It could make you wonder but this is true that the best Christmas treats and delights are healthy too. Simply check it out and try the best feel-good delights to have this winter season during Christmas.

  • Smoked salmon – It is an excellent source of rich and healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids that is good for heart and body health. Comprising good source of protein and niacin, 100 gram portion of salmon is supposed to be having 142 calories only.  1
  • Red cabbage – Containing carotenes, high amount of calcium, it is also a good source of folate and effective for healthy teeth and bones.2
  • Turkey – Being low in fat and high in protein, until you consume the skin of the turkey, it is a good source of protein and niacin. A 100 gram portion of the same contains about 2 gram of fat whereas of any other dark meat, it has 4.1 gram of fat.3
  • Cranberry sauce – The fruit cranberry is known to contain high amounts of vitamin C. As per the research, it has been revealed that cranberry juice not only tastes good but also could be helpful in curing urinary tract infection. Though, as such no research is been done on the cranberry sauce but is known to be effective.4
  • Carrots – Carrots are rich source of vitamin A and beta carotene that are good for healthy skin and good eyesight. As per the research, it has been said that the darker the colour of the carrot will be, the more amount of beta carotene it will contain. Also, they are known to be low in calories and high in potassium needed to regulate and sustain the fluid balance in the body. Also, cooked carrots are highly beneficial as cooking process releases carotenoids antioxidants that are good to prevent someone against cancer.5
  • Roast potatoes – Roasted potatoes will definitely add on the calories but Christmas is the time to celebrate and enjoy. Potatoes are known to be low in saturated fat and if cooked in good vegetable oil, are known to be rich source containing all kinds of nutrients involving magnesium, potassium, folate, vitamin B6 and fibre.6
  • Parsnips – Known to be rich source of folate and containing high amount of fibre, they are having low calorie and if roasted will not add up fat for sure.7
  • Brussels sprouts – They are rich source of vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and amino acids, and it is been good for the formation of red blood cells and having a good and healthy nervous system. When cooked with other vegetables, they also comprise a pigment that is lutein that could be helpful in stopping blood vessels to not get clogged and prevent heart disease or strokes.8
  • Christmas pudding – It is like a must-have and the celebration is incomplete without having them. A lot of Christmas puddings come that is definitely high in fat and calories but the nuts used in them are full with potassium and a reasonable amount of fibre and iron.9
  • Mince pies – They are quite expensive though but rich in fruit content. Tasty to consume, the dried fruits used in them have good amount of potassium.10

So, what are you going to have this Christmas? Stay tune for more posts.

Top 10 feel good foods for Christmas

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