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15049/50 Purvanchal Express Time table and Route Map

Kolkata (KOAA) and Gorakhpur (GKP) are connected via tracks and 15049/Purvanchal Express moves on it on every Wednesday and Sunday.  Train departs from Kolkata at 2:30 pm and reaches Barauni (BJU) at 11:15pm after completing half of its journey. There are 199 intermediate Stations between Kolkata and Gorakhpur Junction. Train stops on 25 stations for an average time of 5 minutes.  After crossing ER and ECR zone it enters NER zone at 3:15pm. It covers 883Km distance with an average speed of 46Km/hr. On every Thursday and Monday this express reaches Gorakhpur at 9:45pm. It again starts as 15050/ Purvanchal Express in reverse route from Gorakhpur at 8:00 in the morning.

15049/Purvanchal Express, KOAA/Kolkata – GKP/Gorakhpur Junction Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Purvanchal Express is a popular train that runs via Mau between two stations Kolkata Chitpur and Gorakhpur Jn. This express train with number 15049 operates two days a week, respectively every Wednesdays and Sundays. It departs Kolkata Chitpur Station at 14:30 hours and reaches Gorakhpur Jn. at 09:45 hours.

Speed & other details

The total distance covered is about 550 miles (880 km) and the average journey time is approximately 20 hours. The average speed of the train is 65 km/hr and is considered to be in the superfast category.


There are in total 26 halts, with the stations being Naihati Jn., Bandel Jn., Barddhaman Jn., Durgapur, Asansol Jn., Chittaranjan, Madhupur Jn., Jaisidih Jn., Jhajha, Barauni Jn., Mohiuddinagar, Shahpur Patoree, Desari, etc. until it terminates finally at Gorakhpur Jn. Majority of the stations, it stops for 1 to 2 mins.

Coach position

This express train running through Mau is said to be fitted with an ICF rake and having total 23 coaches. There are fitted 13 sleeper coaches, 1 2nd AC coach, 6 2nd seating unreserved coaches and 1 3rd AC coach. The train’s engine reverses at Mau Jn.

This train is quite popular among its passengers due to its timely reaching of the destination. Due to high demand during peak seasons, tickets are not available and hence, they are to be booked in advance.


The fare for an adult will be Rs. 235 for General Coach, Rs.430 for sleeper coach, Rs.1170 for 3AC and Rs1690 for 2AC.

Kolkata(KOAA) origin 14:30 origin 0
Naihati Junction(NH) 15:22 15:24 2 0
Bandel Junction(BDC) 15:45 15:47 2 0
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 16:50 16:52 2 0
Durgapur(DGR) 17:41 17:43 2 0
Asansol Junction(ASN) 18:17 18:22 5 0
Chittaranjan(CRJ) 18:46 18:47 1 0
Madhupur Junction(MDP) 19:26 19:29 3 0
Jasidih Junction(JSME) 19:54 19:58 4 0
Jhajha(JAJ) 21:05 21:10 5 0
Barauni Junction(BJU) 23:15 23:35 20 0
Mohiuddinnagar(MOG) 00:07 00:09 2 1
Shahpur Patoree(SPP) 00:19 00:21 2 1
Desari(DES) 00:42 00:44 2 1
Hajipur Junction(HJP) 01:10 01:15 5 1
Chhapra Junction(CPR) 02:40 02:50 10 1
Suraimanpur(SIP) 03:16 03:18 2 1
Ballia(BUI) 03:55 04:00 5 1
Phephna Junction(PEP) 04:15 04:17 2 1
Rasra(RSR) 04:38 04:40 2 1
Mau Junction(MAU) 05:30 05:55 25 1
Belthara Road(BLTR) 06:22 06:24 2 1
Salempur Junction(SRU) 07:05 07:07 2 1
Bhatni Junction(BTT) 07:30 07:35 5 1
Deoria Sadar(DEOS) 08:00 08:05 5 1
Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) 09:45 destination destination 1

