It is really tiresome and frustrating to wait in the crowded railway station. The wait for a dearest one can be really annoying and exasperating at that time. This not only wastes time, but also makes people leave their important work behind. But if the correct and exact timing of trains is known, there is no need to undergo this pain. In the old times, the people who had to get aboard from some station, had to wait at the station for hours if the train was late and same was the case with the people who came to receive someone. It wasted a lot of valuable time of these people along with making them uncomfortable. However, as the technology has developed this problem no more exists. These days’ people can get the train time table to get the exact time at which the train will be reaching any particular station.

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The website of Indian railways did not take a lot of time to become popular. As time passed after the launch of the website, the number of users increased very rapidly. The increase was so rapid that the website sometime becomes overloaded. There is a number of information that this website can provide for a passenger. The information, which is required by the passenger related to his journey, can be gathered with the help of this website. Many of the passengers and their relatives are in desperate need of the timetable of any particular train. This information is presented on the official website also. The passengers can get the whole schedule of the train along with the correct timing. If there is any delay, then, the whole schedule changes and updates itself on the website. It also shows the delay with which the train will be arriving at a station.

This facility of Indian railway is very useful in the winter season as many trains run behind their usual schedule due to fog and bad weather and people waiting for the train will not like to freeze on the chilling railway stations. If any train is postponed or has been cancelled, it all appears on the website. All a passenger need to do is to log on to the website and provide the train number of the train for which they have to get the timetable.

It is extremely simple to get this information without getting much into the details. Not only the schedule of the train, a lot of other information is also provided in this facility such as information about the position of any particular coach in the train, the arrival and departure of the trains from one station. This information is very easily available online for the passengers. They can simply get this information sitting in the comfort of their home and leave for the railway station at the correct time, which can save them precious time.

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