About 12724/23Andhra Pradesh Express

The A.P. (Andhra Pradesh) Express is a superfast train of the Central Railways that operates between New Delhi and Hyderabad. It is a daily train which takes around 27 hours to traverse its route while touching the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra before reaching New Delhi.

The number 12723 has been allocated by the Indian Railways (IR) for the Hyderabad- New Delhi route while number 12724 has been assigned to the train on its New- Delhi- Hyderabad route. Railways Minister Madhu Dandavate flagged off this train service in 1976.

Operational History –

In 1976, the AP Express covered the route in just less than 23 hours. Thereafter, the running time of the train has risen. During the time of introduction of this train, many of the route sections were a single line. In 1978, signalling was based on Semaphore.

During the original years in which the train and its 14 coaches operated, they were hauled by a WDM2 or a Diesel locomotive derived by 2600 HP ALCO. After 1981, capacity of the train was raised to 21 coaches hauled by two locomotives derived from WDM2 (ALCO) featuring a combined HP of 5200. Originally, the train featured a well-appointed pantry car.

Coaches and Traction –

Nowadays, 12723/Andhra Pradesh Express features 24 coaches (also 7 AC coaches) and is hauled by WAP-4/ WAP-7 electric locomotives.

Stoppages –

From the time of commission in 1978 till late 1990’s, there were just 5 stops for the AP Express- Bhopal Junction, Jhansi Junction, Kazipet, Balhar Shah and Nagpur. Thereafter, 7 in-between stops have been added thus lengthening running time up to about 27 hours.

Latest News –

After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the AP Express operates from Telengana, and, therefore, the name of the train will be changed to Telengana Express. A new train between Delhi and Vijayawada will be renamed as Andhra Express.

Other Details –

Secunderabad Railway Station is located in the city of Hyderabad. It is operated by the South Central Railways. It is connected well to all other parts of the country. Located on the Nanded- Guntakal and Vijayawada- Wadi lines, it also acts as the Zonal H.Q. of the South Central Railways. The station has been awarded ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management) in luggage and parcel booking, platform management and ticket booking. Over 200 trains arrive at and depart from this station, daily.

This station is one of the busiest and biggest stations of India. It is one of the three stations serving the city of Hyderabad, the others being Deccan Nampilli Station and Kachiguda Railway Station.

New Delhi is the capital of the country and home to the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the central government. It is also the capital of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. The metropolis is home to a population of 23 million.

The New Delhi Railway Station is the major railway station in Delhi, the second busiest and one among biggest stations in Asia. It connects Delhi to all other parts of the country as well as Lahore in Pakistan. The AP Express thus connects two of the most important stations of India.

  • 12724/Andhra Pradesh Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –
Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
NDLS New Delhi origin 17:25 Origin
MTJ Mathura Junction 19:33 19:35 2 min
AGC Agra Cantt 20:42 20:45 3 min
GWL Gwalior Junction 22:05 22:08 3 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 23:35 23:47 12 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 03:20 03:30 10 min
NGP NAGPUR 09:40 09:50 10 min
CD CHANDRAPUR 12:23 12:26 3 min
BPQ BALHARSHAH 13:20 13:40 20 min
SKZR SIRPUR KAGAZNGR 14:18 14:20 2 min
BPA BELAMPALLI 14:53 14:55 2 min
MCI MANCHERAL 15:13 15:15 2 min
RDM RAMGUNDAM 15:23 15:25 2 min
KZJ KAZIPET JN 16:45 16:47 2 min
SC SECUNDERABAD JN 19:15 19:20 5 min
HYB HYDERABAD DECAN 19:50 destination Destination
  • 12723/Andhra Pradesh Express Route, Schedule & Time Table –
Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Stoppage Time
HYB HYDERABAD DECAN origin 06:25 Origin
SC SECUNDERABAD JN 06:45 06:50 5 min
KZJ KAZIPET JN 08:40 08:42 2 min
RDM RAMGUNDAM 09:48 09:50 2 min
MCI MANCHERAL 10:01 10:02 1 min
BPA BELAMPALLI 10:27 10:28 1 min
SKZR SIRPUR KAGAZNGR 10:54 10:55 1 min
BPQ BALHARSHAH 12:25 12:35 10 min
CD CHANDRAPUR 12:54 12:55 1 min
NGP NAGPUR 15:45 15:55 10 min
BPL Bhopal Junction 21:50 22:00 10 min
JHS Jhansi Junction 02:08 02:20 12 min
GWL Gwalior Junction 03:29 03:32 3 min
AGC Agra Cantt 05:20 05:23 3 min
MTJ Mathura Junction 06:06 06:08 2 min
BVH Ballabgarh 07:50 07:52 2 min
NZM Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 08:38 08:40 2 min
NDLS New Delhi 09:05 destination Destination

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