If you regularly take the train to travel around India, then you should know the railway timetable well. A lot of people who travel too much by this mode of transport have no clear idea about the Indian railway time table. Almost all the train follow a particular pattern and time every day. There are many ways of knowing the train time table properly. We have listed some of them below, read on.

1. Since the internet is such a strong medium these days, you can find everything on the internet. With the train booking process online, everything for passengers has become handy and so easy. In previous days, people used to stand in long reservation lines and head to stations to check the train time table, status, and to book their tickets. You can simply head to the official IRCTC website to check train timings and time tables. Other than that, go to TravelKhana’s Indian railway time table option to check the apt and exact time table of any train. You just have to put in the starting and ending station or the train number to check the time table. How simple, right? This easy method is a true saviour if you constantly use trains to travel to different destinations in India.
2. There are also several blogs and private websites that post train schedules. You can check via those websites or download the TravelKhana app and check time tables directly.

3. Books like Trains at a Glance too have time table information of the Indian Railways trains. This book consists around 700 train’s time tables. You can also read about the stations, trains, classes, food and so forth in the book. There are clear and full details provided. If you prefer finding information through a trusted book, then this is the best option. Such books have all the data you need to know about trains.

It is essential to know about the timings, arrival and departure of the train you will travelling from because this can help you plan your travel well. Every day new trains are coming in the picture and you will not have all the information. TravelKhana updates the system constantly so that customers can get all the data they want. The benefits of knowing the train time table is that you can decide which train you want to travel in and also it gives you a picture of the timings plus the starting to the ending point of the certain train.

If you are travelling during a festive season, make sure you make advance bookings and pick an unconventional time as most of the trains will be jam packed. If you want delicious and tasty food in the train during your journey, make booking via TravelKhana. You will have a huge menu to pick from and you can book while you are in the train as well. Just make an hour prior bookings and at the next station you will have your scrumptious meal served.

Always keep data handy before travelling by trains.

Why should you know the train time table?

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