15050/Purvanchal Express, GKP/Gorakhpur Junction -KOAA/Kolkata Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Gorakhpur Junction(GKP) origin 08:00 origin 0
Deoria Sadar(DEOS) 08:41 08:43 2 0
Bhatni Junction(BTT) 09:10 09:15 5 0
Salempur Junction(SRU) 09:28 09:30 2 0
Belthara Road(BLTR) 09:58 10:00 2 0
Mau Junction(MAU) 10:50 11:15 25 0
Indara Junction(IAA) 11:28 11:30 2 0
Rasra(RSR) 11:53 11:55 2 0
Phephna Junction(PEP) 12:25 12:27 2 0
Ballia(BUI) 12:50 12:55 5 0
Suraimanpur(SIP) 13:46 13:48 2 0
Chhapra Junction(CPR) 14:55 15:10 15 0
Hajipur Junction(HJP) 16:30 16:35 5 0
Desari(DES) 17:09 17:11 2 0
Shahpur Patoree(SPP) 17:35 17:37 2 0
Mohiuddinnagar(MOG) 17:47 17:49 2 0
Barauni Junction(BJU) 19:20 19:40 20 0
Jhajha(JAJ) 21:45 21:50 5 0
Jasidih Junction(JSME) 22:22 22:27 5 0
Madhupur Junction(MDP) 22:52 22:55 3 0
Chittaranjan(CRJ) 23:33 23:35 2 0
Asansol Junction(ASN) 00:11 00:16 5 1
Durgapur(DGR) 00:47 00:49 2 1
Barddhaman Junction(BWN) 01:53 01:55 2 1
Bandel Junction(BDC) 02:55 02:57 2 1
Naihati Junction(NH) 03:20 03:22 2 1
Kolkata(KOAA) 04:45 destination destination 1

Total expense to travel in 15049/50 Purvanchal Express

Are you searching for ticket price of Purvanchal Express? General ticket costs you Rs. 1,690 in 2A, 1,170 in 3AC, Rs. 430 in SL and Rs.235 in GN. If by chance you need to cancel your confirmed ticket 48 hrs before train departure then Rs.200 in 2A and Rs.180 in 3A will be deducted. Refund will be given on cancellation of tatkal ticket. Payment gateway fee will not be refunded on all online booked tickets.

15049/50 Purvanchal Express coach position and seat map layout:

Seeking for coaches and seat layout of Purvanchal Express? In totality there are 24 coaches in this express. This safari has four types of coaches namely Air Conditioned 2 Tier Sleeper Coach (2A), Air Conditioned 3 Tier Sleeper Coach (3A), Non Air Conditioned Unreserved Sitting Coach (GS) and Non Air Conditioned Sleeper Class Coach (SLR). Train starts with a Locomotive engine (L) then proceeds with 2 GL, 13 SL, 1 A1, 1 B1 and 3 GS coach. A1 coach consists of upper, lower, side upper and side lower.

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Class

Second Tier AC Coach (2A):- Looking for details related to Second Tier AC Coach in Purvanchal express? Want to travel in between Kolkata and Gorakhpur in India or somewhere in between them? If yes, do read on the following and you will come to know of the same. The train runs in between Gorakhpur and Kolkata in India and from both ends, it runs with train numbers 15049 and 15050. The train as of now has 23 coaches available in total and rake with number 17 belongs to second tier coach. To know more of the coach, it is always advisable to simply have a look at the seat map of the respective coach in which you are travelling and dig up information. In second tier coach, berths available are lower berth, upper berth, side lower berth and side upper berth. In total, 46 berths are available in the coach to seat and to sleep. There is no pantry car attached within the train and if users want, they can go for fresh and hot e-catering food meal services as well from Travel Khana and make their travel even more interesting and satisfying. Do know about the seat position in the train with the help of seat number, if you do have confirmed reservation to travel in Purvanchal express. Get the reservations on time and enjoy a safe and smooth travel!2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A):- Looking online to get some information related to Third AC coach (3A) in Purvanchal express? If yes, here you will definitely get an idea of the same. Planning to travel in between Kolkata and Gorakhpur across the country or in between them somewhere? The train operates as of now with train numbers 15049 and 15050 from both ends. Want to get tickets in the train in third class coach? Did you already have confirmed reservations to travel in this train in third AC and want to know about the coach position in that? The best way is to simply get a chance to look at the third class AC coach seat map as been designed by the Railways and then figure out the details from that. In third 3A AC coach, berths available are lower berth, middle berth, upper berth, side lower and side upper berth. Each berth category is been highlighted in different colour frame and it makes it easier and simpler to keep distinguish them with ease and without any problem. As of now, the train has 23 coaches in the train and rake with number 18 belongs to 3A coach. There is no pantry car attached in the train and it is advisable to all travellers to opt for fresh and hot food delivery in train services as per the requirement from leading giant like Travel Khana and enjoy your journey to the most. 3a

Sleeper Class Non AC Coach(SL):- Are you planning for one of the longest express route which is connecting West Bengal to         Uttar- Pradesh state of India? And you are going by Purvanchal Express & in its Sleeper coach (SL)?  If yes then for sure you are looking online for details related to Sleeper class coach of Purvanchal express train? You reach to the right place so for all the info of SL sleeper coach do read the following and you will come to know of the same.

