickets, seat availability, PNR status, online time table, distance in between trains, and likewise. So, be aware of the same and have an enjoyable and hassle free journey.

One of the prominent reasons behind Delhi being so rich in culture is that it once was the capital of Mughal rulers. It is due to their contribution and during their reign that this place has some of its most majestic monuments. Also, the food eaten here and the popular markets in the city, like Chandni Chowk and Khan Market have all acquired their essentials due to these rulers. Although the government has done a great deal to develop this place, the main development of Delhi took place after the Commonwealth games and what we see today is an entirely different city than the one that existed during the Mughals.

Humayun’s tomb

One of the major tourist attractions in the city is the tomb of the second Mughal ruler Humayun which is situated in Nizamuddin area and lies on the bank of the holy river Yamuna. The architecture of this beautiful tomb is the purest example of Mughal royal architecture and even after almost five hundred years of existence, this tomb has retained its beauty and royalty. The tomb was built by the ruler’s wife and it greatly resembles the popular Irani Charbag, therefore, it is aid that the inspiration for building this tomb was taken from Charbagh itself.

The place is frequented by visitors from foreign countries as well as from India itself too. There are many photography walks organized all around the year since the tomb itself and the three beautiful gardens surrounding the tomb are worth capturing from your camera. There are no specific months for visiting this beautiful architectural brilliance but morning is the best time to go, since the place gathers lot of crowd by the evening as many local residents come over to see the place every now and then too.


How to get there

Humayun’s Tomb is in close proximity with Sarai Kale Khan and in order to get there, it is best to use the Delhi metro services, since it is almost summer and the weather in the city is really hot. Metro is the medium of transportation in Delhi owing to the fact that the roads here are pretty jam-packed almost all round the year. The metros also have air conditioning, thus keeping you at comfort and protected from the skin burning heat outside.

Humayun’s Tomb lies on the yellow line and the nearest metro station to Humayun’s tomb is Jor Bagh on the yellow line or JLN Stadium on the purple line, depending on which route you are travelling. Both these lines are partly underground so the temperature is something you ought not to worry about. From the metro station, the distance is about a kilometre and half and you may take a rickshaw or simply walk to the main area of the tomb. There are also buses running that drop you nearby the tomb but again, it is better to keep yourself protected in the summer months and opt for the safest mode of transportation – Delhi Metro.

Besides these, Indian Railways also offers hi tech facilities such as online booking of train tickets, online checking of pnr status, etc. You can visit railways website or travelkhana to know more.

How to Reach India Gate from Rajiv Chowk

Unlike the earlier times, travel has now transformed completely, especially the public transportation. From buses and autos to modernized metro trains, advancements in the form of transportation has benefited the common public very significantly.

Metro has spread its branches every where now. From Delhi to NCR, you could easily commute anywhere you want to via metro trains.

One of the most significant lines of metro is the yellow line since it allows various metro lines like blue, pink, violet, purple, magenta line intersect with itself. Covering almost 49 KM’s route, the yellow line connects the Central Delhi (Rajiv Chowk) with Gurgaon, including 37 metro stations.

You could easily use this route to reach the India gate.

Direct route

  • Rajiv chowk metro station is located at the Central Delhi, which allows you to reach many important places of Delhi easily. If you want to go to the India gate, you could get down on Rajiv Chowk, gate number 2. A 7-mins ride covering almost 4.3 KM’s would be sufficient to take you to the India gate.
  • Via Red Line – if you are traveling via red line, you could change at Kashmere gate and take the yellow line towards HUDA city centre, 3 stations gap and you would reach India gate
  • Via Pink Line – you could either change from Azadpur metro station or INA metro station to connect to the yellow line for Rajiv Chowk.

• Via Blue Line – if you are traveling via blue line, Rajiv Chowk is almost the middle station of it. You could get down at Rajiv Chowk and take an auto to India gate.

How to Reach India Gate from Vaishali

How to Reach India Gate from Vaishali? The distance between Vaishali and India Gate is of 16 km. If you are travelling via car or a private taxi, it is going to be around 29 minutes via Delhi Meerut Expressway. Though, in the city, it is always suggested to do travel via metro rather than any other means as it is not only the fastest way of travelling at present but also is safe in avoiding the traffic and beating the heat of the city as well. If you want to travel via metro, then take the metro from Vaishali metro station in Ghaziabad, on the blue line heading towards Dwarka Sector 21, and get down at Pragati Maidan, and take down the metro from Supreme Court at Pragati Maidan metro station moving towards J.L Nehru Stadium and get down at National Gallery of Modern Art. From there, India Gate is just at 650 m distance and reaching via using an auto or walking is not an issue at all. India Gate is worth seeing and is also referred to as All India War Memorial and its structure is been developed by Edwin Lutyens. And, it looks so beautiful especially in the night with all the lighting that makes it even more worth seeing spot in the city.

Want to know about how to reach Humayun’s Tomb from Dwarka

Want to know about how to reach Humayuns Tomb from Dwarka? The distance between Dwarka in New Delhi and Humayuns Tomb is 25.9 km and it is going to take about 1 hour and 10 minutes in covering this distance via Dwarka road. One of the other effective ways to travel in between them is to use the metro line and it is not only affordable but also is time saving and will let you beat the traffic too. Take the metro from Dwarka metro station in New Delhi Sector 11 and head on the metro on the blue line moving in the direction of Noida Electronic City and get down at Pragati Maidan. Walk a bit from here, and take the metro from Supreme Court station or the Pragati Maidan metro station and get on the line moving towards Abdul Fazal Enclave or Okhla Extension and get down at Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin station. From here, Humayuns Tomb is just at 900 m distance and it is going to take about 10 to 12 minutes in reaching via using an e-rickshaw or an auto rickshaw as per the convenience. The fare in the process will be taking Rs. 55 and the travel time is about 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Want to know about how to reach Humayun’s Tomb from Noida Electronic City metro station

Want to know about how to reach Humayun’s Tomb from Noida Electronic City metro station? If you are travelling via your vehicle, the distance via road between Noida Electronic City and Humayun’s Tomb is about 18.5 km. It is going to take approximately 25 to 30 minutes via car or taxi in covering this distance. The travel time will also depend on the traffic at that time in the city. The other safe and quick way to travel and cover the distance is via metro. Metros are safe and fast, and undeniably has own advantages. If you are preferring the metro, it is going to take about 1 hour and 15 minutes in reaching Humayun Tomb. The fare in the travel would be about Rs. 55. First, take the metro from Noida Electronic City on the blue line heading towards Dwarka Sector 21 and get down at Supreme Court. Take the metro from Supreme Court or Pragati Maidan metro station moving towards Okhla Extension and get down at Police Station Nizamuddin. Humayun’s Tomb is at a walking distance from here at a distance of around 1 km and it is going to take hardly 10 minutes in reaching there.

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