PNR is referred to as Passenger Name Record and is a unique identification code, which is given to each passenger and is printed on top of the ticket.  It is basically a ten digit number and is generated automatically by the computer reservation system. In a lot of ways, it is similar to indexing and the details of the passenger records are stored. The system had its origin from the airline industry, which turned out to be a big success. In the IRCTC PNR Status can be found by just entering the number in the designated field. Apart from this, the Indian Railways allows you to check the reservation status by SMS. Once you draft an SMS, all the details will be sent across to you but you may have to incur some charges, as well.  One can also call the toll free number of the Indian Railways to enquire the PNR status of their tickets.

The Indian Railways normally allows reservation 60 days in advance. If the travel plans are well ready, you can book the ticket in advance and can get a confirmed ticket.  However, this is not the case with most of us and during the last minute there is mad scramble for tickets. If it is not so, then you may get a RAC or a WL ticket. RAC signifies reservation against cancellation, which means that you will have access to sitting facilities in the train. However, the possibility of a confirmed ticket cannot be ruled out as the date approaches for travel because of cancellation. The holders of such tickets can board the train, and if there is any cancellation they can board the train.

Tickets with the status WL means that you will not have any berth confirmation as well as sitting facilities. If sufficient amount of RAC tickets are cancelled, then only you will be entitled to reservation facilities. The WL tickets are determined by the railway officials, and once the tickets reach a certain stage, you will get the regret message. The waiting list tickets normally come with two numbers printed on them. The first is the waiting list at the time of booking and the second is the current waiting list position.  One can check their WL status by inputting the PNR number from time to time in the official website of the Indian Railways. A point noteworthy is that waiting list passengers are not allowed to board the train after 9 pm.

Once your PNR status shows that you have a confirmed ticket, then you can order food with the various private vendors. All you need to do is to log on to the website of these companies and place an order with your confirmed seat number. You also just need to specify at which station you want the food to be delivered. Be rest assured of the fact that the food will be delivered on to your seats.

Significance of PNR Status

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