Another Feather in Indian Railways Cap: Tiger Express

The Indian Railways have come up with a very beautiful and luxury voyage along with IRCTC. This is known as the Tiger Express, and it is a Rajdhani type tourist train, which is a luxury one that takes one to a journey through the deep and dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, which are famous for Tiger reservations. This is an all air-conditioned train, which takes passengers through Bandhavgarh Forest and Kanha Forest in Madhya Pradesh along with Dhuadhar Falls, which are located at Jabalpur.

This is a five-night and six-day journey, and the journey is truly a luxurious one. This train has AC first class and AC second class coaches, and the tariff depends on the number of berths present in a single coach.

The Tariff Plan to Book a Berth

In AC first class for a single occupancy, a person needs to pay Rs 49,500 and for double and triple occupancies, the booking rates are Rs 45,500 and Rs 44,900 respectively. In the case of AC two tier coaches, the tariff rate is a bit lower. For a single occupancy, one need to pay Rs 43,500 and for double and triple occupancies, one needs to pay Rs 39,000 and Rs 38,000 respectively. But these fares are strictly for Indian citizens. In case of people coming from abroad; the tourists have to pay Rs 4000 per person extra for the jungle safaris.

The Entire Itinerary

On day one, the train starts from the Safdarjung railway station in Delhi at 3pm in the afternoon and then reaches Katni the next morning. After reaching Katni, the organizers help the tourists to check in the resort booked for them in Bandhavgarh. Then in the evening, the jungle safari is slotted. Next day, they take you to Kanha Reserve Forest and go to the hotel check-in. Then there is another evening safari slotted for the tourists within the jungle of Kanha. Next morning, there is another jungle safari on the Mukki zone of the Kanha forest, and the rest of the day, one can spend in the jungle and then at the hotel. On the 5th day of the journey, the train takes you to Jabalpur, which reaches there by noon. Post lunch, one can go for the Dhuadhar Falls in Bedaghat. On the evening, tourists have to board back on the train and start their return journey to Delhi again.

The important things included in the package

  • All the hotel accommodations (air-conditioned rooms) in the three-star hotel.
  • All the transports will be provided, which is necessary for sightseeing.
  • All the bookings for the jungle safaris and one need nothing to pay extra.
  • All the meals in the train and the hotels are included in the package. They provide the breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner along with packaged drinking waters.
  • There is no refund if one fails to attend the full journey and interrupts it in the middle.

Go ahead for a luxurious tiger sightseeing in India! Happy Journey!