12953/ 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express

12953/ 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express Time Table and Route Map

Train details Facilities Onboard
Travel Time: 17h 15m
Halts: 11
Distance: 1378 km
Avg Speed: 80 km/hr
Cleanliness: Excellent
Punctuality: Excellent
E-Catering Yes
Ticket availability: Good
Mobile/Laptop Charger Yes

The Aranthata Kranti Rajdhani Express is famously known as August Kranti Rajdhani Express. The train got its name from August Kranti Maidan, from where the Quit India Movement began in 1942. The train runs between Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) station in Delhi and Mumbai Central BCT. The train completed its inaugural tour on January 1, 1992. Aranghata Kranti Rajdhani has a total of 20 coaches, which include two coaches for luggage and generator, five A /C 2 Tier, eleven A/C 3Tier, a first-class A/C and a pantry car.

Usually, the train departs from platform number 3 or 6 of the Hazrat Nizamuddin train station every day of the week. The train 12954 is called AG KRANTI RJDHN. The train number 12954 is a train that runs between New Delhi and Mumbai with an average speed of 81 km/ h and arrives at Mumbai Central (BCT) in 17 hours and 05 minutes. The exact distance between New Delhi and Mumbai is 1377 km. The train starts at 16.50 from Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) station and reaches 09:45 at Mumbai. August Kranti Rajdhani Express Train (Train No: 12953) travels from Mumbai Central to H Nizamuddin. It starts from Mumbai Central at 17:40 and arrives at H Nizamuddin the next day at 10:55. On its way, the main stations include Mathura, Madhopur, Kota, Vadodara, Baruch, and Surat.

One needs to book seats in advance if they want to travel in this train. The booking starts 120 days in advance and you can make the reservations online also.

12953/ August Kranti Rajdhani Express  MMCT/Mumbai Central – NZM/Hazrat Nizamuddin Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Mumbai Central(MMCT) origin 17:40 origin 0
Andheri(ADH) 18:01 18:03 2 0
Borivali(BVI) 18:17 18:19 2 0
Vapi(VAPI) 19:40 19:42 2 0
Valsad(BL) 20:03 20:05 2 0
Surat(ST) 20:50 20:55 5 0
Bharuch Junction(BH) 21:31 21:33 2 0
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 22:22 22:32 10 0
Dahod(DHD) 00:20 00:22 2 1
Ratlam Junction(RTM) 02:10 02:12 2 1
Kota Junction(KOTA) 05:10 05:20 10 1
Sawai Madhopur Junction(SWM) 06:26 06:28 2 1
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 09:00 09:02 2 1
Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) 10:55 destination destination 1

12954/ August Kranti Rajdhani Express NZM/Hazrat Nizamuddin – MMCT/ Mumbai Central Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Hazrat Nizamuddin(NZM) origin 16:50 origin 0
Mathura Junction(MTJ) 18:38 18:40 2 0
Sawai Madhopur Junction(SWM) 20:36 20:38 2 0
Kota Junction(KOTA) 21:40 21:50 10 0
Ratlam Junction(RTM) 00:53 00:55 2 1
Dahod(DHD) 02:16 02:18 2 1
Vadodara Junction(BRC) 04:16 04:26 10 1
Bharuch Junction(BH) 05:08 05:10 2 1
Surat(ST) 06:00 06:05 5 1
Valsad(BL) 06:49 06:51 2 1
Vapi(VAPI) 07:06 07:08 2 1
Borivali(BVI) 08:54 08:56 2 1
Andheri(ADH) 09:10 09:12 2 1
Mumbai Central(MMCT) 09:45 destination destination 1

12953/ 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express Coach Position Seat Map

Train Coach Position And Seat Layout Sleeper Class:-
Want to get information about 12953/ 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express Coach Position and Seat Map Layout? Being the superfast categorized train, it is connecting Mumbai Central and Hazrat Nizamuddin across the country and runs on a daily basis. From both sides, it runs with train numbers 12953 and 12954. Belonging to Western Railways, the distance travelled by the train in total is 1377 km. The operating speed of the train is 79 km/hour and the travel time is of around 17 hours and 5 minutes. Do you wish to know the train timing as well at which it leaves and reaches the desired junction? In accord to the time table, train 12953 leaves from Mumbai Central at 17:40 hours and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin at 10:55 hours on next day of travel. Train 12954 leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin at 16:50 hours and reaches Mumbai Central at 09:45 hours, stopping by at 12 halts in between the travel and some of them are at Surat, Valsad, Vadodara, Kota, Ratlam, etc. The train has 20 coaches available and the coach composition includes AC first class, AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier class of coaches. Just for the record, there is a pantry car attached within the train. To find out the exact coach position in the train, it is a must to have a look at the seat map of the respective coach as devised by Indian Railways and then with the help of seat number, do know of the same. Have a safe travel!

First Tier AC Coach(H1):-

Are you planning to do travel in the superfast August Kranti Rajdhani Express in the First Tier AC Coach (H1)? The superfast express is been supervised as per Western Railways and is known to be running on daily basis in between Mumbai Central and Hazrat Nizamuddin across the country. It is operating with train numbers 12953 and 12954 from both sides. The distance that is covered by the train in total is 1378 km and the travel time is around 17 hours and 20 minutes. It stops by at 12 halts in between the journey and the average running speed is 80 km/hour. There are 20 coaches available in the express as of now and as per the sequence, rake number 14 belongs to first tier AC coach. Aside from first tier coach, there are second class tier and third class tier coaches available in the train. There is even a pantry car attached within. To know of the berths availability, seat position, overall layout of the first class coach, it is best to simply check out the seat map of the same as been devised by Indian Railways and get information from there. The berths available to seat and to sleep in the coach are only lower berth and upper berth and in total, 22 berths are there. The seat number can assist in letting you know about the seat position in the coach. And the fare in general class that will be charged in 1A is Rs. 5060.1a-aSecond Tier AC Coach(2A):2a-aThird Tier AC coach(3A):3aEnd on Generator(EOG)

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