The food delivery: can there be any better option?

The railways have a number of commuters moving from one destination to another for different reasons. There are lots of trains keep on running on tracks to help the passenger reach their location. All the things with railways are really good and effective, but when it comes to the long route journey and food availability in train during such journey, there is a big question mark on the performance of railway. There are many trials and errors done in the past by the department, but got no result and hence finally it shook hands with the private players who are in the field of food parcel delivery.

The passengers who travel by long distance train need food during the journey. The train usually stops at a few stations only and majority of the time it stops for a few minutes only. In such situation for a passenger, it is highly difficult to fetch some food from the stalls on the platform also. Hence, the busy stations such as Allahabad junction also one cannot get the food that can satiate his tummy. Then in such case, what is the option left for one who wants to have the food delivery in train Allahabad Jn? For some years there was no answer to such questions, but now with the change of technology the food parcel delivery is the right answer for the same. It is a much different service than ordinary food parcel delivery.

How does it help?

Well, the system established by the service provider is much effective and hence it is easier for one to place an order. One can use his phone to place an order by calling the customer care or go to the site of the service provider and check the details as well as place the food parcel order. In any of the options he can first know the menu and rates as well as other categories of food so that can have a wide choice. In such situation, he just needs to provide certain details such as name, number, and PNR number so that the service provider can verify the same. Once the order is placed, he can also prefer an option for payment such as pay through a card, net banking or by cash on delivery.

Once the order is placed the concerned centre of the food parcel service provider is informed and as the train arrives at the platform of the concerned station, he gets the food parcel delivery from the delivery boy at his seat. He can make the payment to him if the option of cash on delivery is chosen.

This service is much popular as there are lots of benefits associated with the same. The passenger can have fresh and tasty food that can help him enjoy the journey. The quantity as well as rates are reasonable and hence one may feel like eating at a hotel. The food is also tasty and prepared by the expert cook in the kitchen that makes a huge difference than eating an ordinary meal.

Have a family holiday in Ahmedabad

Ahmadabad being the second most important city in the state of Gujarat is the place where a large scale of cotton is manufactured. It is also known as the Manchester of India. There are many places to visit once one reaches this city for a holiday.

Gandhi Ashram or Sabarmati Ashram: This is the most popular tourist destination in Ahmadabad as this Ashram was the residence of Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who is still known as the Father of the Nation. He had contributed a lot in India’s freedom struggle and many things and revolutions started from here from this ashram. It is from here, the famous Dandi March was initiated by Gandhi. This was a shelter for many freedom fighters at that point of time. Now, this has been turned into a museum where everyday things are kept and displayed which were integral parts of Mahatma Gandhi’s daily life. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, this place has a serene and peaceful ambience.

Kankaria Lake: This was earlier known as ‘Hauj e Kutub’ when it was built long ago in 1451 CE and was built by Sultan Kutubuddin. There is also a garden built in the middle of the lake, which has been named as Nagina Wadi. This is an Urdu word, which means beautiful garden. This place is one of the most favorite picnic spots for the local people here as it also provide a kid’s playground with some exciting rides and a toy train. This place remains always filled up during weekends and one must visit this place once in Ahmadabad.

Sidi Sayed Masjid: This is a mosque which was built many years ago in 1573 and is considered to be one of the oldest mosques in India. The entire mosque was built by pure marble, and there is a beautiful design made of Net on the wall which is worth a watch. This place has a lot of tourist attractions every year.

Laal Darwaza: This is a place which faces a lot of tourist visit every day because this is the place where one gets to shop all the traditional Gujarati Artifacts. Here, many stalls have been set up on the pavements and footpaths as they sell all the things in a very cheap rate. One needs to find out some exquisite things from here at a very cheap rate.

Vastrapur Lake: This is located in the west of Ahmadabad and has been taken care of by Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation. This is an open space with fresh breeze and one comes here to relax from the daily chores of city life. This is a nice place for morning and evening walks.

If one wants to order food online in train at Ahmedabad junction, they should know the special dishes provided here. Most of the dishes served here are vegetarian and the amount of sugar and ghee used in the local food is high. One can try the most famous Gujarati Thali here which serves a variety of local dishes in a single platter.

Travel to some beautiful parts of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. This is also known as the heart of India. There are many places which one can visit here.

