In the Indian Railways network, there are many ways to spoturtrain via website or through mobile phones. The Indian Railways is one of the largest networks in the world. They are constantly trying to offer more and more service convenient to its customers (passenger or freight).

For instance, if you want to spot your train or ascertain running train status, all you need is to log on to some websites like TravelKhana, instead of going all the way to the railway station. These websites track the movement of trains in real time such as departure and arrival time.

The Websites Where you can Track Live Train Status is:


live statusOne can easily track the position of the train by entering train name or number of the train you wish to track. It will throw up details of the departure and arrival time at various stations. These details are continuously updated and are thus useful to the facility of ‘spot my train’.

Another way of tracking train running status by dialling 139 (for or to 1335 along with STD code (to which is a toll free mobile service. All you have to do is follow the Automated Voice response or IVR which is available in different languages. Just key in the number of your train or provide train name to voice response and all details of train status will be provided to you.

CRIS, which is the Information technology wing of the Indian Railways, has beta tested a clutter free and improved version of the Train enquiry website. This version is much better than the old one. This service will not only track running status of trains but also locate exact position of train in question.

The new website has many attractive features: No need for you to remember train numbers- only enter station names (to and fro) and the system will throw up over 10 names available on that route. The Indian Railways is using AJAX for the first time and it has been found suitable.

Once you track your train in search results, you can find out about the time which last two stations have been crossed by the train. Also, find out how far are the next two stations on the route and expected time of arrival at these stations. All this information is convenient for passengers as well as those waiting to meet them, including private caterers.

The latest system launched by Indian Railways is the RailRadar system. It is a live system of train tracking which runs on Google maps. This service is offered at, which helps you find the exact location of the train. This is an improvement of the previous service of ‘spot your train’.

Its opening page has a map of India indicating the running of various trains. At the top right is information regarding number of trains tracked at that instant and the percentage of trains running on time. One can zoom in and zoom out using the scroll feature of the mouse or by clicking (+) or (-) icons on the left. Trains running on time are indicated in blue while those running late, in red.

How to SpotUrTrain

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