The train runs in between Gorakhpur and Kolkata in India and from both side ends, it runs with 2 train numbers 15049 & 15050. The train has overall 23 coaches available in ICF rake in which the sequence number 4 to 16 belongs to Sleeper class coach by the name S1, S2 up to S13. To know more details of the coach, it is always advisable to look at the seat map of the respective coach in which you are travelling and grab all the details & information.

Sleeper class is the most common coach of Indian Railways which is affordable in terms of fare by most of the person. While most of the India’s travelers is of middle class who used to travel in Sleeper coach. Sleeper Class is Non AC and the Net fare is Rs. 430 which is very normal and can afford by most of the passengers. It carries 72 Passengers in a single coach as having regular sleeping 3-3 berths in 2 long ways. Seats of the sleeper coaches are stacked vertically in three level on either side of the compartments, which can be categorized in LB-Lower Berth, MB- Middle Berth, UB- Upper Berth, SL-side Lower, SU-side upper. Enjoy your journey with the minimum amount of Fare of sleeper class coach and Have a safe journey.slUnreserved Second Class Compartment(GS):- Purvanchal Express is a weekly express which is heading in between the state of West Bengal &Uttar Pradesh across the country India. It is running with a speed of 46 km/hour from the source station Kolkata(KOAA) to Gorakhpur Junction (GKP) & being operated by 15049. Also, it runs in the same reverse direction Gorakhpur Junction to Kolkata it is being operated by 15050. It takes 19 hours 15 minutes for this express train to complete its journey. Heading only on Sunday & Wednesday at 14:30 from KOAA_Kolkata.

Are you looking to get some insight about unreserved second class compartment (GS)of Purvanchal Express? Here you will get the same for sure.

The total number of coaches 23 it has, in which 6 General-Unreserved coaches have been there. Two GS coach is on 2nd& 3rd’Position whereas other 4 coach is on 19th to the 22nd’coach position of general category.GS/GN-General class is the most preferred and most lively class as there is always some or the other movement going around in this class of the train. In case, we are thinking about long journeys, it is not that advisable. But we would also find that this class is the most preferred one in case of traveling the short distance with the low fare price. General class nominal fare is Rs.232 in between Kolkata & Gorakhpur. Enjoy your journey.

Stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake(SLR):- Want to know about the coach that stands for Seating Cum Luggage Rake (SLR) in the regular running Purvanchal Express, which is operating with train numbers 15049 and 15050 from both sides? The SLRs are available with rake numbers 1 and 24 and in total, 24 coaches are available in the express. There is no pantry car attached so far in the express for now. Aside from SLR coach, the express has second tier, third tier, sleeper, and general class coaches. Purvanchal Express is supervised by the North Eastern Indian Railways and is operating on bi-weekly basis in between Kolkata station and Gorakhpur station across the country. It is covering a total distance of 884 km in a travel time of 19 hours and 15 minutes. It stops by at 25 halts within the travel and operates with an operating speed of 46 km/hour. In SLRs, if you need to travel then it is required to simply reach by the station on time and buy the tickets from the counter. Also, along with travel purpose, the luggage could be kept in the same without any inconvenience. It is covering a total distance of 884 km in a travel time of 19 hours and 15 minutes.

Fare Chart of 15049/15050 Purvanchal Express

Purvanchal Express is belonging to North Eastern Railways and is running with train numbers 15049 and 15050 from both ends. The express is connecting Kolkata and Gorakhpur junctions in the country. The service frequency of the train is weekly. It is covering a total distance of 880 km in about 19 hours and 35 minutes. There are 23 coaches in the train, including composite AC first class and AC 2 tier coach, AC second class coach, AC third class coach, sleeper and general compartments. Are you interested in knowing the Fare Chart of 15049-15050 PURVANCHAL EXPRESS? As per the same, in general category, the fare would be Rs. 430 in sleeper, Rs. 1170 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 1690 in AC 2 tier. From a child, it would be Rs. 205 in sleeper, Rs. 565 in AC 3 tier, and Rs. 820 in AC 2 tier. For a senior citizen female, it would be Rs. 225 in sleeper, Rs. 610 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 870 in AC 2 tier. For a senior citizen male, it would be Rs. 270 in sleeper, Rs. 720 in AC 3 tier and Rs. 1035 in AC 2 tier.

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