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Indian Railways, which is a large network been reckoned at both national and international level, is known to be occupied with a network of over 1 lakh kilometres, letting its passengers to break their journey once for apprimxate two days meant for those holders who are having ticket journeys with more than 500 kms travel. This kind of break journey facility is only and only available for those passengers who are travelling for about 500 kms and for the ones who are travelling for more than 1000 kms range, they can actually break their journey two times, as per the Indian Railway norms and rules.

In accord to Indian Railway rules, the day or arrival and departure needs to be excluded while calculating for the exact number of relevant days for the first break in between the travel. The key aspects from which you should be aware of, in case of Indian Railways break journey are as follows.

  1. The break journey facility is granted only and only on long distance travel and trains, excluding the travellers who are onboard on Shatabdi, Rajdhani or Jan Shatabdi trains.
  2. The intent for availing this break journey facility is advisable to be decided at the time of ticket reservation, not meant for obtaining the same after it, as been rules listed down at Indian Rail government platform.
  3. It is must for those passengers who have been thinking to avail break journey facility to endorse their tickets and the endorsement comprises station code, date and station master’s initials.

Just go through the following scenarios and get clarity of where break journey time and rule can be applied.

1 A passenger holding a reservation, single way of 800 kms and wishes to break at 423 kms. Not Allowed.
2 A passenger holding a reservation, single way of 600 kms and wishes to break at 501 kms. Allowed once and for 2 days maximum.
3 A passenger holding a reservation, single way of 1050 kms and wishes to break once at 400 kms and then at 801 kms. Only 1 break will be allowed at 801 kms and that too for 2 days in maximum.
4 A passenger holding a reservation, single way of 2000 kms, and wishes to break at 800 kms, 905 kms and at 1505 kms. 2 breaks will be allowed as per the choice, at 2 days pace in maximum at each break of journey.


Whenever a traveller detrains at a particular station en-route for boarding a connecting train, it will not be treated as a break as the halt is addressed for less than 24 hours of time. Just for an example, if a traveller who is supposed to travel via Dadar Travels in between Pune to Jammu Tawi and get to Bombay by some other train a day in advance and board Bombay Jammu Tawi Express, leaving Mumbai at early morning, then it will not be treated and considered at all as a break journey, in accord to Indian Railways.

Things to know related to Indian Railways Break Journey Norms

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