Bhopal: This place was famously known as the Bhojpal in the 11th century and at present this is the place where urban modernity and historical evidences go for a perfect blend. This place has a major influence of the 19th century Muslim rulers and this place is divided into two parts with a pair of lakes. This city is the capital of this state and is also popularly known as the city of Lakes. The major attractions here are Van Vihar, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, and Gumpha Mandir.

Bandhavgarh National Park: This is one of the famous reserve forests in India and it is the best possible place to spot tigers. Apart from tigers, one can get to see a large variety of birds (more than 250 species) and more than 35 types of wild animals. This forest covers an area of 446 square kilometres and if one wants to see the large variety of birds, they can visit this place in winter. One can opt for either jeep safaris or for elephant safaris to visit the jungle.

Mandu: This place was originally called Madavgarh and is situated at a height of 2000 feet. This place has a brilliant scenic beauty and this place is quiet and serene where one can spend a relaxed holiday far away from regular crowds. Mandu has lovely places to visit like Jahaj Mahal, Rewa Kund, Bagh Caves, Rani Roopmati Mahal and Hoshang Shah’s Tomb.

Maheshwar: This place is popularly known as the Varanasi of Central India and this place is located at the banks of Narmada River. This place is a holy one, entirely devoted to the Lord Shiva and there are many temples dedicated to this god as well. Then there are Maheshwar Palace, Bhawani Mata Mandir, Ahilya Palace and many more. This place is also famous for Maheshwari silks which produces sarees and scarves.

Ujjain: This one of the old cities of India and is said to be one of the seven important centres of Hindu pilgrimage in this country. This city is situated at the banks of River Shipra and it has been one of the important centres of learning in ancient India. Places to visit in Ujjain are Kal Bhairav temple, Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Jantar Mantar and Kalidas Palace.

Here the local people mainly cook the agricultural food items, which they produce on their own in this place. There are many things that they cultivate here; the major item being rice. People have lot of farms here and so dairy products like milk, ghee, curd, and butter are also available in abundance here. In this place, Daal Bafla is one popular dish. It is a variation dish of the famous Daal Bati Churma of Rajasthan. To get food on train at Itarsi, one can order these special dishes and get the taste of these cuisines.

Find and boarding your train in an easy manner

A railway station has a carnival atmosphere with vendors, passengers, hustle and bustle with plenty of activities all over the place. If you are absent minded and wait at the wrong platform, it may spell disaster, especially so when the train may stand at a designated platform for a couple of minutes and you have a lot of luggage to carry. So how do you find and board your train!

Once you reach the station

After reaching the station, the first thing that you need to do is to find out on which platform your train will arrive. Particular place where your coach will stand also needs to be found out. One cannot ignore this as most trains have standard 18 coaches and during peak seasons it increases to 24 as well. Imagine such a situation where you are stuck at the wrong end of the platform when the train arrives. Most of the stations have electronic boards that clearly mention the coach positions along with the arrival and departure of the trains. If you are still in doubt, you can ask a railway employee.

Each compartment is numbered by their coach position like S1, A1. If you are still confused, then it would not be a bad idea to ask any vendor? Their knowledge can be trusted and they seldom mislead you.

On arrival of the train

Recently on train food in Surat station, I came across a publication illustrating on what best needs to be done when the train arrives at the railway station. Firstly, the platforms at most of the railway stations in the country are crowded. There is utter confusion when the train enters the platform as each one wants to enter in first. Not only you have to dodge people, there are suitcases and sometimes even steel trunks to be dealt with. If you are brave, then be content to deal with all these; otherwise, wait for the other passengers to board.

Once you enter the compartment, you will find that all the seats are numbered. Surprise might be in store for you as someone might have already occupied your seat. Usually, they move apart when all the organizing aspect is taken care off.

Hire a porter

This might sound simple as you can avail the services of a porter who will find your compartment, and place your luggage for a fee. Plenty of them can be found at railway station, and they can be identified by their red jackets. Licensed porters have fixed charges, but in the case of private ones, it is better to bargain before you strike a deal with them. Generally, the rates are Rs. 40 for one bag that is carried on their head. But rarely you will find a porter agreeing to this and generally they ask more.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can find and locate your coach, as well as seat numbers in an easy manner. If you are confused, seeking professional help would not be a bad idea at all.